For The Last Time: Jews Are Not A Race






Gilad Atzmon points out what is obvious to me: that Jews are not a race. They may be racist assholes, but that hodgepodge of wild mutts is no race within itself.

It is still unclear to me why so many people insist that they are (I understand the Jews saying it, because they gain from it). Some very smart people insist on it when it seems apparent it is untrue. One of my sayings, when called an “anti-Semite” is, “You must be a Semite for me to be anti-Semitic.” And this fake tribe is not Semitic.


Jews Are Not a Race But Jewish Identity is Racist

By Gilad Atzmon

We were informed this week that the four major female founders of the Ashkenazis show roots in Europe 10,000 to 20,000 years ago. So do most of the minor founders, the study found. Only 8% of the mitochondrial DNA shows signs of being from the Near East.

Gil Atzmon, of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, who led the research, argued that there had been some evidence of mass conversions, especially of women, to Judaism throughout the Mediterranean in the past. That resulted in about 6 million citizens, or a tenth of the Roman population, who were Jewish.

The practical meaning of this information is simple and far from being new. Ashkenazi Jews are not Semitic and have no roots in Palestine. Needless to say that neither Alan Dershowitz nor Max Blumenthal or myself look particularly oriental. So if Jews are neither a race nor Semitic what is it that bonds them together? The answer is an extreme form of tribal ethnocentrism AKA racism. In short, Jews are not a race but Jewish secular culture is racist to the bone.

Both Zionists and the so-called ‘anti’ are operating within ethnocentric and racially exclusive cells. Israel is the Jews-only State, but it opponents the JVP, IJAB, Jewish Socialist Group etc. are similarly Jews-only political gatherings.

But if Jewish politics is racist, exclusive and often abusive, what exactly legitimizes its anti-racist mantra?


The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics, available on  &

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9 thoughts on “For The Last Time: Jews Are Not A Race

  1. Good on you mate, you’re doing a great job. I’m am Aussie living in Canada and the laws against holocau$t denial here are total shit, if there’s nothing to hide, what’ s the problem? It sickens me the way that even the so called intellectuals are so brainwashed or are sold out to see these rats for exactly what they are. If more were aware of and took the time to read the Protocols maybe they’d see they’re just cattle in the eyes of these fuckers too. Hope we’re going to start more of the sheep wake up ’cause we’ve got quite the fight on our hands.

    Keep up the good fight mate.


  2. “In the Ovens”….Jesus.

    a little background on the confusion concerning the word…”JEW”….

    It should be noted that the Strong’s Concordance tells us that the Kenites are an Oriental tribe.
    That information is wrong….. <——- BACK STORY.

    The Kenites are of the Caucasian race.

    Matthew 13:39 – "The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world;
    and the reapers are the angels."

    Jesus Christ is telling us here that Satan has his own "JEWISH" children living on earth….
    As we are told in Revelation 3:9 Satan's children claim to be Jews. . . but WHY ?

    Israelites {NONJEWS} – Genesis 49:1-28 & Deuteronomy 32

    ….{ just as there were no African American "Dallas Cowboys" snorting Cocaine
    & fornicating with WHITE WHORES at the Alamo….! },7340,L-4441474,00.html

    without a copy of the Talmud – which wasn't PRINTED until 500 AD – some 200 years before
    the Khazars are made … "PROSELYTES" … {two-fold child of Hell/JEWTOPIA}.

    The children of Satan claim to be of the tribe of Judah and they are lying….It is a "religion".

    God knows that the Kenites are not really of the tribe of Judah and we will see what happens to them
    in the next verse…..

    "As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world."

    Just as the tares must be removed from the wheat, on judgment day the unjust will be separated from the just.

    "The Son of man shall send forth His angels, and they shall gather out of His kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity"…/{Jew worshipping & "JEWISHNESS"}…..

    practicing the tenets of the stool sculpture deity cult 24/7… matter what,…

    wanna raise your debt limit ?

    "And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth."

    "There's a curious phenomena that is going on at the moment and you can lay the blame for that at the door of Mr. Apocalypse. For a long time, the Satanic Tribe and associated affiliated and unaffiliated Satanists have kept out of sight. They've skimmed the cream; convinced us that the real mob was Italian, shoehorned their lackeys into positions of power, traded off kids of both sexes like Pokemon cards, set up financial disasters and horrific conflicts, for the purpose of personal gain. They were in the shadows.

    They trumpeted their victimhood up and down main street and took over the educational system in order to control what people learn and don't learn.

    This also allowed them to revise history in any way they wanted to." – Les Visible

    everyone has the opportunity to know the Truth about the "Jewishness" ….of the "Jewish" narrative

    which is a LIE….from start to finish.

    No one on Earth HAS to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound….


  3. Excellent….time these facts saw the light of day. Of course they target Gilad as being a self hating jew…..whatever that might be.


  4. I listened to a David Duke radio program where he continuously was saying the Khazar theory was bogus. He went on to say that some dude on a coin and Barbara Streisand looked like twins, so they must really be Jewish.


    So, David, find a picture of an Asian Jew or black Jew and compare to Barb and let’s hear you make a fool of yourself.


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