Testimonies From Fukushima Evacuees

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6 thoughts on “Testimonies From Fukushima Evacuees

  1. looks like meat is back on the menu….
    truly the future looks really, really, REALLY BRIGHT….right !!
    last time I saw Eustace, he had just returned from Japan…
    talk about your manifestations of inverted logic…
    A New Mexico woman claims in a federal lawsuit that she underwent a brutal and inhumane six-hour full-body cavity search by federal officers that included anal and vaginal probes that made her feel like an “animal.”
    The woman, a Lovington, N.M. resident, also is suing University Medical Center, where she was forced to have an observed bowel movement, was X-rayed, had a speculum exam, vaginal exam and had a CT scan.
    The suit claims the hospital “violated her” and then gave her the $5,000 bill
    the er um…”AGENDA”….that the braindeadgoy – “Pay For” – by sacrificing their great grandchildren
    to the “JEWISH” dung god….is at its core…a genetic modification….”program”.


  2. hey congrats Bman,

    50 plus comments on the blog post


    you really should have thousands of comments from so-called “Rednecks”…!

    one of my enduring fanatasy{s} is taking some football buddies into a BAPTIST church on

    SUNDAY MORINING for a little ecumenical RUMBLE down memory lane….with the BIBLE

    just for purposes of DEMONSTRATION…..but hey, ……

    word picture : …. when, in silence, he pointed skyward [?] > [inward ?]
    with his forefinger

    “Here’s the thing Timothy, when you are a “JEW” worshipping Christian you get all your info from
    certain sources
    that are colored so the information can protect you from the tendency to engage in
    objective thought
    and from all those risky possibilities where your mind might go through changes that
    contradict the findings of dogma control.
    I think Greg had a point about the distraction faction :

    “The whole DD thing is way beyond hero worship,
    showing again how bereft Americans are of anything spiritual in their lives,
    so they’ll follow any ‘Pied Piper’ in the hopes of finding happiness.”

    reminds me of that scene in TIME BANDITS…
    “Oh Benson, you are so mercifully bereft of the ravages
    of intelligence.”
    a veritable wildfire of instantaneous conflagration of truth should emanate from
    your BMAN website to all good faith REDNECKS in this neighborhood of the MILKY WAY
    GALAXY and the “Jewish” narrative should be reduced to a smoldering pile of ashes….


    H/T Kenny


    • Its ironic that I focus on rednecks, yet I am not sure that rednecks are my biggest readership (the regulars, notwithstanding). Truth is that most true rednecks that I know really don’t get online often (most cannot afford the ISP charges). Seriously.

      People I know from back home in Mississippi are barely able to feed themselves (mostly because the good jobs have left). Many live is virtual shacks.

      I could drive you down the Industrial Park road in Booneville, MS, which 10-15 years ago was BOOMING… every building in operation and parking lots full of employees cars. It resembles a ghost town now, with virtually every building shuttered and nary a car anywhere.

      Same for my little podunk town in Tennessee which recently shuttered the largest manufacturer (and job producer) which had been in operation for 30+ years.

      So, because this area is so poor and growing poorer, many cut their internet and keep the TV (if they can still afford that).

      Of course, I also rub many of the Christians wrong, as well. Not to mention that there isn’t a lot of useful information to help them in their personal lives.


      • looks like a big tent “revivial” meeting waiting to happen…

        “Well, anyway,” said Sam Williams, raising his voice in order to obtain the floor, “anyway, I’m goin’ to lay in a hammock all day, and have ice-water sprinkled on top o’ me, and I’m goin’ to lay there all night, too, and the next day. I’m goin’ to lay there a couple o’ years, maybe.”

        “I bet you don’t!” exclaimed Maurice. “What’d you do in winter?”


        “What you goin’ to do when it’s winter, out in a hammock with water sprinkled on top o’ you all day? I bet you—-”

        “I’d stay right there,” Sam declared, with strong conviction, blinking as he looked out through the open doors at the dazzling lawn and trees, trembling in the heat. “They couldn’t sprinkle too much for me!”

        “It’d make icicles all over you, and—-”

        “I wish it would,” said Sam. “I’d eat ’em up.”

        “And it’d snow on you—-”

        “Yay! I’d swaller it as fast as it’d come down. I wish I had a barrel o’ snow right now. I wish this whole barn was full of it. I wish they wasn’t anything in the whole world except just good ole snow.”
        Penrod and Herman rose and went out to the hydrant, where they drank long and ardently.
        Sam was still talking about snow when they returned.

        one day the daddies and grand daddies might be able to talk about
        TRUE INFORMATION without being ANTI-SEMITIC…..you know.


      • I lived in Southaven for 3 months. Quite an experience. This what you see driving through Southaven. Liquor Store, Pay-Day Loan, Church, Liquor Store, Pay-Day Loan, Church… and so on, block after block. It’s where dead Elvis lives.


  3. Mary Travers’ mother would say “It’s a thin line Mary, between compromise and accomplice”.

    Tepco managers have whored themselves to the point of accomplice. I assume it was for career. Hard to fathom a career could mean so much. The quicker the half-life, the more destructive the nuclide. I131 is half gone in just eight days. By neglecting to pass out I131 blocking iodine tablets, they likely murdered thousands, mostly children. Beyond comprehension. It doesn’t even make sense. Tepco will be made financially resposible for those needless deaths and injuries. It’s as if Tepco and the Japanese government are driven to murder. How could that be? Could a devil drive such bargain?


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