Nelson Mandela Was A Communist Terrorist Backed By Zionists




Nelson Mandela the former President of South Africa has passed away at the age of 95.  The big American media outlets are currently spending hours upon hours of air time praising Mandela as some sort of angelic icon of peace.  This is a total fabrication of reality.  Mandela originally aligned himself with the African National Congress a Communist revolutionary group heavily influenced and financed by Zionist Jews.  This organization would be responsible for all sorts of atrocities in South Africa which eventually led to Mandela’s time in jail.  Mandela co-founded the militant wing of the ANC with various South African Communists including an Israeli Jew by the name of Arthur Goldreich.  The group was called Umkhonto we Sizwe or Spear of the Nation.  It is important to note that the ANC not only attacked official government buildings but even non-government targets like movie theatres as well.  It was this activity that made it easy for several countries including the United States to label the ANC as a terrorist organization.  Mandela himself was even on the U.S. terrorist watch list until 2008.  Fun facts about Mandela such as these are completely ignored by all of the big media outlets because it runs contrary to the portrait they are trying to paint…





Read the rest of this excellent article by Lee Rogers at Blacklisted News


Nelson Mandela Was A Communist Terrorist Backed By Zionists



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5 thoughts on “Nelson Mandela Was A Communist Terrorist Backed By Zionists

  1. I found this article by David Swanson published at Washington’s Blog:

    Unfortunately, David is showing us his communistic leanings as of late (and Washington’s Blog is running them all). Case in point was this article, calling Paul Robeson a “great man”:

    DC Dave gives us the best run down on Robeson here:

    Robeson is a particularly sad case. Like Strong, he was brilliant and seemed to have only the very best intentions, but also, like Strong, he was ultimately led astray by rigid adherence to ideology. He had every reason to know the true story of the Soviet tyranny because he made a number of visits to the country. On one such visit the black American automobile worker, Robert Robinson, encountered him personally in a desperate attempt to enlist Robeson’s assistance to get him out of Russia, but Robeson gave him the cold shoulder and did nothing. Worse than that, he defended Stalin’s Soviet Union his entire life.

    Paul Robeson’s steadfast campaign for civil rights in America made his acquiescence to Stalinism all the more tragic. There were many American communists who recanted once they understood the nature of the crimes committed in the USSR. There remained, however, a psychological conflict among those who understood, yet whose pride or ideology could not allow them to admit their error. Robeson’s actions and speeches had justified, and therefore contributed to, the crimes of Stalinism, and for that at least, he was morally culpable. (p. 327)


  2. there is no upside to

    “JEW” worshipping…communism – BOLSHEVIKS – or Zionism.

    maybe Ashleigh Banfield can report on the evils of modern “Jewry”….

    she’s a real “journalist”…you Know….like…

    her heroes…

    and Baba Wawa…


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