Time To Tighten Our Belts

rationDM2011_468x369Apparently, all you rednecks who get some sort of assistance from the government are a burden to the others who do not get any assistance from the state. I mean, you hear all the millionaires on Fox News explain what low lifes you are.

But it has permeated the alternative media, as well, especially those types that support Grampa Paul’s Paulsterity plans for America. As I previously wrote, what he says and what he supports are totally different things. In other words, he is a liar, just like the rest of the politicians who stick with the tainted two party sham system. Remember, your best bet is my old saying, “Ne’er an R or D Again!“.


The fact is that we are already experiencing Paulsterity. All you poor folk like me know this simply by going to the grocery store or even McDonald’s (which just announced they are toning WAY down their Dollar Menu and adding items that cost as much as $5). You know this because they are implementing cuts to the assistance you need right now and that they BLAMING you for it. You know this because there are no decent jobs and what little you can scrape up is not enough to make it (some of our closest friends both work full time jobs, have two kids, paying a mortgage and don’t have enough money to feed their family and get assistance. These aren’t low lifes (and they are black… not that this matters).

The fact is that the jobs that were here are now in China, which is exactly where the “middle class” is to be found (for you, once proud middle classers are now poverty stricken AND blamed for your predicament).


Ration book and an adult’s weekly rations of basic foodstuffs, 1I have to ask you (and those thieving bastards we call representatives), how much of the $85 BILLION per MONTH that the Fed gives to banks (foreign and otherwise) is going to support you, the American? Yet they want to blame you and cut your help.

I listen to some of Jeff Rense’s radio programs when I am on the road. Yesterday, I put up with that loving preacher man named Texe Marrs, as I listened to him denounce those utilizing the welfare programs and equating you all with the MILLIONS of illegal immigrants (well, they are legal because your representatives voted to give them the assistance you need, in far greater amounts, and they never gave one red cent to the system).

What I didn’t hear this loving preacher man talk about the mega-theft that the Jew bankers are conducting. I heard him blame the poor folks. The ones whose jobs have been off-shored.Satellite

These “loving preacher men” make me sick due to their hypocrisy and blatant lack of true caring for their fellow man, especially Americans. No, Texe, just blame all those who can’t write books or host radio programs (Mr Rense). Carry the water for the Paulsterity mongers. Join the ranks of the baby eaters.

Show us how much you truly care about your fellow Americans as you bask in wealth that most of these people could never see in their entire lives.

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23 thoughts on “Time To Tighten Our Belts

  1. I think, there will always be some people who ‘scam’ the ‘system’ in a way that their neighbours would label unjust, because, hey, they are paying their taxes.

    Until people realize the ‘system’ is scamming everyone in it’s sight, favouring some over others, to divide and conquer, the picture looks pretty bleak.

    And yes, keep watching the banksters make gazillions while being penalized for wrong doing (i.e. stealing your money) with peanuts and the preachers tell you, if you help yourself so will help you god. Game, set, match.


    • I am getting sick to death of hearing everyone accused of gaming a system that has been rigged against them and FOR the ultra wealthy.

      What is it with people who are so math deficient.

      They complain about the Americans who need help, but are totally silent about the BILLIONS going to the ultra wealthy that need NO help whatsoever.


      As far as I am concerned, I couldn’t give a shit about Joe Blow gaming a system of pennies while the the real thieves are taking BILLIONS. Good for them.

      If the system is crashing (and it is), then I say get what you can while you can. These rich assholes are.


  2. Wait until all that free money that the Jew owned Fed has been giving to those Jew owned Wall Street banks starts coming back home.

    Right now, the Pentagon is still managing to scare countries with the threat of invasion, keeping the inflated dollars overseas, but when the BRICS swing into action and the Pentagon can no longer intimidate countries with a ‘Shock and Awe’ campaign, the shit will hit the fan and you’ll see gun battles in grocery store parking lots over food.

    As for the Jews in the Fed ending that ‘tapering’ of free money–OUR money–they’re giving to their Yid buddies, forget that, they’ll probably increase the monthly amount to 100 BILLION or more.


    • Yes, Sir. I have written here for years about how the BRICs countries would scheme and take over at some point. I have written about how this is orchestrated to happen just as we are experiencing. This is a total take over of the wealth of this country and our demise will be nasty and very quick once its gone.

      Seriously. The only thing keeping it afloat is the fact that there is still more shit for them to steal. Once they get it all, all bets are off and you better have sone damned food stocks in place when the race/food riots hit and you have to fend off the masses.


  3. hmmm…..least you don’t have the gout.

    or spiritual {mental HERPES} like that mick guy.

    These denialisms, no less than HoloHoax denial, assist anti-Semites by spreading hatred of
    TALMUDIC {SATANIC} so-called “Jews” and by “delegitimizing” their alleged so-called country …
    – TALMUDIA – a seriously vile stool sculpture deity cult compound, {stinky MUD}
    indeed, – (dublinsmickdotcom.wordpress.com/2013/10/26/it-is-time-we-discussed-les-visible) –
    one simply cannot delegitimize that which is not legitimate in the first place…!


    Because these denialisms are so overtly political and because of the aggression they legitimize,
    they are even more – arguably much more – pernicious than HoloHoax denial…..
    very perfidious, too.


    No other people and no other stool sculpture deity cult compound face any of these individual
    “denialisms”, let alone such an array of them……from just a logical standpoint one must ask…..WHY ?


    Altogether, they compose a portrait not of a human group with a history but of a thoroughly illegitimate,
    interloper, dehumanized, and demonized group of beings who deserve no regard and no rights,
    even the right to live securely in their cult compound or to be alive….http://forward.com/ … into the OVENS !!!
    But then no other people has been the victim of a hatred of such long standing [ENMITY] power,
    and mass murderousness as ……dig this…..”anti-Semitism”…..!
    so like er um are Palestinians actually Semitic…YES or NO ?


    These denialisms, continue this long tradition, and are but one of the unrecognized new features of this
    ancient [ENMITY] prejudice most recent transformation into its current form …..

    VICTORY LAP…global anti-Semitism !!!


    GLOBAL POGROM 2013…..go for the gold.

    besides…in this “Jew” worshipping “SOCIETY” most braindeadgoy {middle class} could stand to lose a
    few pounds…considering that most of the males have been mentally & physically castrated….!


    • I removed the link to mublindick’s site (left the address). I didn’t realize he had another site and hit the link before I knew where I was going.

      Personally, I like Les’s style and insight. And I think dick is either a total dumbass or disinfo.


      • Hey B-man, long time no see. Life been having me busy but I’ve logged on periodically to read ur thoughts and always a pleasure. I’ve been reading all of Les’ stuff for about as long as I’ve been reading you and yes, he puts out some good stuff. We always did agree on most subjects. Continue what you do, I appreciate you and what you contribute.


        • NNT!

          I’ve wondered about you many times.

          Obviously, my focus changed after the run-in with Kelso. I learned a lot about the real issues by hanging with him for a while (and the other Jews on Facebook who immediately showed me what being a Jew truly is).

          I thought that my change ran you off. This was a rude awakening for me, but I’m glad I endured. It is hard for most people to grasp and accept.

          So good to see you again!


  4. In the ceremonies, Freemasons are told that Freemasonry was in existence when King Solomon built the Temple at Jerusalem and that the masons who built the Temple were organized into Lodges.

    While Claiming to not be a “RELIGION”, freemasonry benefits most from and is limited least by ALL other RELIGIONS because they are not limited by the DOCTRINE other religions use to SUBORDINATE the Sheeples


    Former Israeli Minister admits that raising the “Holocaust” and using “Anti-Semitic” as a label are TRICKS to suppress criticism of Jews.


  5. FreeMasonry’s own words

    “Anti-Freemasonry is Anti-Semitism”

    This Equals

    “Freemasonry EQUALS Judaism”


    Chop of one of the heads of the Hydra and another will just Grow Back.

    Stop all the JEW hate, Don’t kill the Puppet, Kill the Puppet Master.


  6. See there are really FOUR branches of government
    the Executive, Judicial, Legislative and the “FEDERAL RESERVE FINANCIAL SYSTEM”
    The FED answers to “NO ONE” … the most powerful branch of government with “NO CHECK OR BALENCE”.
    I you were taught in school there were 4 not 3 branches of government, you would have a completely different “WORLD VIEW”.

    The USA is a LIE !!!


  7. Come on ya’ll. All this talk about starving rednecks, babies and old folks has to cease. The money needs to be spent on more important things. Like this…

    Each U.S. Troop In Afghanistan Now Costs $2.1 Million

    I had my tongue firmly in cheek with that statement but I bet you know some who actually subscribe to that view. They seem to be everywhere. Only when they are the starving ones and have lost everything will they realize they have been duped. Maybe…


  8. Ehhh, they are all blind B’man and they wont see the light til its too late…..or never. They just keep watching the shadows on the wall. That little trick of light the devil has set up for them called government.


  9. This government and this society has no where good left to go. I was actually looking forward to the financial collapse about a year after I first got wind of it and learned ( to a degree ) why it was bound to happen.

    No, I don’t wish ill upon anyone in particular, but from my viewpoint at this late time in my life, there isn’t a good way out, and that financial collapse might actually teach the ‘humanity’ of the good ole USA some humility, respect, and gratitude rather than false jew inspired hubris.

    We went from Andy Griffith and apple pie to rap, porn and full out zionism in my lifetime. Pretty hard to believe along the way because I was just trying to live a half assed decent life after reganomics in the 80’s. We didn’t really heal from that and it took only 2+ decades to be where we are now. Broke and Broken

    Alot of that disinfo stuff to sort through, some days it feels and reads like there is more of that than true feelings.

    Never did subscribe to either party much, so at least I don’t have that feeling of loss and resentment others have. My feelings of loss come from the lie…. the American lie we were raised with and our parents fought so hard for and believed so strongly in and ingrained in us.

    No loss here, but a deep anger and hate at all of zionism.



  10. If anyone believes that some words are more “proper” than others, then stop reading now. If not, then enjoy my opinion.
    The way I see it, We are fucked. We are gonna be fucked some more and they ain’t no way to stop it now. So, we need to start figuring out how we are gonna survive through it. Look around you right now. All that shit is coming to an end. Your way of life has come to an end…. Just like it has happened over and over again for thousands of years. Where the double whammy is gonna come in is this “way of life change” is coming with a collapse of the whole damn society. In recent WOL changes in example: Cowboy way, Native American culture, Puritans….. The American society didn’t collapse. It has came close a few times, but it will fall in this time I believe.
    Now do I know what to do? Hell naw! This is gonna be something like we ain’t never seen before. But I know this thing for sure…. Every body has got to get their damn head ready! This is gonna take guts, brains and a whole lot of heart. Has it crossed any ones mind what it is gonna be like seeing little babies crying because they are real damn hungry?…. What are you gonna do? It’s coming…. How are you fixed fer socks people?


    • Hey, Man! Very weird. I have been thinking about you and the ole lady lately.

      By Golly, I know one thing: if there ever was a dude that could make it through hard times like we are discussing, it would be you.


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