Gullible American Public Gobble Up “Obama Bad Man” Script

Dammit, rednecks. Are you so stupid that you have fallen for the meme that “Obama is Evil” and is the cause for all our troubles? Where were you when that stupid assed wannabe redneck, W, was doing all that evil? Or when Clinton, or Reagan, or…


Pure Evil: Obama Is Kicking Senior Citizens Out Of Their Homes Until Shutdown Ends

Dangerous Times: The Crisis-Monger

Sick. Obama Bans Cars From Mt. Rushmore Lookout Points


I explained here, long ago, that Obama will be a scapegoat. He will be the man Americans love to hate, even more so than Bush was. Which was more so than Clinton, etc, etc. I explained that we are seeing a dismantling of respect for the office of the President which is done by successive liars, murderers and Jew ass-kissing sycophants who are more protective of Israel than America.

When will you figure out that it ain’t the man, but those that are behind them? And the fact is that there are some from the same disgusting tribe that has run the show for all of them.

On a personal note, I visited the local Co-Op last week and bought some dog food. As I waited in line, the owner was checking out a customer, they were discussing Obama and how awful he is. I waited until my turn to pay and I said, “It isn’t just Obama. Its all of them.”

He replied. “You’re right. Every since I learned that Bush allowed 911 to happen, I knew we were in big trouble.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather.

I told him that I was very happy he said it and that I had felt like I was one of the few that knew it.

Maybe there are some rednecks that are seeing the light.

Too bad it will all fall apart before the mass awakening.


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4 thoughts on “Gullible American Public Gobble Up “Obama Bad Man” Script

  1. Yup, happens all the time B’man.

    I repeatedly remind people that its not just THIS president…its all of them. Its not just this congress, its ALL OF THEM.

    TPTB love the division that is our two party one party system creates ,oh so artfully controlled by…well…yaaaa

    Stupid lil sheep.


  2. BRAVO! Well stated…

    I’m disappointed that Obama has not been able to complete all his campaign promises, but I understand his every move been thwarted by the Radical Rumps.


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