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13 thoughts on “The Trick

  1. There is one thing it’s taken me a while to wrap my head around is that the Jew are really only interested in one thing… the power grab. Hegemony. It’s hard to expain.

    Jews do a lot of things that people genuinely like… but it’s not about the people Jews help. It’s about Jews. For example, Marxism does have attractive features to it. For the broke-dick poor, what’s not to like about Marxism? But that’s just window dressing. Helping the poor is not what Jew Marxism is about. Marxism is about Jews taking over. And once they do take over, they’re not going to give a shit about your broke-dick. Somethings are obvious. Jews, literally, have no interest in equal rights for blacks. Homosexuals are accepted in Jew culture about as much as they are in White culture… not well. But it’s not about gays. It’s about fucking up cohesiveness in White culture so the Jews can take over. And guaranteed, once the Jews get what they want, they aren’t going to give two shits about black rights, gay rights, womens’ rights or any of the other stuff where they’ve been sticking their nasty beaks.

    Jews have fucked up fine art along the same reasoning. The Jew can identify horrible art as well as anybody else. They don’t have a special gene that drives them to hang garbage on the walls of our museums. Jews know as well as anyone that Pablo Picaso made nothing but fucked-up ugly paintings… but it was JEWISH fucked-up ugly paintings, created by a real fucking Jew! They know it stinks like piss but it’s JEW piss… so maybe not so bad for a piss-sniffing Jew. Meanwhile, truly talented artists are forced to find other lines of work. Are Jews just marking their territory or is this designed to involk disgust in Whites for their own culture? Maybe both.

    The power of the Jew is that they think like a group and act as a group. White culture goes out of its way to reject this notion, which, in turn, makes us easy prey. Group-thinking Whites would destroy the most unique thing about White culture. Is it worth it? Fuck, yeah. Pass the ammo. Time to get busy.


  2. On Thursday, Romania’s National Audiovisual Council fined the rural communities Romanian Public Television
    50,000 lei (approximately $15,500)

    for airing the broadcast, in which a folk ensemble, Dor Transilvan, sang the Christmas carol which included the lyrics:

    “A beautiful child was born/
    His name is Jesus Christ/
    All the world worships him /
    But the kikes / Damn kikes /
    Holy God would not leave the kike alive /
    Either in the sky or on the earth / Only in the chimney as smoke /
    This is what the kike is good for /
    To make kike smoke through the chimney on the street.”

    According to the so-called ADL, the television station which broadcast the “Christmas carol performance live” –
    as part of its show on winter religious traditions in Romanian villages issued an apology on December 11,

    was allegedly expressing “deep regret” for the carol with….. “anti-Semitic expressions.”

    ignoring the fact that these global economic terrorist A**HOLES calling themselves “Jews”,
    maintaining a “Jewish” so-called state called “ISRAEL” have managed to mass murder over

    300 MILLION BRAINDEADGOY in just the last one hundred years….,7340,L-4464537,00.html
    while “THEY” made over 900 trillion on the slaughter…

    Fischer, who could not immediately be reached, has held top-level posts at the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and was credited with guiding the stool sculpture deity cult compound “TALMUDIA” AKA… Israel through the global economic crisis with “minimal damage”…..
    For the Fed, he would bring the fresh perspective of an outsider, especially on communications,
    yet offer some continuity too. …continuity being….?

    The challenge for pro-Israel organizations, if that happens, will be to make sure the ASA decision does not open the door to other academic groups.

    “I don’t see that this will create a domino effect,” said Stern, “it will not transform the academic world to pro-boycott.”

    This confidence is based on the Jewish community’s success in blocking anti-Israel moves in the larger academic associations in the five years since British university unions gave the academic boycott a boost with their adoption of strong anti-Israel measures.

    The most significant partner pro-Israel groups have in their battle against academic boycott has been the Association of American University Professors (AAUP) with its 48,000 members. AAUP has taken a strong stance against boycott moves and has voiced its opposition to the ASA move in a letter it sent the organization. In October, pro-Israel activists registered another victory when the 30,000 member American Public Health Association defeated a boycott resolution.

    Still, the larger battle is far from finished. Next to take up the issue will be the Modern Language Association, which convenes in January for its annual meeting. The organization will discuss a resolution condemning Israel and could possibly ask its 30,000 members to take on a boycott resolution as well.

    ignorance is strength


  3. Weather forecasts predict that snow is still expected in Jerusalem, northern mountains and perhaps in the Negev.
    Jerusalem residents reported that snow has piled up 40 centimeters high.
    In the Golan Heights, snow levels reached 60 centimeters.,7340,L-4465149,00.html
    Due to the storm, Israel Railways announced two trains will leave the Malcha station
    in Jerusalem towards Haifa on Saturday at 11m and 2 pm.
    They will stop over in

    Beit Shemesh, Lod, Tel Aviv, Netanya, Binyamina and Haifa.


  4. but wait….

    there’s more.

    and here is the rub….

    This Friday (from dawn till nightfall) is the Tenth of Tevet (Asara b’Tevet), one of the ‘minor’ Jewish fast days associated with the destruction of the Temple. It commemorates the siege of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylonia – an event that began on that date and ultimately culminated in the,7340,L-4464691,00.html
    destruction of the First Temple and the conquest of the Kingdom of Judah.

    Other tragic Jewish historical events that are commemorated on the Tenth of Tevet include the traditional anniversaries of the deaths of Ezra & Nechemia (on the ninth of Tevet) who represent the restoration of Torah study and practice after a long spiritual drought,
    and the return (albeit in disappointingly small numbers) of the Jews to the land of Israel from exile.

    In our time, an additional element was added to Asara b’Tevet – it has been declared as Yom Ha’kaddish HaK’lali – a day of saying Kaddish and remembering victims of the Holocaust whose actual dates of death will remain forever unknown to their families and ……”all of Israel”……including the Khazar “Gog & Magog”…proselytes to Talmudic Judaism…?,7340,L-4465140,00.html
    But there is one more tragic event (which occurred on the eighth of Tevet) which is linked to and marked on this fast day – the “tragedy of the Targum Shiv’im”, the first (and coerced) translation of the Torah into Greek (The Septuagint). The day is considered as “dark” as the day of the Sin of the Golden Calf.

    But what’s so tragic about a translation?


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