Heil Hitila

"I just feel like the Jewish people have such a beautiful way about them, and I can’t wait to officially be Jewish. Shabbat Shalom.”

“I just feel like the Jewish people have such a beautiful way about them, and I can’t wait to officially be Jewish. Shabbat Shalom.”

Someone shared a link with me to this woman’s blog and at first glance, I felt that perhaps she understood how Hitler and the NSDAP have been maligned by the Jewish media and Jewish-controlled government officials (and other regurgitating blog sycophants who would rather hold on to the tired old intentional lies and misdirections about those people and that time).

Until I saw that one link, I had never heard of this woman, but I thought it interesting that she seems to hold some of the same views as I do about that time.

So, I subscribed to her blog to see what she might come up with next.

I am She, the Queen who hath come to save you from this dark world filled with NWO parasite invaders

Unfortunately, I quickly became suspicious that she is a front used to make others with sympathies towards the NSDAP out to be kooks.

Look, I don’t know what this woman’s motivation is (it may be the aneurism she recently suffered from), or maybe she missed the little limelight she received in that TV show she was on, or it may be delusional thinking that she is some goddess or reincarnated spirit (or whatever), or she may be a shill, or… who knows?

Sometimes I feel like I may be the last real human being left on this planet.  I look around and notice how everyone is like a robot.  I feel like I am an alien to this robot world.   Speaking of aliens, I wonder if anyone knows that the internet has some alien codings in it?  I also wonder if anyone knows that there’s this crazy story about how this demon accidentally trapped itself inside of the internet also?  I wonder what people would say if I told them this?  Hmmm..  I don’t  think that’s a very good idea to telll anyone about half of the shit I know.   I also wonder if people know about how some of the first Gods who created some humans also left already a long time ago?  They were actually just galactic travelers and came here to create some humans, but then these humans started to worship them and they felt kinda wierd about it so they left and never came back.  I guess that’s when a bunch of other invaders came in too and just started messing around here on earth and experimented with all types of DNA combinations to try to create the perfect “man.”   I wonder if anyone knows that there were at least a handful of different beings who took a part in creating the humans also?  Gosh… I better just keep this stuff to myself.   What’s the point of trying to talk to zombies or robots anyway?  It’s so sad that everyone seems to have lost ALL memory and free will usage of their brain.  I feel like all they are now are a bunch of information gatherers and now their brains have totally become just a blob of useless ….blob.  LOL because a blog is a blog but a brain that still has vivid imageries, active daily productive usage so to keep the brain in constant energy movement and creations.  I feel so alone sometimes because I feel like true visionairies and free thinkers such as myself have all but gone extinct.

Whatever it is, in my opinion, she causes damage to those of us who have studied the man Hitler and the NSDAP and have put themselves “out there” in illuminating the constant lies generated by the very Jews themselves. Even if I agree with her in regards to her opinion about Hitler, why would she then go so far as to make crazy claims about herself? What purpose could it possible serve other than to taint as “crazy” anyone who holds these thoughts?

If you rednecks want to truly understand what Hitler and the NSDAP was about. Watch the movie,

The Greatest Story Never Told


Here is the trailer.


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26 thoughts on “Heil Hitila

  1. I too have noticed a certain “robotic” aura in the actions of our fellow humans. I have always chalked their actions up to a lifetime of conditioning via public schooling and the ever-present T.V. However, as I have grown older, I’ve begun to wonder if the ability to think…and by that I don’t mean choosing corn or peas to go with dinner or what to stare at next on T.V. I mean the capacity to think critically and arrive at an informed and intelligent position…I’ve wondered if this ability to truely think is not perhaps a genetic mutation in humans, or perhaps a “gift”? I’m not sure. But as I interact with people I have begun to feel that many of them don’t think objectively not because they don’t want to or refuse to do so…but simply because they are unable to do so. And that they are blissfully unaware of their inability to do so. I wonder if that is why we sometimes see them as automatons. Gee, I see I’ve rambled on far longer than I intended to. Anyway…I thought I’d share the idle musings of an aging contry boy. And in closing I’d like to add a very Merry Christmas to all here.


      • as a follow up to the mind fog…
        multicultural miasma….

        consider that the stool sculpture deity cult compound must
        maintain the holohoax narrative just like the
        Abraham had a Talmud and hated Jesus,…Narrative


        Under gray and rainy skies, without fanfare, history was made in the stool sculpture deity cult compound
        called Talmudia on Tuesday with the inauguration in Tel Aviv of the country’s first memorial to victims of the Nazis that commemorates not only their suffering as members of the stool sculpture deity cult calling themselves Jews. After Berlin, Amsterdam, Sydney and San Francisco, Tel Aviv now has a memorial to the thousands of people who were persecuted by the Nazis for their sexual orientation – Jews and non-Jews both.

        Talmudia’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called for the escalation of international pressure against Iran over the country’s nuclear energy program.

        “As long as we don’t see actions instead of words, the international pressure should continue, and even more than that, it should be strengthened,” Netanyahu hissed in a gross reptilian manner on Sunday.

        The remarks were Netanyahu’s first display of verbal flatulence after the four-day expert-level nuclear talks between the representatives of Iran and six world powers in Vienna last week.
        On Thursday, the ZOGUS Treasury Department announced new sanctions against a number of companies and individuals for “providing support for” Iran’s nuclear energy program.


        On Sunday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif slammed the ZOGUS action as…
        “unconstructive and inappropriate” and reaffirmed Iran’s resolve to respond prudently to such measures, while seriously pursuing the nuclear negotiations with the six countries.


        The new ZOGUS sanctions came despite the nuclear deal inked between Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council – Russia, China, France, Britain and the US – plus Germany in the Swiss city of Geneva on November 24.


        Following the conclusion of the interim agreement, Netanyahu described the nuclear deal as an
        …. “historic mistake.”…..what should “we” call the ZIONIST ENTITY IN PALESTINE…?


        Talmudia, the official stool sculpture deity cult compound for psychopathic assholes called “Jews” is known as the sole possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, and has repeatedly accused Iran of pursing non-civilian objectives in its nuclear energy program and threatened to take unilateral military action against the country….which long ago was called Persia when the Khazar “Proselytes” were still in turko-mongolia…


  2. The story everyone should be talking about is Fukushima. This is not an event in the past. It’s horrible and getting worse. Alaska Airline stewardesses running on the Seatle to Anchorage flight have lost all their fucking hair and are covered in radiation sores. The Pacific is a desert right now and they still haven’t stopped the flow of tons of contaminated water into the ocean. California milk and beef is loaded with cesium. The most dangerous reactor is the one that uses MOX fuel. MOX is a plutonium fuel combination. Plutonium is getting detected as far as Eastern Europe. Plutonium kills REALLY fast. MSM is sitting ontop of revelations that 3 of the damaged reactors have melted and gone China-Syndrome. We know this from Freedom of Information Act documents received from the Nuclear Regulatory. Alex Jones is refusing to report on the evidence of a triple-core melt-down. Current estimated USA deaths is 15,000 (all or mostly infants and young children).

    The best source of information is the fellow going through the FOIA documents, Youtube handle, MsMilkyTheClown1. Youtube has already shut him down once already. We should all be packing our shit and heading toward the Southern hemisphere. Especially, if you have young children (radiation attacks dividing cell tissue), you should have left YESTERDAY.

    Reportedly, a plume came of the reactors in early December 2013 that was worse than the one that come off during the initial explosions.

    Of course, there is evidence this was not an accident. People have attacked Jim Stone for having a questionable pedigree but whatever his pedegree, I think he’s got it right. The CIA/Mossad used small tactical nukes, just like they did on the 911 twins. Note that Israel will likely miss the hot plumes. So, they waste a few of their own in the US and Canada. Such a deal? I need to go wax my fucking beak.


    • Allison,

      Can you provide a link for the stewardess thing?

      Early on I discussed this FukU thing and continue to in personal discussions. I think you are correct. As I warned long ago, it is the worst man made thing to ever happen to this planet.


        • I don’t doubt that radiation is harming Alaskan flyers, but this video is quite dated and the link (altho new) is extremely speculative. I cannot find any source (like a Alaskan stewardess) who is making the claim outright. Do you know of something like that?

          I heard on a fairly recent Rense program (he covers Fukushima) that fish are dead and that animals are losing hair. He claims that the Pacific is a dead zone. Yet I try to find Alaskan fishermen blogs that substantiate the claim and haven’t really.

          Of course, it could be hidden, but I find it difficult to believe they could hide them all from viewing.

          If there was a massive die-off in the Pacific, it would seem that something would slip through the cracks.

          Now, I did read that China is banning all shellfish from the west coast, but those people are always trying to hurt our economy. I don’t know if they are legit or are just trying to screw us even more (for I bet they have a large shellfish economy).


          • I’m 10 minutes into watching ON FUKUSHIMA BEACH on Youtube. Already, I can tell you it’s worth watching. It has a clip of Anne Coulter telling an audience that radiation doses exceeding government maximums are good for you. This whole meme of greatly underplaying the ill effects of radiation seems to be a global thing… something I didn’t know until I started watching some of MsMilkyTheClown1 documentaries. He has one documentary on Chernoble where the Russians sentanced a medical researcher to 8 years in a labor camp for publishing his findings on pediatric heart disease related to radiation poisoning. The nips are playing it down too. Go search the comments on MsMilkyTheClown1 clips and you’ll find all sorts of trolls telling people a dose of hot particles is no big deal… you might blow your breakfast but that’s about it. Of course, they’re not mentioning genetic damage, effects on children or cancer but, heh, what do you want? They’re just trying to support the trillion dollar nuke industry. It all boils down to one thing. Mankind will perish because so many of us are psychopaths. We have to own up to this. And there is nothing anyone can do about it.


          • Hi Allison. Anne Coulter? That’s a five-star red flag to me. That woman has less credibility than a used car salesman…or a politician. I don’t claim to be an expert on radiation or FukU. But if my point of reference is Anne Coulter…hmmm, I got problems. I’ve heard the stories of impending doom but the sources tend to be elusive or questionable. It’s just a gut feeling, but somehow I wonder if all the FukU hysteria isn’t a cover for the massive amounts of DU used in the U.S’s never ending wars to make the world safe for corporate and financial exploitation. I have friends on the west coast [Oregon] and they have heard nothing and noticed nothing. I humbly suggest we arm ourselves with truth and information before we jump to conclusions.


      • If you want something to laugh at, read the Popular Mechanics article on Fukushima. If it wasn’t so sad, I’d be rolling on the floor. This lying sack-of-shit PhD claims that the tons of nuclear core disolving in the ocean will either A) Precipitate and go no further than Fukushima bay or B) The ocean has an infinite capcity to dilute ANYTHING or ANY amount. Ergo, the tons of nuke fuel can be ignored. It will have no effect on anything.

        You have to appreciate the fact that they knowingly pulled this blag-bag operation of blowing up the reactors, while full well knowing they are trying to promote the building of hundreds of new reactors in the USA. They know they have full control over the MSM. So, this was obviously the result of Jew bravado. Like, watch this! I’ve got so much control I’m going to create a nuke disaster while building more of the reactors that’s killing everbody! Aren’t my Jewish balls plump and juicy?


  3. how undeniably “JEWISH”….

    despite the Americans having made…
    “inappropriate moves to which we gave the appropriate response by considering all aspects of the issue”…..
    “The negotiations and achieving a result are a difficult task and will definitely have a lot of ups and downs. ..{har har}
    We have predicted that from the very beginning.”
    The United States blacklisted a dozen overseas companies and individuals on Thursday for evading its sanctions imposed on Iran to halt what the West sees as its bid to build a nuclear bomb.
    Senior ZOGUS officials argued the move was taken under an existing sanctions regime which had forced Tehran to negotiations that led to an interim deal under which it agreed last month to freeze parts of its nuclear program.
    now you gotta axe yourself, punk…
    did I shoot all six bullets or just five, to tell you the truth
    in all the excitement I forgot to keep count…
    so, do you feel lucky, punk ?
    did the word lucky come from Lucifer …?

    details & images


  4. I’ve been giving myself a crash course on ionizing radiation and its detection. I never did get around to taking PHY 111, Nuclear Physics. You need to know qualitative and quantitative… what species and how much. Don’t think there’s any reason to feel safe just because you’re inland or on the East coast. Where a plume lands is pretty random. Fallout falls out in the rain. You don’t want to be caught in rain. Reportedly, the three hottest towns are Portland, OR, Downtown L.A. and, get this, Boulder, CO. I live close.

    From what I can figure, you don’t want a geiger. A geiger counter will not identify the substance. And they’re expensive. The tool to have is called a scintillator. Briefly, the splitting nucleotide emmits a signature gamma (read microwave) ray. That gamma ray is converted to a light intensity inside the scintillator material. The light intensity is then converted to a sound intensity. You plug the sintillator into your computer sound card and then use free software to plot the signature specie… it looks like a graph on an ocilloscope. Once callibrated, where the peak registers tells you what it is. The height of the peak tells you how many fission events per minute. The whole set up is messy with wires going everywhere but it all can be had for under $100. Geigers that tell you less are like $700. Of course, we wouldn’t need this equipment if the media was doing their fucking job… but they aren’t. Get this, the Japanese government has refused to survey the radiation in Japan!



    Every once in a decade or so, a member of we, the goyum, will distinguish himself in such a way that we believe that we can no longer lay claim to said person. Alas, where such applicant cannot speak Hebrew, will likely never learn Hebrew, should not impede immediate membership with the full Jew privilages to gratuitous lying, cheating, treachorous double-dealing and all other self-absorbed behavior worthy of Jewry everywhere. Without further ado, please allow me to introduce your newest kike member, Ms Kayoko Nakamura.



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