Walking Down Armageddon Road

One of the truly great Rock and Roll voices and performers is a guy named David Coverdale. He started in the Big Time trading lead in Deep Purple. He later formed Whitesnake (where most rock and rollers know him from) after turning down the lead position for Black Sabbath. Great move, David.

I always felt his baritone voice (with an amazing range) is one of the best for Rock and Roll music (a personal preference), but what many people don’t realize is his song writing abilities.

I was thinking again (the first time I posted this song was back in April 2009) about how our policies cause so much death and destruction to innocents in this world when this song came on and I knew I should re-post it..

Listen and read the words.

If nothing else, this is my whispered prayer for them:

I hear the sound of distant thunder, echo all around,
I see the tragedy of young ones lying on the ground,
I see the fathers’ sons and daughters, I hear the mothers crying,
Nothing left for me to do, but, whisper a prayer for the dying.

Oh, a prayer for the dying.

The suffocating heat of jungles, and burning desert sands,
Where everything reminds you, you’re a stranger in a strange land.
The soothing words of politicians, those bodyguards of lies,
While guardian angels waste their time and every mother cries.

Oh, a prayer for the dying, dying, dying.

Machine gun, battle cry, you pray to God when the bullets fly,
The bombs fall like black rain, an’ all
your dreams take you home again,
Nothing but bad dreams.

You can’t read, you can’t write,
You’re so scared, you can’t sleep at night
You try to carry the heavy load,
Walking down Armageddon road.

Oh, Armageddon road.

I hear the sound of distant thunder, echo all around,
I see the tragedy of young ones lying on the ground,
I see the fathers’ sons and daughters, I hear the mothers crying,
Nothing left for me to do, but, whisper a prayer for the dying.

Oh, a prayer for the dying, dying.
Oh, a prayer for the dying, baby, baby.
Oh, a prayer for the dying, dying,
Whisper a prayer for the dying.

You can’t run, you can’t hide,
You can’t show what you feel inside.
You’re going crazy, going insane,
You know you’ll never be the same again, no, no.

Whisper a prayer for the dying, dying, dying, dying, dying, no, no.
Armageddon road, Armageddon road, I’m walking down Armageddon road.

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4 thoughts on “Walking Down Armageddon Road

  1. wow, Allison ….are you up early…or stayed up late ?

    talk about a swirling pool of euphoric insanity…like a padded asylum,

    maybe they are in H’armageddon, now…the valley of decision….have “THEY” already decided ?


    The {Jew Poo} system has just begun its crash, and already we are seeing an armed infantilized nation wail,
    hurl blame and do horrific things, the worst of which we do to one another…by “JEW” worshipping !!!

    (excluding sending predator drones after Middle school children)…..

    Surveillance, redneck hunts, destruction of alleged “civil liberties”, and the Zionist assholes calling themselves “government” using star chamber trials for those who do not display blind obedience.


    JEW worshipping BRAINDEADGOY embracing “JEW WORSHIP” as stability in the face of the
    ultimate instability — the death of the planet……”our” home….right ?


    The political regime or philosophy does not exist which can turn this scenario around.


    Slow it down, maybe, but put things in reverse, nope. Not when six billion hungry mouths are munching at one end of the last noodle, and at the other end a seriously twisted few well armed who want the entire noodle. . . .


    Not when life is already so damned cheap you can buy a girl slave in Haiti for twelve bucks, or 50 child slaves for your Asian sweatshop for less than the cost of a new car. Or an American working man for half of what it takes to support a family, then throw his deflated carcass over the company fence when he’s no longer needed.


    Or bury him in mines as he cries out in Jesus’ name, blow him up in Iraq, and Stelazine his childrens minds and souls under the hot lights of the JEW WORSHIPPING “TALMUDVISION”…hologram,
    readying them for “the labor market”……..define : SLAVE. {Deuteronomy 28}…where are the “blessings” ?


    Schenectady or Soweto, life is dirt-cheap and getting cheaper everywhere on the planet.

    where there is no vision the people perish…


  2. don’t waste a harkey wad…

    find a good “JEW” worshipper…and PTUI…!


    dig this CH’utzpah ……..swirling…spinning….twisting….turning…


    “Would you expect a Jewish bakery to serve a neo-Nazi who wanted a cake with a swastika on it?”

    Read more: about the MIASMA in the Multicultural moshpit…for “JEW” worshippers.


    stool sculpture deity cult compound “Jewish” leaders in Oregon protested the use of an analogy about a Jewish business serving neo-Nazis to make a point about whether businesses should have to serve sicko sodomite…


    ” same-sex weddings ” ……eventually LANGUAGE will become THE issue….!!!


    Responding to the analogy used last week by a spokeswoman for the Oregon Family Council,


    THIRTEEN DUNG DOODLING rabbis and cult leaders of the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland
    and the Oregon Area Jewish Committee sent a scat scribbled “letter” to the council on Monday.


    The letter said it was an “insult to the memory of those who perished” in the ****Holocaust****


    “to use one of {“JEW” contrived – Faux narrative} “history’s” greatest atrocities to forward your political agenda,”

    http://www.cnbc.com/id/101226001….more {JEW} blessings coming for the braindeadgoy ?



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