Israel’s “New” Racism?

ZCF shared the video above and entitled his post “White Supremacist Jews target blacks in Israel“.

I have no problem except to say that there are very few “white” people in the video (yes, there are some). But most looked more Arab or brown than “white” (as in a Germanic or European heritage). This goes to what I have been saying all along: that being Jewish isn’t a race. It is a hodge podge of races all mixed up like the most mangy dog in heat that walks the streets.

Their superiority (and obviously, this video shows the hypocritical nature of the “anti-racist” Jew in America and what they are like in their “Jewish homeland”) is derived from centuries of Talmudic thought, whether or not they are actively religious. It permeates the whole group. It is basically inbred and their social cohesion perpetuates the false self-superiority.

You dumbass rednecks have very little to do with them, unless you are one of those Zionist Christians, and even then, you would only see the ones they bring into your church to taint and bumfuzzle you into supporting them (many times to an extent that exceeds your support of your own country and fellow citizens). Many of the smarter rednecks have figured this out (and really, it is quite easy to do if you would simply turn off Hagee and the other Jew lite money changing sycophants).

You see, my fellow rednecks, we have been the brunt of racism brainwashing for a very long time. Many of us fell for the brainwashing. I am not saying that there are no differences in races, for there obviously are. All I am saying is that I don’t feel any better than another color person, just because of the color.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I know more white niggers than I do black ones. It is because being a nigger has little to do with color any longer (in my mind). It has to do with attitude and ethic.

Keeping that in mind, most every Jew I know is a nigger.

h/t The Fuerza Perspective

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8 thoughts on “Israel’s “New” Racism?

  1. Who benefits from this? Gentiles? Hardly.

    Its really quiet simple.The Kikes are truly our misfortunes. The Jew Parasites
    are not a Race of people at all, but are a ‘ethnic group’ of many different
    bloods of people origins, a Parasitic tribe, A tribal pack of members that has been
    psychologically taught by Masonry or evil Rabbi’s from early on in time to
    criminally drain demoralize healthy cultures on all levels, to bleed out or to
    suck the life’s blood, destabilize and greedily become in full control of
    economic’s wealth in their ‘Host Races or Victims’ only to GAIN power, control, wealth.

    What a Con. All these Scams
    are only came from the Evil Parasitic Marxist Babylonian Talmud of Dirty Deeds
    teachings of Jew Laws in Action. SCAMS are incorrect and sin towards other peoples and
    nothing to be proud of at all in the world community of LIFE and PEACE. Judaism
    is a Religion only of Political Laws scams of the common nasty, ill evils
    enforced on others for Jew Power and Gain, must be kept secret and hidden from
    the Host Victim unaware public eye, are most always right out in plain sight
    view. The Death plague of the World is now exposed can you see it. ‘So You
    answer truthfully for yourself?’ Should the intl criminals haven that was
    pre-designed from early on long before 1948 just for its own worthless purpose
    of the evil Jew pack, tribe of Zion be called GOD’s “Holy Nation of Israel” a
    wild rogue be allowed to RUN free in the guise of “Gods Chosen Ones’ is only a
    BS front for this INTL parasitic PESKY, Fatal Nation of Criminals that is
    politically allowed to operate a swindel, bleed out drain and suck the precious
    life blood, resources from all their innocent unaware victims and host Nations
    on a intl level? Intl Jewry cannot survive alone. Jewry cannot create. Just a
    matter of time, We are only fooling ourselves..

    The systems or the ‘governments’ of all the governed in whom all has trusted
    in, these systems have failed, and are failing because it has not correctly
    served and protected the well being of the governed agenda as it should have,
    thanks to Jews infestation control of powerful positions of politics, The ill
    Jewish agenda is always first and above all. No excuses the fact is, all along
    Gov systems been aiding in the slow demise of the governed and we are at the
    END of the RIDE.

    The world that’s “ALL OF US” is like a rogue wild animal that has become infested and
    infected with many blood sucking parasitic Ticks, insects all over it body in the wilderness, The infested wild animal “Everyone” must now somehow remove these sick sucking
    parasites off its body and do it now before the ill condition progresses fatally
    and become too late result ‘Death’ Are we to RECOVER? or are we simply just going
    to choose to keep suffering the pain and DIE off in our own ignorance and
    neglect, Again everyone is a part, involved and mush decide.


  2. Came here from the ZCF discussion.

    “It is because being a nigger has little to do with color any longer (in my mind). It has to do with attitude and ethic.

    Keeping that in mind, most every Jew I know is a nigger.”

    Yep. I actually have been using the phrase “fuckin’ nigger” in place of “piece of shit” lately, when something isn’t working or is frustrating me. It sure took my girl, who is black, a while to get used to my use of the term. Our experiences in a certain city with some ghetto black folk sure opened her eyes to the differences between blacks and niggers, and a lot of it has to do with their ethnic origins from Africa.

    My uncle is a Vietnam vet and he told me his black friends in the Army said to him “we’re black, those guys over there are niggers though”.

    He also refers to white kids who play rap music as “white niggers”. But that kind of shit will never change if when we see it we pretend like we don’t, and ignore it. We must judge, and judge openly, when it’s safe to do so.


    • Thanks for the visit.

      ZCF seems to have taken my comments personally or something. He probably didn’t notice, but I linked to his site before writing this and he doesn’t seem to have read what I meant. I did not mean any offense towards him.

      One of my best friends is a black dude and he calls me his “nigga” all the time. He has also told me the same thing that your uncle said… differentiating between black people and niggers. I expound on that theme.


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