Should Ken Starr Handle This Foster Case?


What’s that you say?


You don’t know who Jonathan Foster was?

On Christmas Eve Day of 2010, 12 year old Jonathan Foster was kidnapped from his home by Mona Nelson, a 44 year old Black woman. After abducting the child, Nelson, a welder, tied his hands, and then roasted the boy alive with her blow torch. Imagine what went through Jonathan’s mind as he was being burned alive! Jonathan’s badly burned body was soon discovered in a roadside ditch in Houston, not far from where he lived. Nelson admits to dumping the container which held the body—she was caught on film—but makes the ridiculous claim that she was given the container by one of Jonathan’s relatives. Police suspect that Jonathan may not have been her only victim. Houston Police Department Homicide Detective Mike Miller calls Nelson a “cold, soulless murderer who showed an absolute lack of remorse in taking the life of Jonathan Foster.”


Next question:

Do you know who Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman are?

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7 thoughts on “Should Ken Starr Handle This Foster Case?

  1. B’Man, as you know the “media” does not do “journalism”. They do “Influence Operations”. This is a subset of Information Warfare. The intent is to shape our perceptions of events in ways that are advantageous to our enemy. Digital technology has opened up new fronts in the Information Warfare Domain. Today, the enemy can actually create a fake alternate reality – and transmit that fake reality via their controlled propaganda system that we know as “the media”. Our media is foreign owned.

    Intensive investigations into the “Zimmerman Case” have revealed some problems. I don’t think that case is organic. I think it was a “made-for-media-event”. Apparently, it was done as part of the ongoing anti-2nd Amendment Campaign weaving in some weird racial overtones. The injection of racial overtones is an effective ploy to circumvent critical thinkers and trigger innate cognitive bias among the Target Audience.

    A purely factual investigation into the Official Narrative reveals the overall similarity of that “event” with a potential Deception Operation involving media and government actors.

    There is a very high likelihood that this event was contrived. We arrived at that conclusion after applying Structured Methods of Intelligence Analysis. The same kinds of analytical methods routinely used by Intelligence Agencies. This is not merely “intuitive speculation”.

    For more information on how to perform these kinds of analyses you can download Richards J. Heuer’s book entitled “The Psychology of Intelligence Analysis”. It is available on the website.

    In addition, John Friend has been covering this type of analysis on his radio broadcasts.


  2. I think, to be honest, to avoid being sucked into the divisiveness of the whole racial issue here you might be advised to make your objective more clear. The comparison is so obvious. Beulahman, how you expressed yourself in the commentary to Pat would be excellent. Pardon my assumption that you might listen to this old girl!

    I know I saw a piece somewhere recently about the widespread use of fire against Caucasians primarily by coloured folk. To be honest, it blew me away because you never hear of this.

    Well, not quite. A few months ago on a Seattle news programme I heard a piece open up with this warning: The following story does NOT involve racial motivations. Two men shot and killed elderly…. The fact that the assailants were black has nothing to do with the event….” I mean REALLY! Is it that bad that they warn folks ahead of time? Is that why mentioning race when reporting on crime is now … politically incorrect? What is this hiding, exactly? Can you tell me?

    Lordie… I wonder how many viewers bought that garbage.


  3. I think to avoid the prospect of racial divisiveness, the various genetic groups who have been singled out by the jewish power structure as “Protected Classes” should reject the fruits of their Unearned Brown Privilege.

    Unearned Brown Privilege is killing this Republic.

    Unearned Brown Privilege falsely enables the underachiever. It does not recognize merit. It is a handicapping system. This leninist idea literally takes from those who merit and gives to those who do not.

    It is a way of paying off the underachievers for supporting the leninists. Sadly, the recipients of those hand-outs actually think they “deserve” them. This practice is the very definition of “racism”. The state is artificially disabling White people and artificially propping up non-Whites.

    Obviously there should be no laws based upon the race of the individual. All law should be race-blind. But that would not serve the jewish divide-and-conquer strategy.

    The fact that non-Whites have been willing to accept this fundamentally unfair practice at the expense of my people says everything that needs to be said.

    I will not hold my breath and wait around until beneficiaries of Unearned Brown Privilege reject their “Special jewish Status”. In the meantime, I will focus on my own people.


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