Adolf Hitler vs The New World Order

A short video I made contrasting and comparing the actions and policies of modern day America with those of Adolf Hitler. Is America now the “Fourth Reich”? Is it run by “evil Nazis”? Or has somebody been lying and fear mongering? This is a slideshow presentation of images with text overlay, including many authentic quotes by Adolf Hitler.  Run time: 11:09

h/t justiceforgermans

The more I learn about the NSDAP, the more I realize how important it is/was for the rest of the world which is controlled by international Jewry to demonize their desire to stand up to the new world order. Here, in present day America, we have accepted it with open arms. The last stand should have been those who claim they follow the Christ, but have in truth, become jew-lites… dependent on their every directive and believers of every imaginable lie.

I was a member of a small email group (I have featured don lucas’ stuff here before as a guest post) and it appears that when you write the following to a group of jew worshiping sycophants, you gain the ire of a few (the reason I was a part of such a group is because I realized that don was open to some of the things I write about here and I assumed that his group were open, as well). I couldn’t have been more wrong.

A Stefan Molyneux video about 911 was shared with the group (I can appreciate don trying to educate the group), but I immediately saw that Stefan is really regurgitating the same old lie and I wrote to the group:

What truth is found in this video?

Stefan still says that Al Qaeda attacked us on 9-11-01 when there was no such thing.

Israel’s Mossad brought those buildings down, certainly no Al Qaeda or Muslims did. For that matter, planes had NOTHING, whatsoever, to do with the demolition of those buildings. Much less planes that were flown by people who couldn’t even get a Cessna off the ground and back.

This is hardly about “Statism” (Stefan’s everyday point of contention). It is about Jews controlling our actions for their goals or Eretz Israel.

Learn this and you learn real TRUTH.

This is how the jew-lite and son of satan worshiper responds:

Antisemitics and liars are not welcome here.  Please don’t write to me any more, BuelahMan.

From that point I stopped replying to all and addressed him personally:

Take it up with don.
You are ignorant for your own and the rest of our peril.

It went worse from there, with him calling me a murderer and other names. I responded in turn and eventually had to call him the asshole, moron, and Rabbi baby penis sucking watcher he is. He, of course, secretly bcc’d all my personal comments to the entire group, just in the precise way Satan and a good little jew-lite would handle such a thing.

I shared these lists with the group and now have asked don to take me off the list, having cast this last pearl before the accumulation of swine on the list. If you ever had any doubt about the jews owning/controlling every aspect of your life, just look at the over-representation they have in every important facet (sometimes over 5000% over-representation).

Explain to me how it is remotely possible they have accumulated such control. Then, explain to me how it is that self- described “Christians” embrace their, and my demise.

As much as I despise what the Jews are doing, I despise these sickening sycophantic imbecilic “judeo-Christians” even more.



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21 thoughts on “Adolf Hitler vs The New World Order

  1. Greetings from Germany on election day. I wept, literally, because you can see that the British, the French the Americans all pushed from below and behind by the same forces that eventually got their precious war in 1939, well, they’re doing the same to Syria today with an eye on Iran tomorrow. The only good blue-starred cockroach is a dead one.


  2. Deprogramming the BRAINDEADGOY….

    Angela Landsbury in Manchurian Candidate…THE QUEEN OF DIAMONDS

    Zionazi Netanyahu is scheduled to address the General Assembly next Tuesday,
    a week after Zionazi Porch Monkey Obama and

    Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani,,7340,L-4432330,00.html

    But the Zionazi Terrorist ASSHOLES called the “Israeli government”,
    clearly rattled by the sudden talk of a diplomatic opening,
    offered a preview Sunday of ZIONAZI ASSHOLE Netanyahu’s hard-edged message,
    in which he will set the terms for what would be acceptable to the ZIONAZI ASSHOLES
    in any agreement concerning Iran’s nuclear ambitions… about CHUTZPAH…!!!
    “A bad agreement is worse than no agreement at all,” the Israeli asshole flatulated profusely,
    reading a statement from the zionazai assholes orifice that he said reflected Netanyahu’s remarks….

    The red flag for me is when someone uses the word ‘nazi’ over and over again.
    The Germans never, ever used that word.
    The term ‘nazi’ was a propeganda name to try to make the Germans seem more alien and menacing.
    If they said the German Workers Party are trying to take over the world and are bayoneting
    Red Cross nurses, that wouldn’t make much sense,
    but use the word ‘nazi’ and they sound
    mean and of course must be stopped.

    Do people still call the Japanese ‘Japs’ ?
    No of course not, same with the Chinese ‘Chinks’ well no….”Jews”…..”Israel”…?

    First thing is….PRIORITY NUMBER ONE…

    first we need to use the proper words and never use “their” terms or words….


    • Zieg Hiel –

      AMCHA’s insistence on an answer comes as anti-Israel activism and anti-Semitism on California university campuses grows at a fevered pitch…..everyday….24/7…no matter what.

      Last year, support from Jewish groups and human rights organizations led the JEW HIJACKED
      California State Assembly to unanimously approve a resolution recognizing that

      “student- and faculty-sponsored boycott, divestment, and sanction campaigns against Israel”
      are a form of campus anti-Semitism, but the resolution is being ignored at CSU-Northridge,

      where Jewish mathematics professor David Klein has been using the school’s internet server to host his personal webpage, promoting the economic, academic, and cultural boycott of that shitty little pretend so-called country.

      Klein links the statement to an article published by Israel’s Ynet news site that includes a quote about racism in Israeli society from an Arab member of the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, who voiced concern over the tone of public debate by some lick spittle so-called …. politicians.

      But, Rossman-Benjamin points out, the fact that Israel has a 20% Arab population, including Arabs elected to parliament, must make it less racist than other countries, where Jews, for example are excluded entirely, such as Saudi Arabia, with 27 million people, including 5.5 million non-citizen foreigners, where all but 3% of the population is Muslim, or Egypt, with 82 million people, 91% Muslims and 9% Christians.

      “This man teaches math, not history or middle east studies, or with any expertise about the issue, so this is purely political, personal, and has no bearing on academic freedom; this is complete abuse,” Rossman-Benjamin said. ”Political activism, or what we should call political indoctrination, should not, in any way, be part of the academy.”

      “I disagree with his use of the university’s resources to harm ” Israel “, my people, just as I would if his abuse was intended to harm the Zionist sock puppet Barack Obama, for example; this is the same principle, it is wrong, and we believe unlawful,” she harangued very Jewishly with forked toungue flicking wildly….!


  3. Did Hitler really FOUND “ISRAEL”….?

    seriously ?

    let’s look at the “JEWISH” state today…

    No sum of money can rebrand Israel’s occupation

    The TALMUDIC/SATANIC Jewish Agency has teamed up with ZIONIST TERRORIST Netanyahu and American Jewish philanthropists to launch the most exorbitant “pro-TALMUDIA” campaign ever…..
    expected to reach an annual budget of $300 million by 2015.

    The stated aim of the lavish endeavor — which will only be formally announced at a conference in Jerusalem in October — is to strengthen the connection between the stool sculpture deity cult compound and
    dung doodling ….Diaspora Jewish communities….!

    The project will reportedly focus on seriously twisted dung doodling education, Talmudia’s image on campus,
    free trips to the stool sculpture deity cult compound and giving incentives to immigrate to TALMUDIA —
    all programs that the SATANIC Jewish Agency,
    American Jewish organizations and the Synagogue of Satan State of psychopathic assholes are already
    deeply deeply … “invested in”….if betting on solid “JEW” poo is an INVESTMENT !!!.

    So, why the sudden need to pour millions of dollars into a set of programming that doesn’t appear to offer anything new ?

    It may have something to do with the fact that solid JEW POO is a hard commodity to sell these days. The 46-year occupation is going strong, settlement construction continues unabated, settler violence is on the rise and an increasing number of Israeliar TERRORISTS in the Knesset are openly coming out against the establishment of a Palestinian state and a two-state solution……well, DUH !!!

    For SHYTE selling professionals who make their living building up the stool sculpture deity cult compound brand identity as best they can, just like any product on the market, this is, as Daniella Peled put it in Haaretz,
    a “marketing nightmare” …..but HEY, ….no problem there…!!,7340,L-3083,00.html
    Despite TALMUDIA’s sodomite-friendly beaches, successful start-ups and Nobel Prize winners,
    its most popular brand by far (and unfortunately) is its occupation. And there’s some buyer’s remorse.

    Read more: about why so-called “JEWS” cannot be Israel…


    • There are all sorts of numbskulls that believe that Hitler was a Jew, financed by Jews and/or was even a Rothschild.

      You see, Hitler was so smart (or, stupid, depending on how you look at it) that he spent over twenty years writing and talking about the Jewish problem to the rest of his fellow countrymen, that it was all a ruse. A plant. By Jews. To set up the Holocaust, or, er, set up Palestime/Israel, or, err, what exactly he did FOR the Jews and his grandfather, I am quite unclear about.

      But I am sure that stupid ass dublinmick would post 1000 circular reasoning links to convince us that Hitler was a Jew shill, or whatever that dumbass mick believes.


      • You are right. I see some of the usual disinformation posted here in some comments, however innocently, in some commenter’s posts, like the Jews in Israel are not really Jews. They only have to read the research by David Duke and also the genetic research by Dr Karl Skorecky to find that Jewish sayan wonder researcher Elhaik is a complete fraud, pumping out the usual propaganda to distract attention away from what the Jews are doing, by falsely claiming that the Ashkenazim in Israel are supposedly all Gentiles, like we would all want to start dressing up in funny clothes and start genociding all the other Gentiles in the world for the Jews.

        It just does not add up, and neither does their one-track obsession with repeatedly telling us this misinformation that Jews are not really Jews. What good does that do us Gentiles? It does the Maronite-type Jews a lot of good, that is for sure, as they can say, well, you stole our religion and corrupted it, and we have nothing to do with that, as Judaism is such a lovely religion without YOU, the Gentile proselytes pretending to be Jews whilst you create such havoc in the world.

        That crafty ploy of deception takes attention away from the Samson Option, and the repeated threats of nuclear annihilation of every nation outside Israel unless they act as slaves to defend Israel to the last drop of blood. That issue is the real one over which all nations could have Israel declared non-legitimate, not the silly idea of how many Jews are real Jews, as even a small percentage declared ‘real’ by their standards will certainly always be enough in any Jew-controlled court of law in any case to ‘justify’ maintaining the state of Israel for them.

        A number of Jewish authors, and authors with Jewish names, who are ostensibly not Jewish themselves, have taken up this cause celebre, which of course has the effect of sanctifying the so-called ‘real’ Jews in many people’s minds, who of course, it follows by their false reasoning, have nothing to do with all this nastiness against the Gentiles.

        To be a Cohanim priest in Israel, you must be able to prove that your entire line of ancestors has never been polluted by a single Gentile for one thousand generations, and that takes the Israeli Ashkenazim, merely wandering Jews of the diaspora who were sought out and brought back into the fold, back 3,300 years to Israel, as they have exactly the same unique Jewish haploid DNA sequence as the Sephardim in Israel, who, incidentally have recently been proven in further genetic studies to have genetic links to the indigenous Palestinians of the Bible lands also. The vast majority of the Cohanim tested by Dr Karl Skorecki were provenly traceable 3,300 years ago back to Israel, disproving the idea that Ashkenazim are merely Gentile proselytes.

        Visit ‘Mothman777’s Blog’ for more on this.


        • At this point in history, any “real” jew is a misnomer. I use the word “Jew” because that is what they use, right or wrong. The word “jew” should still have its long, historical, negative connotation (it is deserved).

          Some ppl believe that whites are the real Hebrews. Some ppl believe that blacks are the lineage. To me, wanting to serve that maniacal god, no matter what color, is crazy and seems to make those ppl just “jew-lites”, in my estimation.

          I think that race is convoluted when thinking about Jews. They aren’t a “race”, but a mixed bag of sociopathic tribal tendencies, developed from thousands of years of their Talmudic supremacist brainwashing. Whether they are observant religiously or not, it permeates them and they can’t seem to help themselves.



          • Thanks for your reply BMAN,

            Agreed. To wish to be a Jew, and then to have to take up the edict of racist genocide of all other races that that involves is beyond naive and stupid, it is pathologically insane. People who want to be Jews are just insanely selfish and criminally psychopathic for sure.

            As regards race, the Jews themselves state that they are a race, and so did Hitler as a result of what they said. Any racial deviations are met ‘100;000 Radiations’ style by termination with extreme prejudice.

            The Jews know what kind of breeding they prefer for the bodily vehicles of their souls, and coloured and Gentile just won’t do. They are a kind of sub-race I suppose though, by dint of the fact of their extreme eugenics practices, just like we see funny-shaped breeds of dogs these days due to obsessive and odd breeding practices to emphasize particular traits, the resulting dogs being very different in temperament, shape and other abilities in comparison to the varieties from which they were developed.

            One Jew stated that he had been an American for 40 years, but that HE HAD BEEN A JEW FOR 4,000 YEARS (see my essays at Mothman777’s Blog). The Jews are very deeply rooted in mastery of occult practices in a very perverse manner, using black magic blood-letting rituals, through human sacrifice for instance, as well as the Kapparot sacrifice of chickens each year, in which all their bad karma is transferred onto innocent Gentiles or other creatures (all non-Jewish souls being regarded as animal souls in any case), literally by means of an auric tissue graft onto the innocent victims. That is one of the main real reasons why Jews have been thrown out of many countries in the past, and I have a massive dossier of confirmed instances of Jewish ritual sacrifice of young kidnapped Christian children in many countries over many centuries to the present day. (See my blog)

            The Jews exist outside the law of karma that other people live under, by means of these underhand practices, as the law of karma is simply a mechanical thing like water being evaporated by sunshine and then deposited as rainfall elsewhere, as the crafty Jews have learned, with complete disregard for other beings and the real God, to manipulate those laws of karma unfairly, by means of their kapparot, Gadarine Swine type rituals (Gentile souls are called PIG souls in the Talmud), human sacrifice black magic blood ritual practices, and never incarnate outside their own race, or species, as cattle for instance, or there would be no point in bothering to ensure world hegemony for Jews, if by bad karma, all the Gentile races and animal species that they had pushed down into suffering to assume total power, then became their type of body to dwell in next by the process of reincarnation. This psychic and mystical mastery by Jews ensures that the Jews themselves are never made to suffer as Gentile slaves or animals to be exploited and eaten by others of the Jewish race.

            Remember Sephardic Rabbi Ovadia Yosef stating how Gentiles are only created by God to be slaves for the Jews. Rabbis also state that a Gentile soul is a Gentile soul eternally, and can never ever become a Jewish soul, and that a Jewish soul can never ever become anything other than a Jewish soul, even if they sometimes adopt the identity of a Christian in order to dupe people,as the Maronites do. (I don’t believe that the Jews really understand spiritual reality however, and accept that some former Jews like Brother Nathaniel Kapner really are not Jews or crypto-Jews, as I believe that all souls without exception, in all types of creature, are in fact all subjective expansions of the real God ‘Krishna’, and that none of them are created by any bogey man called ‘Satan’). The Jew would differ however, in that they believe that only Jewish souls come from God, and that all other souls come only from Satan, that the Gentile souls are eternally non-living, and belong eternally on ‘the dark side’ in eternal diametrical opposition to the Jews, remaining irredeemably and incorrigibly their deadly enemies for all eternity, who must all be exterminated from this planet and their souls then sent to hell in order for the Jew to be secure.

            The Torah of the Sephardim states that when the Messiah comes, all Gentiles in the world will be exterminated and their souls sent to hell under the Angel Duma, and of course the Talmud of the Ashkenazim states “Even the best of Gentiles should all be Killed”. Duped Christians were never made aware of that little prophecy, as it might kind of wake them up from their sheeple slumber a little bit as might the fact that the original Latin Bible only ever stated that the Jewish prophet Jesus stated to the disciples to go only to the Jews to save them alone, and NEVER to the Gentiles or the Samaritans – Matthew). Think, would fanatical racist genoidal Jews have ever had a GENTILE messiah? I don’t think so.

            And when Tyndale translated the Latin Bible into English for all to read, the Jew agent RC priests who were in fact busy programming Gentiles to become Judaized to be more suitable as slaves for the coming JWO, had Tyndale’s throat crushed slowly and painfully by garrotting, and then had his body burned, and I have been to see his memorial on a lonely hillside.

            After Tyndale was murdered by the fake Christians (there never were any genuine ones) the Bible was changed, with the newly adulterated Gospel of Mathew stating that Christians were to preach to everyone, or else the game would have been up that Christianity was a giant Jewish pisstake to get the Gentiles grovelling to an entity that was intent only on the complete extermination and sending to hell of every last one of them. For proof of this, read the excellent article by Hugh Fogelman; ‘Missionaries -They Do Not Know What They Are Doing’.

            Islam is on a par with the same level of deception, both religions having been created to manipulate the Gentiles in one way or another, and Islam, like Christianity, betrays it’s adherents in various ways also, like getting all Muslims to believe in the Godless and demonic idea of burning all non-Muslims alive for all eternity, which of course, gets them given the bum’s rush from the real heavenly community, as only the criminally insane intend to do that sort of thing to other people, just as the Christians do, and the people behind those religions, the Jews, ensure that there will be no spiritual repercussion from any other spiritual ‘God’ that the Gentiles might have, by having ensured that the Gentiles adopt such a demonic code of practice within Islam and Christianity that they effectively separate themselves completely from the real God, leaving the Jews free to torture and murder the Gentiles all they wish.

            And while the Abrahamic religion Gentiles are just as nasty as the Jews with their Jew-given religions, that the Jews control in any case, on both political and mystical levels, then those Gentiles have a real difficulty demonstrating true sincerity before the real God (who they reject anyway through being Christians and Muslims), therefore they cannot appeal to the person who really is God very effectively for spiritual protection against their enemies the Jews. The Jews certainly know how to stitch people up.

            The Abrahamic religions are all false in fact, having been brought into existence after the beginning of Kali Yuga, when people turned away from the real God (who actually has no name, yet is called, after a fashion, by referring to that Being by His unique qualities, so using the language of Sanskrit, the unique quality of God, as the most attractive soul of all souls, is ‘Krishna’, for instance.

            Of course, God has countless unique qualities, and has many similar ‘names’ in the languages of many species in genuine spiritual cultures on many different planets. But one thing is certain, just as the real God is never stated in vedic, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, or any western pagan religion of Wodin for instance to burn or boil anyone alive for all eternity, or to reject even a single soul for all eternity, then the person referred to as ‘God’ in the three Abrahamic religions who is stated to do things like that, could never be God, and most certainly is not God at all, but a completely different and diametrically opposed sort of entity, and an extremely demonic entity in fact.

            I mean, how can you get any more demonic than burning or boiling people alive for all eternity without ever stopping? Do the members of the insane and psychopathic three Abrahamic faiths ever dare to wonder what it must feel like to boil alive, or burn alive for ever? God, that must hurt ! Well, thank the real God, that such insanity is not truly manifest at all, ever, as there is no eternal hell, or eternal rejection of even a single soul, as each soul is free to spend all eternity going up and down between spiritual and material universes countless trillions of times, with no limit at all in fact. That is real free will, as given in scriptures very much older than those demonic and Godless confabulations of the Abrahamic religions. The Srimad Bhagavatam describes how dynasties of kings existed on Earth hundreds of millions of years ago, to give you some idea of true scale.

            Himmler used to read the Bhagavad gita, and 1.000 Tibetan Buddhist monks worked with Hitler in full SS uniform, so the National Socialists were very progressive spiritually, wishing to revive all non-Jewish-based traditional spiritual paths, though I suppose they had to play along with Christianity a bit because so much of German culture had been built around the notion of Christianity being valid, so they humoured it I guess, with the intention of helping the more enlightened future generations rise completely beyond that horrific mental and psychic torture of fearing eternal flames, as well as helping them rise beyond the consequences of adhering mindlessy to going along with the demonic idea of burning all others alive eternally.

            I have had correspondence from some weird people that believe that whites are the true Jews also. I think that someone has been messing with their heads, or they are some kind of agents for some weird political initiative to muddy the waters still further.

            Jews need to forget all about being Jews, and even forget about remaining crypto-Jews, and even Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, had recommended to the Jews that they consider doing that en-masse together, but they rejected his proposal.

            It now falls within the remit of all other peoples to declare Judaism to be nothing more than a megalomaniacal pseudo-spiritual racist genocidal crime cult, and then to declare it illegal as such throughout the world, to prevent any further Rothschild-initiated wars, to prevent the complete annihilation of every single Gentile on this entire planet in fact.

            If the Gentile peoples cannot be bothered to summon the guts to do this, thinking ‘there are some good Jews’, then that will be the death of all Gentiles and all their potential future generations, end of, simple as.

            Try eating GM food, proven in one experiment to render animals that eat it completely sterile within three generations, and it kills other animals that eat it in sufficient quantity in just one week (cows in India died one week after eating GM cotton plants after the cotton bols had been harvested, a traditional practice in India, but now that GM cotton is planted there, this has resulted. See what happens when they increase the amounts of GMO bit by bit in our food. Work it out. The Jewish company Monsanto forbids the serving of GM food in any Monsanto works canteens. Jewish rabbis have declared GM food non-kosher. Work it out.

            The Jews are not asleep like most Gentiles are today.The Jews are a very hard people (think of all the 4,000 Jews of all different denominations on 9/11 who worked together just as a Mossad unit might have on that day, at a moment’s notice, treacherously and traitorously leaving their Gentile workmates of many years standing to be burned alive, blown apart, crushed or vapourized to death), they are dedicated completely, as one military unit, and they never rest in their determination to accomplish total world domination, and they carry on wiping out millions of us regularly to leave the world inhabited by Jews alone. That is their stated goal, given clearly in both Torah and Talmud crime instruction manuals. Face up to it and resist it, or they WILL kill us all.

            A league of independent National Socialist nations, possibly including other nations with slightly different systems, with sufficient parity of ideological and economic practice to enter into such a league, would be the ideal solution to help all Gentiles face up to this menace together, all nations guaranteeing the security of all others of all different Gentile races and peoples around the world.


            • Lots of excellent clarification in your comment. Thanks.

              Long ago, I began an in depth study of the Bible, especially the Koine Greek and a bit of Hebrew. I was always drawn to the words of Jesus, but felt that the OT (the fake Jew Bible used to take the Christian eyes off of the Talmud) was bogus and that serving such a maniacal g_d was anything BUT Christ-like. It led me to a point where I learned that the idea of endless torment and torture initiated and carried out by God was a farce and, in fact, the words translated as forever and ever, or eternity, did not hold the understanding of endlessness.

              Therefore, “hell” is not real or forever or even a place of torture is bogus and has kept Christians and many other locked into a false belief system.

              It wasn’t until much later that I learned the history of the NT (learning that the main Gospels were written over a hundred years after the deaths of the ones they claim wrote (or dictated) them. Learning how the Catholic Church determined which books/letters should be canonized is an eye opener, as well.

              I wondered about the kosher label for GMO foods and considered that an ind9cator of whether or not the stuff is bad for consumption. Very telling.

              I need to check out your blog.


              • Thanks for your reply BMAN.

                The thing is that Jesus still must have been a Jew, and ‘he’ says in the Bible that he will not deny or oppose even one word of the Jewish Law or words of the Prophets.

                That being so, then he must be in favour of fulfilling the edicts given in both Torah and Talmud to genocide all Gentile races off the face of this planet Earth.

                See the book ‘Jesus of Edessa’ by Ralph Ellis and ‘The Diegesis’ by Rev Taylor 1829, to see that Jesus is in the Bible lacks any genuine historicity, and that in fact, he is nothing more than a literary confabulation born of political necessity to expedite the NWO Jewish plans for world domination, by Judaizing the Gentiles, and then manipulating them into conflicts in which they will all kill each other, and all the pagan religions, as well as pitting them against the Muslims, their other creation.

                That is why the Jews are so cocky about their opposition against Jesus, it is all tongue-in-cheek chutzpah, he is their man after all, as they made him up and can afford to write all kinds of unpleasantness about him in order to con Gentiles into believing that in Jesus, they will find security from the Jews, when the very opposite is true.

                British Lord General Cornwallis stated to Washington in 1781 that in 200 years, every religion in America would come to serve the British Empire by being made to effectively practice the JUDAIC religion even whilst thinking that they were practicing their own religions, and that this would be made to happen by the Freemasonic British Royal family, and this has happened, and it follows, had already been the case for many hundreds of years in Britain already.

                There are Christian scriptural writings by ‘saints’ from 150 AD glorying in the burning of all non-Christians alive in hell for all eternity, and their ‘God’, Yahweh, is stated to enjoy watching this as well, with it being further stated that the spiritual pleasure of God and the ‘saints’ is not complete without their watching the torment of the ‘sinners’ in eternal flames.

                The writing is suspiciously very similar in style and quality of demented hatred, to the Islamic Koran, as well as to the Jewish Torah and Talmud in terms of needless brutal sadism, as it is all put out by the same Jewish firm in fact.

                The real religions are the pre-Christian, pre-Judaic ones, the Abrahamic ones being entirely the unnatural construct of those wishing for the world to secede from the real God and to worship other powers, namely the powers of the Jews themselves.

                There are various genuine non-Abrahamic religions to choose from that are intact, without there being any need at all for people to have to sift through mountains of deception to attempt to find tiny little scraps of genuine spirituality here and there.

                And in any case, Jesus could never have been for the Gentiles in any case, he being prophesied only to serve the Jews, and it must be a Jewish organized thing that Gentiles are being conned into perversely seeking a spiritual teacher from within the only ‘religion’ in the world that seeks only to annihilate all Gentiles on the entire planet, not only in physical terms, but also in spiritual terms, and that really is very suspicious indeed.

                You would think that Gentiles would automatically steer well clear of anything like that, but Jewish powers have been dominating how society is taught to perceive reality for a very long time, so that most people do the very opposite of what they really ought to do in their best self -interests. Psychologically, good people naturally think that there must be SOMETHING good in Jesus, and many people think that they have managed to put together some much more pleasant interpretation of Christianity that differs from the mainstream teachings, yet all are ‘under the influence’ still nonetheless, very sadly.

                We Gentiles were never intended in truth to come under any such Christian religion at all, it being completely inappropriate for us. Many had to be burned alive in order for our peoples to be forced to accept it. There is no spirituality in Christianity at all.

                What Hugh Fogelman has uncovered proves this completely, surely, that Jesus really only came to be a messiah for the Jews and no one else, and that the Latin Bible was then changed to give the false impression that Jesus had changed his mind, once that the real teachings of the Bible as a Jewish con-trick had become exposed after being translated into English language, necessitating this. Why was the Bible only taught in a language that no one could read up till that point, except those in power? That in itself is very telling, hardly an indication of Christians all being held as equals before God at all.

                Here is just a small taste of the inherent contradiction in practice in Christianity today, “Call no one Father except the Lord thy God”. And then the Christians are all required to call their human vicars and priests ‘Father’, so that they are made to simultaneously accept the Bible teachings, then do the exact opposite of what they teach, in a very fundamental brainwashing exercise, that makes all Christians able to accept one thing and then, after such constant reinforced brainwashing, similarly do the total opposite of it elsewhere also, like ‘love one another’, then dropping the atomic bomb on Nagasaki with one of the largest Christian populations in Japan, just as in several other military conflicts organized by the Rothschilds today, the Christian communities in various countries are targeted for destruction by the Jews in power controlling the NATO armed forces, and they also of course control the Al Qaeda forces too.

                Religions that welcome all Gentile peoples and races are the only ones suitable for the spiritual development of all, and they must concur with the genuine ancient teachings that we are eternally free, to choose what we want to do, within the bounds of acceptable mutual kindness, just as God is free, as we are all comprised of the exactly the same quality of spiritual substance as God is, consciousness itself, without any beginning.

                There are various levels of spiritual realization wthat one can attain to within these religions, and not one of them states that any single soul can ever be rejected by God for all eternity, or that any soul will be tortured for all eternity.

                I cannot see that Christianity even in it’s very beginnings had any different teachings other than the eternal hellfire for non-followers of Jesus.

                Also, in the Parable of the Talents, Jesus stated of the King who was really himself in the parable, that if any would not follow him, then they were to be brought before him and cut into pieces. The Prince of Peace? I think not. The Prince of Terror maybe.


                • Of course, I don’t have to explain that many think that being jewish is really just a translational issue (and the Book is fraught with such errors… intentionally done, by Jews, I believe). Many are insisting that it simply means being from the geographic area of Judea, and has nothing to do with a religion or tribe of people from Israel”.

                  I must say that in my studies of certain Greek words on the Bible (mistranslated), I find that the early Christians did NOT believe in any eternal tormenting torture chamber called hell.

                  Even the translations of that word show craziness that any sane, thinking person should see as little more than confusion.

                  I can assure you that the early forefathers of America, by and large, had no feelings of hellfire and doom. Thomas Jefferson is only one of many Deists (distinguishable from Calvinists).

                  Most Deists were Universalists. A Universalist basically believes that Jesus came for all humans. Even Jesus said that if He were to be lifted up (sacrificed on the cross), he would draw (correct translation of helkuo is “drag”) all men unto Him. The Bible says that God is the Savior of all men, especially those who believe. John the Baptist called Him the Savor of the World.

                  I could go on and on.

                  The early church certainly believed this Universalist ideology, because almost all of the earliest church “fathers” taught it. Of the first schools to teach Christianity, most taught Unilversalism, as opposed to hellfire dogmas (either by acceptance or predesign).

                  I am not saying Universalism is the religion one should pursue. I am saying that it was the first belief of Christianity and was tainted by the likes of Augustine (who came from a Manchean type religion of hellfire dogma). Whether or not that was instigated by Jews, I don’t know.

                  After my study and understanding the deliberate mistranslational issues, I see that Jesus, Himself, did not ever preach any endless suffering or torment.

                  I could go into further detail, if you are interested.


              • BMAN, In reply to your comment of OCTOBER 7, 2013, 8:24 AM, I think that on the issue of Jesus I will remain convinced of what I said earlier.

                Whatever the Bible says about Jesus of course will say whatever people want it to say, and there are hundreds of different Christian sects today of varying beliefs, many with incredibly complex rhetoric to assert the validity of their views, though there have been about 25 or so different Church councils, detailed by the Rosicrucians (AMORC) in which the Bible was substantially changed.

                The fact remains that for people to become Christians, when they already had good religions, their folk were burned alive, with no real manifestation of spirituality or better teachings to win people over; you simply saw your friends being burned alive, tortured or garrotted to death, and said; ‘Yes, I will convert’, in order to remain alive to feed your wife and children.

                The fact remains that Jesus, as even the Christians surely have to agree, was a prophet, a messiah, prophesied in the Jewish scriptures, and not in the Gentile scriptures in any religion, though when the British invaded India, they got every copy they could of the Bhavishya Purana, a prophetic scripure, destroyed every copy, and re-issued it, stating in that, that when the British came to India, that there would be a 10,000 golden age in India under British rule. The fact was, that a 10,000 year golden age had indeed been prophesied, but the original scripures had stated that the 10,000 year golden age would occur when an incarnation of Krishna would appear, and not when the British would come to rule, effectively under the English East India Company at first.

                That same scripture, the Bhavishya Purana, also talked of how Jesus survived the crucifixion, went to live in India, had a wife and two children, spoke with a king called Shalehwarin, and related to him he how was born of a virgin and crucified etc., and Jesus lived to over 100 years in India. That little story was made up by the British to give the Indians some feeling of connection to Christianity in their own culture, to ‘Judaize’ them too, and the British did not care that in effect, such a revelation really destroyed Christianity with reference to where it is said in the Gospels, that if Jesus had not indeed risen and ascended into heaven after three days, then all Christian faith could have no basis in fact. Saint Paul (1 Cor 15:17).

                The people who make all these little variations of Christianity up are just playing with people. Jesus could only ever have been Jewish, and Jews would never accept eternally non-living, incorrigibly demonic Gentile souls who are classed as parts of Satan amongst them in God.

                Why would there have been any followers of Jesus that were not Jewish, if he was a messiah prophesied as a Jewish messiah for the Jews alone, as the Gospel of Mathew first stated, before being manipulated after the murder of Tyndale many centuries later, to make out that Jesus came to save all mankind. Remember that the Gospel of Mathew would still have only stated that Jesus only came for the Jews alone at that time of these supposed early Christians, and not for the Gentiles and Samaritans as well.

                Just as the British Freemasonic royalty have always been working for the Jews, due to having so much Jewish blood in them, whilst being the heads of the protestant Church in England, then they can make up any Bible teachings they want, just as they did with the Bhavishya Purana, all to assist the intended goal of Jewish global domination.

                Surely, there have been many more, far more likely and benevolent spiritual teachers in various Gentile religions throughout history. It is most odd that this ‘Jesus’, coming from the most hostile of backgrounds against all the Gentiles as he did, should be made out to be their ultimate ‘saviour’. As they say, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

                As regards politics though, a league of National Socialist nations is surely the best way forward at this time to save the planet and all the Gentile races, and all other creatures on this planet in fact, despite any minor differences of opinion between the various Gentile races and peoples on religious matters.


  4. This is informative, but sickening, I couldn’t finish reading the article, but it does remind one of what is going on in the USA today and courtesy of the same sick fucks.


    “The decay of moral values in all areas of life—the period of deepest German degradation—coincided exactly with the height of Jewish power in Germany.” — Dr Friederich Karl Wiehe, Germany and the Jewish Question.


    • I try to get as many people to see the similarities between Weimar Germany and the USA today. It is history repeating itself, but in this case, there is no one to step up to educate the masses to the Jews’ repeated deception and treachery. The Germans knew they were being raped. Not only doesn’t the Americans know it, but they seem to like the pain.


  5. needless to say,

    your integrity shines brightly…

    in the celestial firmament ….

    don’t worry…be happy


    Former NAACP president, the former honorable right Rev. Benjamin Chavis, recently recounted in an
    interview an incident where the ADL actually lured top NAACP officials to a New York meeting,
    gave them a written “statement,” and told them to read it at a press conference they had arranged
    in the lobby of the ADL office. . . .

    Shocked NAACP officials, including Chavis, believing they were there to discuss inter-agency cooperation, rejected the blitz as both “inappropriate” and “insulting.” That prepared statement that Chavis refused to deliver was almost identical to that which Julian Bond anxiously delivered to an ADL audience with the SEG Foxman at his side
    “with a smile spread across his face,” according to the unredoubtable Jewish Forward….

    Let’s be clear about this, the Jewish defense organizations need those so-called “anti-Semites” in order to exist.

    The U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis made it as simple as it gets: “Anti-Semitism creates Jews.”
    The budgets and huge salaries of the ADL’s depend upon a fearful and frightened Jewish population that is sufficiently frightened of a return to “Nazism” to reach deeply into their pockets to keep the ….
    Anti-Semitism Industry prospering…..…..its twuu !

    If Minister Farrakhan wasn’t available they’d have to invent him for their own survival.
    Among many so-called Jews such tactics are an open and dirty secret, exposed
    most recently in the pages of the April 17th edition of the Jewish Forward…..

    speaking of moving forward….


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