Down For The Count

There is no way to prove it, but I am quite confident that YouTube manipulates the number of views tallied on my videos. As an experiment (I have done this several times now, but in this case I simply added a video and no commentary) I wanted to compare here versus YT.

I am referring to the video I made from DC Dave’s work (and his narration) and posted in November called “Washington, DC” (a poem in the style of Carl Sandburg’s Chicago).

Snapshot WashDCStats

DC Dave is a featured writer at (for the record, I knew DC Dave before I ever knew his work was published there) and in many cases, I post his articles here the same day or day before it goes to Rense. In this case, he had an article ready to go to Rense in Nov and gave me the go-ahead to post the video here a couple of weeks or so before he submitted it to Jeff this past Friday.

Granted, it is not huge hits (I have gotten much larger hits on much of his other work), but you see the numbers. Since Friday, this blog has gotten 502 hits on that post and 99% came from Rense.

However, take a look at the view count on the video at my YT channel as of a few minutes ago:


Now, is it just me, or is it possible that over 1/2 the people that clicked on the link to my blog didn’t bother watching the video? As I understand it, clicking the play button counts as a hit (but maybe I’m wrong). Supposedly over 1/2 of the people came here and didn’t even press the play button? Really?

I know that other videos on my channel have had the count manipulated. Especially my biggest hitter (and most controversial) “Auschwitz: Surprising Hidden Truth“. It shows a 97,070 hit count, when just a couple of months ago it was over 150,000 and before that closer to 250,000 (unfortunately, I didn’t take any screenshots because I didn’t suspect the manipulation). Even the number of comments is down somehow. And the number of “Likes”.

That particular video by Dean Irebodd has garnered many hateful comments from the tribe, creating a few online jousts with me and other commenters. Plenty of the tribe members have tried over and over to have it taken down, but thus far it survives. They even warn in the comment section that they are going to report it as anti-Semitic. Many of my videos are reported as hate speech or anti-Semitic and quite a few are disallowed play in Europe and other places (all because of the tribe’s knack for censorship of the truth regarding the malicious ways).


Not that any of this really matters, but it does chap my ass that these people are manipulating the numbers and I have to ask why? My little ole measly hit count isn’t informing “the world”, but I suspect as these types of videos get higher numbers, the visibility of the channel goes up (and the tribe doesn’t want the world to know this information). So, I suspect that manipulating these numbers downward keeps it from getting more play and out of search finds.

Does anyone know how this works and if my theory is correct?

On a side note: I plan on doing a video (perhaps a series) with Horse237 (from the Video Rebel Blog) regarding Debt Cancellation and how to correct the Tribe’s blatant thievery by taking back what they have stolen and putting those bastards in prison (among other steps towards a solution). Eliminating the Fed and the usurious debt-based monetary system, destroying the accumulated compound interest, instituting something like Lincoln’s Greenbacks, etc.

As Horse put it to me:

My goal is self-determination for the people who do the work. The working class, the small businessmen, the middle class, self-employed professionals and the farmers.  Under the present system our pensions are manipulated by others to their advantage. I would make pensions or a promise to pay in the future illegal. All money owed is to be paid in the current year. The pension money would be deposited into an account in your name at a local co-operative trust under your control. The trusts would issue small loans, credit cards and simple insurance. These profits will be plowed back into pension fund accounts.

Power would go from Wall Street to the local trusts. They could subscribe to ratings agencies and analysts who would analyze the real value of stocks. I would issue stocks in the New Technology industries to young people interested in growth. I would give stock shares seized from war criminals to the elderly to pay for their pensions.

There are several planks to this plan and we have a lot of work to do to present it in a fashion that everyday people can understand, but I have always said the best way to fix this is by hitting those bastards in their pocketbook. We can’t do that until people understand the maze of bullshit that keeps me and others blinded to their games.

Also note the new theme I am using. The last one had extremely small text (except the quote blocks). Let me know if there is something that needs improving).

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8 thoughts on “Down For The Count

  1. see also :
    the league of extraordinary gentlemen
    the adventures of baron von munchausen…
    {cryptic message}
    secret decoder ring available on request,
    with proof of purchase

    see also TITLE XXVI….!
    {Amdocs,comverse,odigo} NRO…NSA…

    think about this…how much moolah
    was spent in the last 3 “Pesidential” elections…

    Where did that “moolah”…go ?
    how’s the weather…over there ?


  2. JEWtube is manipulating results?

    OMG, what’s next, is someone going to tell me 666 million JEW weren’t turned into lamp shades by Hitler? Or that my soap doesn’t contain JEW ashes?

    Oh, the horror of it all!


  3. curiously there is irrefutable proof from scientists in the “Jewish” state that proves beyond any
    “Reasonable” doubt that the synagogue of satan “PROSELYTES” [Khazar/Ashkenazim]

    Yiddish speaking – GOG & MAGOG – so-called “Jews” are undeniably
    “God’s Chosen People” – ISRAEL…..,7340,L-4463270,00.html
    so they can doo doo what ever they want to doo doo….
    cause they’re “Jewish”….24/7….. – its twew..!
    Jesus was “Jewish”….! – – !…..
    that’s why we have the “Jewish” fairy dust in the air from the chemtrails…H/T – Kenny.
    so the Zionist-Christian – ORCS – know what to say when confronted with truth…
    Jesus was Jewish….the “Jews” are God’s chosen People…!
    Swarthmore College’s Hillel student board voted unanimously Sunday to defy Hillel International’s guidelines for Israel programming, condemning them for repressing free speech on Israel for Jewish students on campus.
    Read more ; }
    ironically….most “Jew” worshippers have a diminished capacity to critically process actual facts…

    das ist mir egal…ya



    “I’m obsessed with the passing of time and the way light changes.
    When I’ve done what I set out to accomplish in a photograph,
    I have preserved the skipping and floating and grinding of time.”
    –Susan Mikula
    The best authorities regard him as a contemporary of Abraham,
    and some of the “Jewish traditions” go so far as to claim that Abraham acquired a
    portion of his mystic knowledge from Hermes himself….hmmm
    apparently this ain’t his first rodeo…

    Shaka Zulu


  5. YouTube has been owned by Google since late 2006. In my article “Google Censors Me for Hillary” I think I establish beyond a reasonable doubt the claim that the title makes. Searching a unique collection of words that appeared in a column of mine, that column came right to the top of competing search engines. Until I published the article, it didn’t show up at all on Google.

    I have also been extremely suspicious of the ridiculously low hit count for the one YouTube video I have put up, that is of Mark Lentz’s very powerful song, “At What a Cost.” I gave it an initial boost by writing an article about it and linking to it in an article I sent to From the very first week the hit count seemed surprisingly low compared to other things receiving the Rense publicity. And instead of rising steadily through time the numbers seem to have held steady or have even declined. I wish I had kept weekly tabs on it.


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