Washington, D.C.

Washington, DC

Policeman of the World,
War Maker, Stacker of Bodies,
Player with Drones and the Nation’s Fear Monger
Pompous, yet Skittish, Officious and Unwelcoming,
City of the Cold Shoulder.

They tell me you are wicked and I believe them, for I
have seen how you allow real leaders to be killed,
papering over the crimes with fabrications.
And they tell me you are crooked and I answer: Yes, it
is true. I have seen destructive financial flimflams go
unpunished and rewarded with bailouts, instead.
And they tell me you are brutal and my reply is: Your
lawyers and lawmakers have told us that torture, endless
incarceration, and even wanton murder—as long as it is
done from the air—are all just fine.
And having answered so I turn once more to those who
sneer at my adopted city, and I shrug my shoulders
and say to them:
You do everything that is required to get yourself elected
and come to our capital city and show me how you will
be better.
Growing ever larger with hotel-sized houses on former
farmland in distant suburbs, here is a giant sucker of blood,
blood drained from places where useful things used
to be made.

Feeling as sly as a privileged fox before an unguarded hen house,
clumsily overreaching.
Baldfaced lying,
fumbling, meddling more,
Plotting, executing, covering-up,
Watching the dust clear, clearing the way for new criminal
ventures into dusty lands,
Securing the realm by creating counterfeit insecurity,
Heedlessly plowing ahead, making and ignoring real
insecurity in every corner of the sucked-dry realm,
Huffing and puffing out a chest that conceals a shriveled up
and dying heart,
Coughing the hacking cough of moribund consumption,
of a sick old man raging against the dying of the light,
Uneasy in his skin, skulking and suspicious,
Looking over his shoulder for puppet-master approval,
Pompous, Skittish, Unwelcoming, half-ashamed to be
Policeman of the World, War Maker, Stacker of Bodies,
Player with Drones and Fear Monger for the Nation.

A poem by DC Dave

Original Sandburg poem, “Chicago” found here:

Narration by DC Dave

Video by BuelahMan

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3 thoughts on “Washington, D.C.

  1. DC Dave’s the real deal. He’s downright inspirational in his truth telling! Great to hear him read his own work!

    There’s some potent truth poetry out there. I think this sort of thoughtful text along with video has a future.

    A welcome change from apocalyptic music that usually fills the audio track.


  2. how many sodomites per square mile infest D. C. ?

    But when the wind it ceases

    Another faulty exegesis
    The Secret Police need heavy weapons and masses of boots on the ground. The CIA has developed its own Special Ops and murder squads. It’s likely some of the military Special Ops forces are working with the secret police, as the SS did in Germany (as Hitler planned they would do in such a conspiracy by the Wehrmacht General Staff) and special units of the military did in Russia around Moscow when there was any threat of Bonapartism, as they called military take overs, Bonaparte being the classic example. But many of the Special Ops seem angry at being run by the CIA, as in the SEALs attack in Pakistan.
    The temporary thesis
    Falls upon the barren ground
    With hardly any sound
    Just a latent tangled mess
    Where knots again must be confessed
    {see any blessings}…..? Freemasonry is Talmudic Judaism


    OPEN SOURCE DIALOGUE …..and the Shadrack – Meshack & Obenigo ….”Option”
    now seriously, wouldn’t be fitting and proper to just begin the FIERY FURNACE of PROOF
    that most if not all So-called “Jews” are not actually “Hebrews” they could prove it by
    Just simply going in a fiery furnace like Shadrack, Meshak & Obednigo…
    PROBLEM SOLVED….everybody get’s to go back to their home country…


    …ever tried cucumbers & yogurt ?


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