Christian Zionism = Jew-Lite


There are approximately 50,000,000 so-called Christian Zionists in America, which are the bane of the country (and the world). Sure, the Jews are murderous, thieving, liars and manipulators extreme. But they would have zero power if it weren’t for the misguided and erroneous support of the Jew-Lite (Christian Zionists).

The following documentary shows why Jew-Lites believe what they believe: how they were manipulated by theHmPgThe_Bible tainted Scofield bible. It is quite telling that the few verses used to force these gullible murder mongers (for that is what the Jew-Lite is) needs 2/3 a page of footnotes to “explain” how Christians are supposed to support evil incarnate.

As Mr Carlson explains (and I have asked many Jew-Lites over the past 12 or so years that I figured this out), where, in the New Testament, is there any sort of dictate, especially from Jesus, to murder.

If there is a tainted, 2/3’s a page of nonsensical footnotes required as their backing for murder, calling for “nations to be blessed” IF they support the Jew (even though, at the time in Old Testament, there was no “Jew”), why would Jesus say, “Blessed be the Peacemakers”?

We’re talking about a 4 word sentence that totally nullifies the lie that the Oxford Press and Scofield lays out to brainwash a nation of believers. How many footnotes do you need to understand this plain and simple fact?

I have told this story here before somewhere, but…

A week or so after 911, the small town I lived in Mississippi coordinated a mass prayer vigil in the city park. It was one of the largest gatherings I had ever seen there (and I had lived in that house across the street from the park for most of my life). Every church attended in mass. And every preening peacock preacher took his turn to pray.


I listened to what was probably 20 prayers of vengeance… of retribution against Muslims… of demands to bomb these savages into smithereens.

I normally would not get up in front of such a crowd to pray, but I felt this incredible urge to speak to God in a way I understood Jesus might have.

hagee-christian-zionist-war-for-israel11I prayed FOR my enemies (not a single high falutin’ preacher man did this). But even then, I didn’t think of Arabs or Muslims as my enemy. Maybe subconsciously I knew that it was the Talmud thumpers that needed the prayer.

When I stepped down from the platform, I felt the eyes of hundreds stabbing me. I saw no nods of agreement, except from the preacher of our church (he and I had already understood certain things that no others would dare speak of in public). It was a very lonely moment for me and I could sense evil all around.

Jews suck. But Christian Zionists suck even more. Without your wrong-headed backing, we would be able to stop this evil in its tracks.


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29 thoughts on “Christian Zionism = Jew-Lite

  1. is it possible that the Almighty is not schizophrenic or is the term “enemy” so flexible or

    “Misunderstood”…or mistranslated or otherwise abused to nullify the

    unmistakable DE FACTO reality of self defense…using common sense

    while it may be true that the so-called “Judeo-Christians” or “Christian-Zionists”

    who believe erroneously that the Khazar “Ashkenazim” Gog & Magog proselytes to Talmudic Judaism

    are in fact all 12 tribes listed in Genesis 49 & Deuteronomy 32, joined by the Sepharvaim, the Falashas,

    Misrahi so-called “Jews”…{none of whom are actually “Hebrews”}….are not “our” enemies like the

    RABID DOG Economic Terrorists “Money Changers” and the Philosophical Terrorist Pharisees who peddle

    dung doodling and “Jew” worship like cheap whores with brutal “Nigger” pimps on Saturday night….

    Jesus said emphatically….”Put Them in the Ovens”….@ Matthew 13:39 –
    The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.
    As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.
    The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend,
    and them which do iniquity; And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father.

    Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.

    I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see. As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent. Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

    To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne,
    even as I also overcame, and am set down with my
    Father in his throne. He that hath an ear, let him hear
    what the Spirit saith unto the ecclesia…..

    it behooves “us” not to be doubleminded on this issue….


    • Spinning Wheel.

      Back in the day, I was the lead trumpet player in my college Jazz Band. We played this song and I could do this lead and solo almost as well as Lew Soloff (glory days).

      Truly one of my favorite songs of all time.


  2. If Hagee’s Christians are Jew-Light, Mormons are the Near-Jew. Mormons actually believe THEY ARE Jew. They even refer to outsiders as “gentiles”. Financial servitude is built into the religion. There is NO part of Mormonism which can pass the smell test. It stinks like Jew. I’ve never heard a Mormon say the word “chosen” but their self-centered narcissism superiority complex is identical to that of the Jew. I suppose that’s why Salt Lake was the ideal location for the new multi-billion dollar NSA center.


  3. Might I suggest that you check out Ron Hall’s podcasts at TUT for superior information on both Hagee and his Blood Moons as well as his series on just when Christianity turned militiaman. His show is called On The Warning Path and it never fails to educate. He is so plumb full of information and clips, his material beautifully presented ~ an education for sure on Hagee’s plans and how he fits in with Israel, along with his other crooked brethren. And their dumb very very oh so very dumb flocks.


    • you are too kind Noor, {mental hygiene & the “Jewish” narrative}

      “dumb very very oh so very dumb” …really ?

      malicious stupidity…and the flock mentality…combined with “JEW” worshipping

      OUT THE KAZOO….yields…{seriously} Profits or losses….

      Like MINUS 17 trillion…

      or MINUS 150 Trillion…

      or 300 Million Murdered for the Synagogue of Satan since 1913…..!

      for my feeble little brain, those numbers challenge my math skills.

      primogeniture {thanks Judge Loving} led me to probate court…

      ledgerdemain led me to “who stole my money”…

      Waco led me to ….Define : Government. {how are nations formed without “Families”}

      Dig this CHUTZPAH…..

      Judy Waxman, vice president of health and reproductive rights at the National Women’s Law Center, says these scenarios are real possibilities. “What if an employer believes women should be subservient and doesn’t believe in providing the same wage and hours for them as male employees?”

      She relayed one case where a private school denied health insurance to married women, because school management believed husbands are the “head of the household” and should provide for their wives.

      Read more:

      Come sail with me on the cosmic seas of consciousness!

      Let us say you have reached the point where Love is the single most powerful expression of your being… as it was intended to be at the genesis but which got warped downward into the appetite market consciousness, that pings off of the lower floors of your being and eventually turns you into food for other more ancient appetites.

      it is such an inspiration to see and read the ‘Feelings” of Allison, and Noor and Carol on the web…

      {see Angry White Women}… the boys on the meaning of stones…..

      Jewtopia is Hell.


  4. that genetic memory runs pretty deep…

    beings I’m on a full tilt racist rant today…

    Have you seen the new “colored girl” on C-Span ? {Washington journal}

    is she cute or what ?

    Even the most “elite” black colleges are struggling financially: Moody’s Investors Service downgraded Howard University’s credit rating in September and Morehouse College eliminated 66 administrative jobs in August.

    When most historically black colleges opened between the close of the MONEYCHANGER CONTRIVED oxymoronic so-called “Civil War” and the end of DE FACTO segregation, black students had more limited opportunities to go to college, particularly in states that excluded them from flagship public universities.,7340,L-4460852,00.html

    {here’s a class project…see how many [BLACK] “out of wedlock” pregnancies & Incarcerated ‘Negroes’ there were in America from 1876 to 1966}…

    Today, with so-called overt racial discrimination outlawed {see Talmudvision & Miscegenation “promotion of”},
    these schools face increased competition not only from traditional colleges and universities, but also from
    for-profit and online institutions. . . which do what …teach truth or “Jew” worshipping” ?

    Officials in North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia have proposed or hinted at merging historically black colleges into predominantly white institutions nearby. Atlanta’s Morris Brown College languishes on life support, down to its last 50 students and under “JEW” financial perfidy….. bankruptcy protection….!

    So decrepit have the athletic facilities become at cash-strapped Grambling State University in Louisiana, the football team boycotted a game in protest. And 125-year-old Saint Paul’s College in Lawrenceville, Va., closed this summer after being stripped of its so-called ebonics accreditation…..we be strapped…like the Women at the wall.

    Still, while the number of women’s colleges has dropped from 300 or so in 1960 to about 45 today, the number of black colleges has dipped only modestly over the same period, from around 120 to 105…..

    and quite ironically the most unreported rape statistic is white males in “Prison”…! go figure.

    Read more here:


  5. I couldn’t make this up….
    Rahm Emanuel’s brother runs the American eugenics program for Obamacare at the NIH. Go to the Youtube link and start it at 5:30. As far as healthcare, you’re on your own after age 55.


  6. and who determines Value…?

    another good reason for the Les Visible Wednesday night prayer meetings & singing{s}

    if “we” as individuals always allow the enemies of truth at the LIE FACTORY [TALMUDVISION]
    to do “our” thinking for “us”…do “we” really have any “VALUE”…at all ?

    DIG THIS Chutzpah…

    The video contest, announced in August — in partnership with a group called Young Invincibles — encouraged participants to produce clips filled with pro-Obamacare steroid enhanced dingbatism messaging.
    HHS’s grand prize-winning video, announced Monday by the “Jew” worshipping Dingbats at the White House, features a young woman named Erin McDonald singing an Obamacare-loving version of Jessie J’s hit single,
    ……“Price Tag”…..the irony, eh !

    Without a hint of irony, McDonald sings her chorus:
    “Ain’t about the, uh, cha-ching cha-ching. Ain’t about the, yeah, bla-bling bla-bling.

    Affordable Care Act. Don’t worry ’bout the price tag.”
    McDonald, of course, is referring to the reasons young people should buy “health insurance”
    without worrying “’bout the price tag.”
    But critics of Obamacare regularly note that the law could amount to a Jewish Asshole TERRORIST
    government takeover of approximately one-sixth of the U.S. economy…..which has already been hijacked by the terrorist asshole “Jews” since…well 1860.
    McDonald won 2,000 FRN’s with rapidly diminishing “value” for her efforts, according to the contest’s website.

    Read more: about the value of ashes in the post apocalyptic Kingdom….

    It is time for the “good faith” people of the world to come together and put an end to the madness of

    Free Palestine.

    Khazars ….make EXODUS…hurry.


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  11. The one thing that i remember the most clearly over the past 40 years of my school days at Brandeis University in 1970’s are my student adviser’s words that when he was growing up that his grand parents and parents used the term “‘goyishe kup,’” meaning that the “Non-Jews are Stupid”
    Later in life I learned that the exact translation of “GOYISHE KUP” means that the “Cattle are STUPID”..
    I remember him recalling what his father told him when he was growing up in Eastern Europe. One of them being that when his father was in high school he and a group of friends would skip school early on Fridays and go over to his friend’s father’s butcher shop. That they would buy at cost any cows , that had not been butchered by the end of the day on Friday before the start of Shabat . They would take the cow home and wash it and then the boys would procede to “beat the udders of the cows so that they would swell up and turn pink” so as to sell them to the “GOYISHE KUP” as milk producing cows.
    The part that I remember him asking me if the East Europeans are so “naive, so gullible and so stupid” to buy an old “non milk producing cows” from a bunch of young Jewish Boys.
    So re-thinking of it now I agree with the Jewish saying that the “GOYISHE KUP” are indeed” Stupid” as they believe that a Bunch of Arab Moslem Kids who were not able to Fly a Cessna Airplane took it upon themselves to FLY a Jumbo 747 and outwitted the US Military and Civilian authorities. The “Jewish Lightning Insurance Scam” of the 1960’s is still alive and well has been put to good use by Larry Silverstein in putting 15 million down and getting 7 billion dollars for buildings that no one wanted to buy because it would have cost a billion dollars to remove the asbestos from. Then on top of that the people in America actually believe that they actually decide who is elected President or for that that actual VOTE is really counted and makes a difference in deciding who represents them in the White House and congress.,,,

    Oy Veh, I agree that the American Non-Jews are indeed “GOYISHE KUP” or “STUPID CATTLE”!


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