Its A War Out There

Its not as evident in my small TN town because, frankly, we don’t submit to Jewish rule down here. Sure, they run the big banks and media outlets and Hollywood and US government and most of society… but down here, we play more by our rules. If black hats and curly hairs were to come around here, insisting that we take Christmas trees down and put up menorahs, we would tell them to pound salt. As a matter of fact, I have not seen a single menorah anywhere down here, but you can’t help but notice that in many other places, it is standard operating procedure (and when it comes to our Jewish POTUS, he falls all over himself in total submission… and NEVER forget the Holocaust, while you’re at it).

Nor do we submit to political correctness regarding Christmas by defying Christ and using “Happy Holidays” in turn. Its Merry Christmas down here, unless we just so happen to see the unusual Jew around (and that doesn’t happen often).

But when it comes to the Federal Government, which is obviously controlled by the freaks in black hats, they fall all over themselves in acquiescence.


I can drive down our mainstreet and see all sorts of Merry Christmas signs on store fronts. We see all sorts of Christmas symbols on every light pole. Churches openly have messages of Christ and Christmas plastered everywhere. Schools have Christmas plays (not Holiday plays). Everyone that I meet in person will say “Merry Christmas” and I don’t think I have had a person say “Happy Holidays” to me yet. But yesterday, I had several people tell me to have a merry Christmas.

I have a suggestion to the other places around this country that have succumbed to the pressure. Tell them to take their menorahs and stick them where the sun don’t shine (and there are thousands of examples). And if the store you want to buy from doesn’t say “Merry Christmas”… walk away. Shop somewhere that isn’t afraid to say it.

The question that needs to be asked of my fellow rednecks is: do you know what Hanukkah is? What it celebrates? Gosh, you might think that it is some solemn expression of love and caring towards the rest of humanity, since the meme is that Jews are so good and wonderful. However, the real reasons betray that bald-faced lie.

It is a celebration of mass murder, supposedly instructed by God on His “chosen ones”.

Contrast and compare that to the birth of Christ and tell me you still want openness and forced acceptance of their murderous celebration.

If you do, that makes you a Jew-Lite.

And yes, I know and am friends with several atheists and agnostics. To each his own. But to support the menorah without discussion and then to denigrate Christmas shows that you don’t understand the real philosophical issues involved. Nor can you differentiate between a holiday based upon love and hope compared to one based upon racism and murder. You also cannot seem to grasp the agenda of the Jew, which is to demolish Christianity and white America.

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7 thoughts on “Its A War Out There

  1. Anyone raised on a farm in the 1960’s that worked for the older farmers in the area will recognize the menorah as looking very similar to the old pitchforks the farmers had, which were a lot wider, with more tines, than the ones today. They were from the threshing era, when sheaves of wheat needed to be gathered in bundles, hence the need for a wide pitchfork.

    Guess it’s fitting that that POS JEW religious symbol should be on display in front of the JEW WH. It shows whose really in charge of the former land of the free, where we pay yearly financial tribute to the hellish spawn that worships Mammon.


  2. Off the subject warning….
    I can now add one more thing to my short list of things I’m quite certain. Cheney, Bush, Rummy and the the other kikes used neat little thermo-nuclear hydrogen neutron (hydrogen fusion) bombs to take down the twins. I’ve heard this for years but never saw the evidence that goes with. I have now. Go to and look for his well constructed article posted March 30, 2013. You will NOT be disappointed. The article title is: ” Jim Fetzer Real Deal Appearance 3/25/13: Evidence of Ternary Fission at Ground Zero”.

    This evidence is significant. Bush nuking Lower Manhattan is far worse than the worst war crimes of WWII. If the nuke story becomes common knowledge, could “W” and his buddies swing? Who gets to kick the chair? How many kike can squeeze on one gallows? The absolutely hysterical part is that Lower Manhattan probably has more kike per square foot than anywhere else on earth. And now they glow. Most of that bomb material is figured to have a half-life of 35 years or so. It might do them good. Maybe a kike will squeeze out a mutant that isn’t quite so hideous.


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