Skinny But Tough: He Fights For YOU Every Day

Skinny Obama

Sept 15, 2009

He Cares About You, So Shut Up!

Original Lies found here.

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7 thoughts on “Skinny But Tough: He Fights For YOU Every Day

    • Hi AJ,

      I believe I warned about this as far back as 2008 when I was all hot and bothered about Single Payer (which is still the best way to go: unless one is associated with the Health Insurance scammers).

      Cut out that bloated, unnecessary middle man and we immediately cut 27% from the costs.


  1. Bman, Piper was relating a story he heard from a celebrity who attended a big Jew party some time back. Apparently most of the guests were Sephardic S. Americans who were the major players behind the HMOs.

    They simply look at the economy, identify where the major money is, and then bribe the government to change the laws so they can monopolize and steal the public blind. Milken, banned from Wall Street, moves on to “education.”

    Piper’s series with Dave Gahary at AFP (Who’s The Bad Guy?) is a great survey of their crimes. Highly recommended.


  2. It’s the same as George”Dubya”Bush knows Jesus.

    Damn I feel like i’m at some High School Pep Rally in which you got to have your school colors because your school cares about you.So root on for your team to beat your rival lmao


  3. went out to enjoy the sunshine…& Fresh air…!

    thought you’d get maybe 500 comments…from around the world…even

    “THEY” must be jacking you around BMAN….



    No, they’re not military defending our country or police responding to a mass shooting.
    They’re members of Open Carry Texas and they showed up earlier today to protest a
    membership meeting being held by four members of Moms Demand Action in Dallas.
    {irony alert}….
    These men, armed with semi-automatic rifles, terrified customers and passersby.” –
    See more at…..MAL WART…where you can buy cheap plastic crap for less !

    The need for a firm barrier between the synagogue of satan and state is as clear now for
    Susan Galloway as it was in grade school, when she was expected to sing carols at the
    Christmas show….Jesus was born in December…?

    Galloway grew up in McHenry, Ill., a town northwest of Chicago with few other Jews,
    and the carols sung in school made ample mention of Jesus.

    Galloway refused to take part.

    “It was against everything I was taught,” Galloway told a murder of crows….
    As a skanky bitch {Jewish} living in the Rochester, N.Y., suburb of Greece,
    Galloway encountered a similar problem. Each town board meeting would open
    with a Christian prayer that mentioned Jesus….by Name.
    She and a friend, Linda Stephens, both became uncomfortable… being a “JEWISH”/skanky bitch
    is…..”Being Comfortable”…sure thang….!
    Carrouthers, Dewey, N
    b. 08/23/1923, d. 11/29/1999, US Navy, S2, Res: Memphis, TN, Plot: M 0 3333, bur. 12/06/1999

    Read more….seriously.

    Back in the early 70’s in Memphis…there was a young man who went to school at Oakshire
    His name was Timmy…and he didn’t stand up for the pledge of Allegiance…
    in my humble OPINION….that was one honorable laddie….large stones.

    I always admired his stoicism….Like Wayne Martin… [Texas Hero]…Remember the Alamo ?

    Lynch: Where are you Wayne… on the property. So I can tell ’em.;article=143841
    Martin: South wall.
    Lynch: What ?….”anti-Israel”…bias ?
    Martin: South wall…..{5 times}

    the minute man is going soft…


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