Have A Holly, Jolly Christmas

It’s the best time of the year…

Just don’t associate Christ with Christmas (or any aspect of this country)…


A federal judge orders that the Mt. Soledad American Korean War Veterans memorial be removed to separate Church and State


Especially when you have “their” religion to “guide” you…


The 40 foot Menorah at the White House: the oldest and most important symbol of the Jewish religion unites Synagogue and State.

Face it, people… It’s an

Occupied Country

Like the Germans we now know how it feels

To be by foreigners bossed.

It’s like we’d fought a big war with Israel,

And we had, unfortunately, lost.

David Martin

h/t David Duke and DC Dave

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6 thoughts on “Have A Holly, Jolly Christmas

  1. That menorah is similar to a dog leaving a pile of shit in the yard to mark his territory. That’s what’s being done, the JEW is marking his territory and both markers have the same, nauseating smell and look.


  2. I like you Bman, and I enjoyed my look around here…Couple things…I have NO IDEA who this guy was before this hit the news…I agree ‘hole’ heartedly with his opinion about ‘holes’.

    On the issue of this ‘costing’ the jews money? Nope, not at all. The Media’s job is never about money. Never. It’s First and foremost about pushing Commie Political Correctness at every turn. Lets say these guys on this show made them money? His comments now have got him fired or whatever? Well, they made money, AND got their little PC bullshit thought police some major exposure did they not?

    On Tila Tequila…This is nothing but good news to people like us. We have NO CREDIBILITY with the average walking zombie out there, what makes me happy is that the zombies were at least exposed somehow, someway, to the fact that someone, somewhere is NOT IN AGREEMENT with the jews about WWII and Adolf Hitler. That’s the whole deal, they CAN NOT UNHEAR that. For whatever reason, they got that message sent to their facebook/twitter/whatever and I love that they can’t UNHEAR what they HEARD. Peace BMAN, keep up the good work.


    • Hi Dave, Thanks for the comments. And I really can’t argue with anything (not that I want to).

      The PC thing is right on, but I do believe these people love money (at least from my personal experiences with them).

      The point about Hitilia does make sense, but the outrageous nature of her style also carries the potential to backfire against any movement. I suppose we’ll have to wait to see how that turns out. To me, it is akin to Alex Jones acting like a maniac on Piers Morgans show. Some things said were ok, then he acted like a freak. Giving the audience a taste of “crazies” in the truth movement.

      Jones is a known shill. Tia, I don’t know.


  3. wouldn’t Africans be happier in Africa ?
    from the only brief look at History it would seem that the warmer weather
    would appeal to most Africans, where they could wear their traditional
    attire….the ensemble of the Jungle…or the Khalahri…

    Feliz Navidad


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