Jew-Lites: The Destruction Of America

Do you want to know what the hell has happened to America? Why we have become the ultimate Goyim-grounds for our overlords, the “Chosen Ones”?

It is because at least a million of you are blithering idiots:

1.2 Million American Non-Jews Feel ‘Jew-ish’

WTF is wrong with you people? Seriously? You want to be like this?

Or this?

Or this?

Or this?

Most of you Jew-Lites don’t have any idea what these disgusting creatures are really like. You want to be like them. You have a “Jewish Affinity”. You are drawn to their “cultural practices”.

Jesus Jumping Jehoshaphats.

We are doomed.

h/t Greg at The Goon Squad

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6 thoughts on “Jew-Lites: The Destruction Of America

  1. only two days ago a dull witted young goy said in a cavalier manner with a straight face that…

    Jesus was a “Jew”..!–masterpieces-seized-by/

    which of course is tantamount to BLASPHEMY….well it is Blasphemy.

    Stool sculpture deity cult compounds AKA…”Jewish communities” have for decades been required to place their synagogues of Satan , communal schools and organizations under 24 hour security surveillance….mainly to prevent so-called “Jews” from staging unapproved “HATE” crimes…

    The propensity of the Internet to become an uncontrolled vehicle for “racial incitement”…{Jews are a RACE?}
    has been allowed to escape under the radar.

    Is it time that the capacity to influence the minds the goy readers be restricted and diminished….?

    What has become particularly disturbing is the ability of people to make whatever TRUTHFUL comments they
    can on the Internet without disclosing their full names and addresses to persnickety “Jew” worshipping
    preapproved editors when submitting their TRUTHFUL comments….about lying murderers called “Jews”.

    Oh No No..

    try again, after 6, please.


  2. a.m. or p.m. –

    in the eleventh month of GLOBAL POGROM 2013….

    lotsa GOOD NEWS…!!!

    while there have been only a few reported cases of so-called “Jews” self immolating lately

    the number of so-called “Jews” is dwindling…and goes mostly unreported in the “Jewish” media…

    which is mainly a major distraction {mind control programming} for the Braindeadgoy {Jew Worshippers}

    H/T – Les Visible. . .

    “When your cause is righteous, you cannot fail. You only fail when you divert from the righteousness of your cause. ”

    …how can someone be a “Good” Jew when Judaism is a manifestation of Bad Faith ?

    truth beckons like a feast to a beggar….


    • I travel again today, but will have some windshield time. I’ll try the number between 8 and 9 depending on cell service.

      I am considering a trip down past B’Ham and Sylacauga later in the week if it can congeal.



    SO CALLED “JEWS” ARE NOT ISRAEL !!!,7340,L-4450182,00.html


    a prayer


    For Jews the world over, the number 18 has long enjoyed a special status. In Jewish liturgy, the prayer known as the Amidah is also called the “Shmoneh Esreh” (“the 18”), referring to the number of separate blessings that originally comprised the prayer. In the Jewish numerological tradition of gematria, the number 18 has long been viewed as corresponding to the Hebrew word “chai,” meaning “life” bearing in mind of course that ignorance is strength and war is peace….

    (derived by adding the eighth and 10th letters of the Hebrew alphabet, chet and yud).

    Anyone who has written a check on the occasion of a Jewish simcha using a multiple of $18 knows that the number is synonymous with “mazal tov!” The number’s celebratory meaning has even been confirmed in present-day architecture, as is shown by Daniel Libeskind’s Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, whose plan is based on the upbeat slogan, “To Life!” (“l’chaim!”), and features a hall graced with 36 windows (or “double chai”).

    Yet while the number 18 has an affirmative meaning in Jewish tradition, it has a much more controversial reputation in Germany. This past August, the Hamburg-based coffee company and online retailer, Tchibo, made headlines when it released a new item for sale: a pair of children’s sneakers emblazoned with the number 18 on the side.

    Read more: about Jesus & the Angels “rounding up” the Tares and putting them in the fiery furnace . . .


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