Shredded Pants Guy And Other Boston Bombing Actors Caught

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2 thoughts on “Shredded Pants Guy And Other Boston Bombing Actors Caught

  1. Notice a couple of things about that video:

    The woman and kid have Jew names.

    The dude said he had a 90% Achilles tendon tear. Seeing how I have actually had my tendon re-attached I can say unequivocally that had he torn his tendon there is absolutely ZERO possibility he could jump up and walk around as he did.

    It took me months to be able to do that and it still hurts me today.

    I pointed out that shredded pants guy was bogus way back.


    • Yes, ‘Noah’ and ‘Rebekah’ are JEW names thru and thru. Strange, no:)

      At about the eight minute mark, when several fire trucks are pulling on the scene and Hulk is sitting on one, if he had actually been injured, a firefighter would be attending to him with a med kit/jump bag that contains many items needed to support BLS–Basic Life Support–and the cops would of insisted on their help, since police don’t like getting blood on their hands, especially when so many FF’s were around to do the medical care.

      But the FF’s walked past the ‘injured’ Hulk, not paying any attention.

      That doesn’t happen on real ME incidents.


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