Pot Possession’s Epiphany Generator

I told you about the stellar hypocrite, Rep Steve Katz (surprise! A Jew) last March. He represents the Hudson Valley in New York. Last year he was arrested for marijuana possession after he voted against a medical marijuana bill and I pointed out what a dissembler he was (and this is besides the fact that his lawyer was able to have the charge reduced to a parking ticket). Imagine that as you consider that person you know that languishes in jail for simple possession and can’t afford a lawyer.


He claims that he was simply voting for what he thought the voters wanted (and of course, all these politicians ALWAYS vote for what their electors desire; like the blatant coverup of the real 911 culprits, a usurious monetary system, illegal wars, boycotts that starve little foreign children, indefinite detention, torture, protecting Afghan poppy fields and bringing the heroin here to sell to our own people, free trade agreements, murder of US citizens by our government/president, illegal surveillance and informational spying, FEMA camps, groping our private parts at airports/malls/and the roadways, coverups of presidential murders, theft of Social Security and the dismantling of the social services, tax increases, congressional pay increases, support of dual Israeli citizens in high positions of government, backing mercenaries against imagined evil enemies, Homeland Security and the police state, menorahs at the Whitehouse but never a cross or Christian symbolism, more and more and MORE money to Israel, even further subservience to Jewish control, and all the other laws that we, as US citizens desire so much like the Noahide laws and any other way to give Jews more control of this country). Should I go on?

It is obvious that Steve Katz truly wanted to do his constituency’s bidding.

Uh, except… The day after that vote that reflected his constituents’ wishes, he told his wife:

‘Next year, I really don’t care. I’m voting for medical marijuana because that’s what I believe in and I’m not comfortable with what happened.’

Gosh, Steve. In reality, you really DIDN’T care what your constituents wanted, after all?

You phony.


“An Epiphany”

Katz said that the possession ticket was an epiphany:

“You’re turning me into a criminal? You got to be kidding.”

What is it about getting arrested for stupid drug laws that becomes an epiphany for people? Especially the hypocrites in government positions? Are these people so stupid or ignorant that they don’t see the travesty of these laws in the first place? Not according to Katz.

He said he knew all along that marijuana legalization was a:

“core belief from the time I was in college and Rockefeller was the Governor.”

Yet, he spent years with his mouth shut, misleading his voters into thinking he believed something totally different.

Us rednecks call that LYING. A fraud. A sham. A fake.

Katz went on to describe his friends which are professionals (doctors, lawyers, and business men) and “pillars of the community”, no less, which all smoke the evil weed and makes the connection of how stupid the laws he endorsed by voting AGAINST legalizing for medical reasons by saying:

“We’re all criminals? This is ridiculous”

Do I have to point out that most of these people are probably quite well-to-do and can likely minimize their LAW BREAKING into a “parking ticket” in the same way Katz did, unlike the poor rednecks I know who have suffered because they don’t have money?

He went further and said that the arrest:

“didn’t change anything other than make me decide that I was going to not only be a champion for medical marijuana, and for its total legalization, I was going to become part of the wave that’s building in the industry itself. “It’s a great feeling. It’s very liberating.”

AHA! The money quote


The Next Great American Industry

 You see, Katz is a rich Jew and now has become an investor in the market and will invest up to $10M. He has teamed up with a group who has dollar signs floating in front of their eyes.

What we have here is even more greed and money grubbing, when the truth is that the stuff should simply be legal. Period. There should not be a “market” on a weed that can grow virtually anywhere and by anyone with just a little knowledge. No, but the Jews (and others) see the $ and want to control it.

The only “epiphany Katz has is that he loves money and wants MORE of it.

For those of you who want to understand how cannabis works with the human Endocannabinoid system (which every human being has, with receptors God gave us for this miracle medicine) to heal cancers and many other ailments, you can spend some time at Cannabis Journal.

h/t Smellthetruth

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3 thoughts on “Pot Possession’s Epiphany Generator

  1. Why stop there? I should be able to proudly walk into my local pharmacy and order up a vial of injectible dimorphene… matter of fact, I think I’ll have two! And give me a pack of spikes while you’re at it! And, why not? There is no more fundamental freedom than the freedom to decide what goes into my own body. Why do I need the Jew-controlled AMA telling me what I need or cannot have? I’m an adult, not 3 years old. Controlling antibiotics protects the public at large, I understand and agree with that. Limiting access to dimorphene has nothing to do with the public good. And if you’re about to argue it will turn me into a drug addict, that’s groundless speculation. All drugs are legal in Portugal. Result? Drug use has gone down.


  2. Basic truth and common sense. The plant should not be regulated in any way.
    Uruguay’s legalization
    is pretty good but could go even further. Small individual grows are still regulated and it is a state market but at least the price is right.

    “The Uruguayan state will control the planting, distribution and consumption of the drug. It will issue licenses to institutions that want to be involved in the production, distribution or selling of cannabis or in the hemp industry that has textile, cosmetic and food applications.”

    “The government will be competing with black-market product, but most experts predict the government’s blend will be cheaper and higher-quality than that sold illegally. The country’s National Drug Council suggested that the initial price for the cannabis could be set at $1 per gram, and said the product could possibly become available by the middle of next year.”

    I agree with Allison that perhaps all drugs should be legal. Eliminate the war on drugs and see if things aren’t better than they are now. Your choice, just don’t harm others with your actions.

    Our local jails stay filled up with meth cookers. They contaminate and blow up houses. Kids are put in health danger. Just give the guy or girl at a low price some pharma amphetamine or methamphetamine like was readily available in the 50’s to the mid 70’s, get them off the shake and bake and work with them to stabilize their life. It seems simple and cheaper and very possibly much safer for all but would interfere with the government and big pharma rackets and control. Money laundering banks don’t want anything to do with legalization of drugs. Their illegal profits are huge and buy a lot of lackeys.

    At least legalizing marijuana is getting the attention it has needed for almost 50 years. Growing it and hemp should be the same as growing tomatoes… and the farmers markets would be much more interesting.


  3. like having fun on …..steroids…er um brownies…?

    Basic truth and common sense…… The plant should not be “regulated” in any way…

    DEFINE : “government”, eh ?

    curiously, a plant has never operated a tank or shot from a helicopter on SUNday morning
    into a “religious” [Christian] cult compound…..looks like an active shooter, Wolf.
    Edgar M. Bronfman Sr. died Saturday at age 84, the Jew York Times….. “reported”……
    The Montreal-born JEWISH TERRORIST Bronfman was chief executive until retiring in 1994 of the Seagrams Company,
    the liquor distilling empire built by his late father the JEWISH TERRORIST Samuel Bronfman.
    He served for 28 years, 1979 to 2007, as president of the stool sculpture deity cult global Jewish TERRORIST outfit called
    “World Jewish Congress”…….DIG THAT CHUTZPAH !!!!
    Edgar and his brother Charles gradually emerged after their father’s death in 1971 as among the most
    prodigious and creative philanthropists in the psychopathic stool sculpture deity cult Jewish community.
    Neither had previously been known as major participants in Jewish life, and their evolution in adulthood
    as Jewish communal leaders defied expectations of many Canadian Jewish observers, who had long predicted
    that the Bronfman fortune would be lost to Jewish causes after the death of “Mr. Sam.”


    Read more: about how “JEW” worshipping braindeadgoy fear a plant,
    and worship mass murderers who
    Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb
    Peter, Paul, and Mary ~ Live ~ Puff The Magic Dragon ~ 1965
    common sense…..hmmmm, what a brilliant idea.
    sure hope it starts a new fad….among the young….
    Ballad of the Green Berets – [HD] – – – SSGT Barry SADLER


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