Repeal Obamacare

Replace with Single Payer


I wrote about the only sane solution to health care expenses all up to the passing of Obamacare.

Many times.

Many of the people bitching and moaning now fought me tooth and nail at the time. I suppose because they are HAPPY with their current system (egad, the morons). I warned you over and over. I even went to rallies in support and went out of my way to meet the players who were trying to educate the masses to an “improved Medicare-for-All” system (Physicians For A National Health Program and others).

And now look what you got us. A horribly beneficial system to the very ones that we should have cut their Can-You-See-The-Problem-120808-Dan-Wassermanheads off (the health insurance companies). A terrible system that will cause even MORE bankruptcies… MORE sickness…. MORE death.

And now, this corrupt system will hasten the demise of the country, allthewhile filling the pockets of the ones that should have been abolished in the first place.

I have had discussions with people recently who believe that Obamacare IS Single Payer. This goes to show one of two things: either the media and government has done a great job in deceiving you with brainwashing or you are too stupid to understand the difference. The difference would be massive savings and BETTER quality care with accountability both to users AND healthcare providers. The one entity that doesn’t deserve its 27-30% middleman share off the top are the health insurance companies that profit from either Obamacare or the status quo. Either way, they win and we lose.

But let’s not get all confused with reality.

I have been a long time follower of Single Payer Action. Russel’s latest piece describes what happens to those who are forced into the Obamacare rip-off:


Repeal and Replace: General Dynamics Obamacare and Single Payer

Out of the facts grows the law.

Let’s look at my facts.

Paying $7,000 a year in premiums for health insurance, family of three for a $10,000 deductible and out of pocket.

But on January 1, 2014 the premiums will double to $14,000.

That’s the equivalent of a cancellation notice.

Go to and see what they have.

Only one insurance company on the exchange in West Virginia where I live.


But can’t get on for two weeks.

Reach out to an insurance agent.

He says that given my income, I should be due a subsidy.

We wait a week and he gets on.

He and his staffers lead us through the application.

It takes 90 minutes.

But we make it through the end.

And then, up pops a letter saying that our subsidy will be –

Zero dollars. $0.

The agent says that’s wrong. It’s one of the “glitches.”

A couple days later he says that I have to call a number and tell them about the glitch and they’ll be able to tell me what my subsidy is.

And fix the glitch.

I call the number.

The woman looks up my application. She looks at my income information. My social security number.

And she says — I know that on the web site it says that you call us and you can appeal the subsidy determination, but that’s wrong. We can’t do that.

You actually have to fill out a form, she says. And mail it in.

I ask her — what’s your name?

She gives me her name.

Who do you work for?

And she says she works for

I ask her — you mean you get your check from the U.S. Treasury?

No, she says.

Where do you get your check?

She puts me on hold.

She comes back and says — General Dynamics Information Systems.

Okay, so now a defense contractor is looking at my personal information.

I tell my agent that General Dynamics says that I have to print out a form and mail it in.

My agent says — no. We have another fix.

Cancel the application and start again?

No, the agent says, there is no way to cancel an application once you file it.

We’ll just re-apply with your wife as the applicant.

Okay. We make an appointment with the agent to go through the process again. We set aside 90 minutes during the middle of the work day.

We call my agent last week.

Uh, we can’t get into

Time is running out, what will we do if we can’t get on in time?

File a hard copy of the application?

Of course, we are not alone.

Obamacare is crumbling around us as we speak.

And even if it worked as efficiently as Amazon, it would be a nightmare.

Because complexity is baked into Obamacare.

And complexity leads to increased costs.

And insurance companies are baked into Obamacare.

And insurance companies lead to increased costs.

Simplicity is baked into single payer.

And simplicity leads to lowered costs.

“The Affordable Care Act is an irreparably flawed model of financing health care, and no amount of patching is going to fix it,” Don McCanne of Physicians for a National Health Program wrote yesterday. “It is and always will be an unstable, expensive and inequitable model of financing health care.”

“You know what is stable?” McCanne asked.  “Medicare. And it is less expensive and more equitable. Yes, it needs continual oversight and refinements, but it has the support of the public. If it were our only health care financing program, in an improved single payer version, virtually all of us would be demanding to keep the insurance that we would then have — an Improved Medicare for All.”

Repeal Obamacare.

Replace with single payer.

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10 thoughts on “Repeal Obamacare

  1. OK…let’s stop monkeying around…

    I phoned Alfred LaBarge, the Aetna spokesman quoted in various newspapers, to inquire and to obtain a copy of the sample policy. Alas, LeBarge did not return my call. I therefore went to the books to try to find out about the relationship between insurance and slavery in the American south. Unfortunately, there does not exist an authoritative history of insurance in America. Fortunately, there are histories of slavery and the law. Unfortunately, nothing is said about insurance law. Consequently, I went to the cases

    before “THEY” were so-called “JEWS” what were …”THEY”…?

    the money changers & Pharisees…?

    I never met Prince Mongo…but when I was in Memphis a friend took me by his house one day, [Feinberg] & The Iran segment

    he must have been on a walk about, as he wasn’t home that day…
    but I always liked his style…if you catch my drift here.

    Like when Andy did his soap & TP gig….

    Wrestling was a big deal back then in Mempho…

    one more time for the children in the hospital…
    I have this other friend who is 75 and still working at Mal Wart…
    on her days off it usually rains…like today.
    so I say, it’s all your fault…if you didn’t take today off it wouldn’t rain,
    she knows she doesn’t schedule her days off, but realizes nonetheless
    that it rains when she does have a day off…and she is a small d…” democrat ”
    who hates the negative mean ole rethuglicans…
    now for the juicy mellons.
    and that Candy “Not Eye Candy” Crowley had Nitwittyahoo on…

    and that forked tongue PSYCHOPATH actually used the words “GOOD FAITH”…!!

    UNFLIPPING BELIEVABLE…be sure and catch Steve’s stellar performance
    on the Iran segment. @ cspan….for some good laughs….
    because after all LAUGHTER is the BEST MEDICINE….right Allison ?


  2. how about OPEN SEASON on STOOOOPIDITY…?

    In Good Faith :

    A group of American business and political leaders are building a pro-Israel media “war room”
    in Washington, D.C. The group will be called “Emet”—which in Hebrew means “truth.”

    Emet will try to address biased media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and also make the case that the conflict, while serious and important, pales in comparison to the larger geo-strategic threat posed to the
    TALMUDVISION TRANCED {Jew Hijacked} “United States” and the West by Iran and Iraq,
    both of whom are trying to build and/or acquire weapons of mass destruction.
    Funding Emet is Leonard Abramson; he sold U.S. Healthcare to Aetna in the mid-1990s for $8.9 billion.
    Abramson has recruited a powerful board of directors, including Bernie Marcus, founder of Home Depot;
    Les Wexner, founder of The Limited; Edgar Bronfman Sr., who once owned Seagram’s;

    and Lou Ranieri, a major Wall Street player who now co-owns one of Israel’s largest banks.,7340,L-4454210,00.html

    Also joining the board are Jeane Kirkpatrick, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN, and Jack Kemp.

    Truth is the most powerful weapon on Earth….

    so how do GOG & MAGOG “Proselytes” to Talmudic Judaism time travel from Khazaria
    in the 8th century AD back in time to EGYPT unlearn YIDDISH and speak “Hebrew”…?

    without a TALMUD ?


  3. The way I see it with the 3D guns , the ones scared shitless are those in power…..the rest of us could care less…but you just know , the TSA WILL be installed in all public places …”for our safety” more fearmongering spotlighted in the media to further remove freedoms of the people.


    • how could Insurance be compared to Assurance…?

      like it is a sure thing Hillary is a witch…an evil BLACK witch, that rides a broom…

      with no panties….

      Hillary is so well-liked/hated, her Wikipedia page is cocklocked.

      “Oy vaaboy”*

      Vince Foster, Hillary Clinton, and Zionist “Israeli” spy Jonathan Pollard were all simultaneously
      “partners” at Rose Law Firm…!

      who does Hillary work for…? – the synagogue of satan ?

      seen any messy maniacal wedges…lately

      Messianic Jews embrace Jesus as the messiah but hew to Jewish traditions, observing Jewish holidays and reciting Hebrew prayers in services. Many are born Jews who have come to accept Jesus and see their practices as legitimate expressions of [TALMUDIC] Judaism…..huh ?

      Mainstream TURD FLOATING “Jewish” groups generally have rejected Messianic Jews,
      seeing them as luring Jews into Christianity under the pretense that they can maintain their
      so called “Judaism” even while accepting belief in Jesus….

      Read more: seriously…

      The scenario is pretty much set for the long dance of Jewish history, with the Jews always attempting to survive in a constantly challenging and brutal society governed by Eisav. The rabbis of Midrash discussed the possibilities of coexistence and even cooperation with Eisav.

      Though this debate did not result in any permanent or convincing conclusion, the opinion of Rabbi Shimon ben Yochai that Eisav’s hatred of Yaakov is completely irrational and implacable seems to be borne out by history, past and present. The anti-Semitism in today’s seemingly enlightened world is so pervasive as to be frightening.

      And we seem to be powerless to do anything about it.

      As is painfully obvious to all, these struggles for continued Jewish existence are ongoing and seemingly unending. All of the foreign ideas and current fads of Western society stand almost unanimously opposed to Torah values and traditional lifestyle. The angel of Eisav changes his program from time to time, but he is always opposed to Torah and moral behavior…..really ?

      He wavers from totalitarian extreme conservatism to wild liberalism but always is able to wound the Jewish psyche and body no matter what philosophy or culture he now advocates.

      We limp today from this attack on Jewish values and Torah study and practice. <—– punchline.

      Jewish parents in America sue school boards for "anti-Semitic" attitudes, policies and behavior.
      Yet they would not dream of sending their children to a Jewish school or giving them an intensive
      "Jewish" education.

      The lawsuit is the indicator of the limp inflicted upon us by Eisav’s cultural angel….

      All agree that Europe is currently a lost continent as far as Jews are concerned. The question most asked of travel agents by Jews today is “Can I wear a kippah on the street there?”


      Billions of dollars of Jewish treasure pillaged during World War II and immediately thereafter still lie in the hands of Eisav.


      Stool sculpture deity cult leader Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took off on Thursday for Russia in a
      last-minute bid to sway an emerging deal with Iran over its contested after school ice cream program.

      Meanwhile, Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Tehran wanted friendly ties with all countries, including the United States but said that the stool sculpture deity cult is "doomed to extinction."

      "The Zionist regime is a regime whose pillars are extremely shaky and is doomed to extinction," Khamenei told commanders of the hardline Basij militia force in Tehran.

      "Any phenomenon that is created by a giant stinking stool sculpture cannot endure," he said in comments broadcast live on state television. "The enemies of Iran sometimes and particularly the rabid dog of the region – the Zionist regime – malevolently claim that Iran is a threat to the entire world," Khamenei said.,7340,L-4455822,00.html

      Netanyahu is to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin on Wednesday evening to voice his concerns about the deal being hammered out at talks in Geneva.

      On Thursday, he will address members of the Russian Jewish community.

      + "Oy vaaboy" literally "Oh and Alas!" is the ultimate Hebrew expression of horror.

      Use it with care. . .

      Have you heard of the Legend of the Lost and Found ?

      It tells of a world turnin' upside down
      When all the kings have become the clowns
      The beggars are crowned
      The Legend of the Lost and Found.

      And you'll open every part of you that you've got left to show.
      And I'll pour myself around you like the sunshine drowns the field.
      And in the golden softness we will heal

      And in the golden softness we will heal….


  4. any press is good press, right ?

    least ways that is what Sarah Palin sez…gross, Martin…see a darky apologizes for poo poo

    but she had nothing to do with the CHEERLEADERS…who used a sign to

    EDUCATE the “masses” in a “JEW” worshipping “SOCIETY”….what are the odds…?

    Please accept our sincere apologies to the Native American people and to anyone who was offended by the reference to an event that is a stain on our Nation’s past forever,” Humphries harumphed in a limp wristed
    “gay” statement… a half hearted attempt at being half way relevant in the “EDUCATION” dept…

    The person who typically approves signs is on maternity leave, he {mi·sog·y·nis·tic} `blah blahed’…,7340,L-4455220,00.html…sex slaves in Israel ?

    Jefferson County schools officials {Jew Worshippers} also apologized for the banner,
    and said the school is going to use the incident for educational purposes….seriously ?

    “The principal is asking all “JEW WORSHIPPING” social studies teachers to teach each grade a lesson about the real Trail of Tears. We can use this unfortunate event as an important teachable moment,” county school Superintendent Stephen Nowlin said in a statement….which means virtually nothing…in real time.

    “Our curriculum department will ensure that all students in the future will have a lesson on the Trail of Tears,”

    The cheerleaders who made the sign will face disciplinary action, Nowlin said…..with a {Jew} smirk on his face

    The Trail of Tears largely forced Cherokees to uproot from lands in Georgia and North Carolina to Oklahoma on a path crossing parts of several states including Tennessee, Alabama, Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas


    Oppressive laws designed to benefit the few while violating the many cannot be accepted as legitimate. They are legal in the same way that the Nazi laws were legal, but they are not legitimate. TALMUDIA crossed the threshold from legal laws to illegitimate laws many years ago. They remember Hitler only when it is profitable. As TALMUDIA teaches regarding the Nazi Regime, illegitimate laws must be disobeyed…..

    A special law, Nazis and Nazi Collaborators Punishment Law (Hok Le’Asiat Din BaNatzim) from August 1, 1950, enables the execution of Nazis, had been applied. Between 1950 and 1961, this law was used to prosecute 29 Jewish Holocaust survivors alleged to have been Nazi collaborators. The first and only time it was used to execute a person, was in the Adolf Eichmann case. He was illegally kidnapped by Mossad from Argentina in 1960 and two years later was hanged. What makes this a special event from a legal point of view is that this law is a retroactive and extraterritorial law, since the State of TALMUDIA didn’t exist during WWII. Moreover, the alleged crimes were neither committed in TALMUDIA nor against the Khazars who are proselytes to Talmudic Judaism claiming to be ALL 12 TRIBES …aka…”Israeli citizens”….in the stool sculpture deity cult compound.
    if that was your call @ 11:33, try again..

    seen any ruby slippers lately…DOT ? slappit.

    “As obvious as it should be to anyone who does not have a sprouting potato for a head,
    keeping in mind that even though a potato has eyes it is blind,
    like so many who have a mind but cannot think,

    who have a heart but cannot feel,

    in whose lives everything is a simulation of something gone from their memories…
    what is obvious, is blindingly so, in both cases…..

    On the one hand, unavoidably apparent and on the other hand,
    so present it is threatening and demanding of eyes wide shut.

    Ever notice how uniformly resistant a certain segment of the population is to truth?

    most of them have season tickets to the DALLAS COWBOYS…

    I always like the ten penny flute, and the French horn.

    ever wonder where the silver trumpets are ?


    • Don’t have much time (heading out). But it just so happens that I have the silver trumpet (and can play the damned thing pretty well, at that).

      I’ll check the links this afternoon.


  5. Rep. Dingell from Michigan introduced a Single Payer bill about the same time ‘Obamacare’ was being discussed. It was 19 pages long.

    Then Speaker of the House Pelosi killed that bill in committee.


  6. copper pennies are worth more than “Jewish” lies….

    one copper penny used to buy two oatmeal cookies…

    Kimathi, who has been at the Bolshevik Terrorists {JEWISH} DHS since 2009,
    works for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and made $115,731 in 2012.
    Civil service laws make it difficult for the ZIONIST federal government to fire “employees”.

    Government Executive’s Charles Clark reported in early September that DHS received complaints
    about Kimathi as long as two years ago. A former supervisor of Kimathi’s told the SPLC
    that “everybody in the office is afraid of him,” and worried that he would

    “come in with a gun someday and go postal.”

    In September, a “contractor: at the Washington Navy Yard killed 12 people and injured
    eight others in a shooting rampage that also conveniently left him dead.

    Homeland Security has condemned Kimathi’s political views and said his employment
    is under review, but as of Monday afternoon, he remains employed. That’s not acceptable,
    says Josh Glasstetter of the Southern Peversion of Law Center, which represents the Jewish hate group.

    “This isn’t a mundane human resources matter or a tricky First Amendment question.
    DHS should have investigated and fired Kimathi months, or even years, ago,” Glasstetter glad handed.

    Kimathi has claimed his website was merely intended for entertainment.

    “The Irritated Genie of Soufeese” replied to a request for comment sent to his website
    saying “we will not be making any statements on this unfortunate situation.”


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