What a “Real Christian” Said About Jews


Jefferson On Judaism: The Untold Story

Although the beloved author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, was a firm advocate for religious liberty in America for Jews and all people, what has been carefully censored from the history books is the absolute fact that Jefferson clearly considered the Jewish religion itself to be quite abominable.

Writing to John Adams on Oct. 13, 1813, the widely read intellectual commented on the Talmud and other Jewish teachings:

“What a wretched depravity of sentiment and manners must have prevailed before such corrupt maxims could have obtained credit! It is impossible to collect from these writings a consistent series of moral doctrine.”

Describing himself as “a real Christian, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus,” Jefferson wrote toWilliam Short (on Oct. 31, 1819) that he considered Jesus“the greatest of all the reformers of the depraved religion of his own country,” adding in a subsequent letter to Short (Aug. 4, 1820) that while Christ preached “philanthropy and universal charity and benevolence,” the Jews followed teachings that instilled in them “the most anti-social spirit towards other nations.”

Jefferson wrote that Jesus—as a “reformer of the superstitions of a nation,” was in an “ever dangerous” position by opposing “the priests of the superstition”—the Pharisees—whom he described as

“a blood thirsty race . . . cruel and remorseless as the Being whom they represented as the family God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, and the local God of Israel.”

h/t The Barnes Review (See page 3) & fathersmanifesto.net

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9 thoughts on “What a “Real Christian” Said About Jews

  1. and curiously Jefferson who allegedly could read, write and speak Hebrew Latin & Greek….
    managed to successfully introduce legislation in Virginia to outlaw primogeniture,
    and eulogized Washington by exclaiming….


    I felt on his death, with my countrymen, that “verily a great man hath fallen this day in Israel.”
    now the opportunity presents itself to properly define the word…”Israel”
    since quite obviously Jefferson was not using the word to describe a “Jewish” state
    full of psychopathic perverts in Palestine from Khazaria…
    {more Khazars {Kikes} came to America than went to Palestine}
    more white slaves came to America than African..
    most African slaves went to the caribbean sugar cane
    plantations owned by so-called “Sephardic” so-called “Jews”…..
    Rabbi Levinger’s book addresses that issue early on…
    Thousands of Swedes took to the streets of Stockholm on Sunday in a protest against
    mean ugly terrible nasty
    ” racism”…..awful, gross, disgusting, bad, stanky, evil, vile, {WHITE MALE}
    following a neo-Nazi attack on a similar but much smaller rally last weekend, ADL police said.

    The protest followed events last weekend when around 30 neo-Nazis attacked another anti-racism rally in the same suburb, Karrtorp, throwing bottles and firecrackers at protesters.

    Two people were stabbed and 26 neo-Nazis were detained by the ADL so-called police.
    Sweden, long seen as a bastion of tolerance, has seen a rise in support for the far right as immigration has grown.
    The Anti-immigration party Sweden Democrats has reached around 10 percent
    in the polls ahead of a parliamentary election next year…..http://adask.wordpress.com/
    which is like less than two weeks away according to the calendar presently in use….
    Read more: about the ideas Jefferson contended with and read Rulers of Evil by Tupper Saussey
    and then try to understand the concept of MONEY on account in the book by Merrill M. Jenkins
    entitled MONEY : The Greatest Hoax on Earth…..and then try to comprehend the etymology


    cui bono ?
    “Omnium rerum quarum usus est, potest esse abusus virtute solo excepta.”
    the problem is LANGUAGE ABUSE….seriously…!!!
    How do Kikes make it to Egypt ?

    or how do Sepharvaim so-called “Jews” turn into all 12 tribes..?
    go figure…eh?
    how about those niggers standing in line to buy those AIR JORDAN,
    and they home training…
    הלוא־משנאיך יהוה ׀ אשנא ובתקוממיך אתקוטט׃


    kill them damn towel heads they be terrorists…!
    how about that David Sanger on CSPAN

    what would be most interesting would be a Jefferson comment on the JEW – ZOG
    so-called United States Government of Jew Worshipping **sodomites** skanks and Ho’s.



    For a healthy belly-laugh, check out this fucking kike’s grave. His given Jew-name is Asa Yoelson. He’s buried on a hill with a blue-tile waterfall. On top of the black-marble crypt is, what looks like, a large marble flower vase for the daily gifts of flowers into perpetutuity. Over the crypt, is a towering dome with a fresco of Moses holding stone comandments. Near, is a 3/4 bronze of the subject on his bended knee. Inscribed in marble by the above fresco is “THE SWEET SINGER OF ISRAIL” and “THE MAN RAISED UP HIGH”, all written in gold caps. ROTFLMAS

    Judaism teaches its kike-ettes they’re all gods. Every kike believes it… some more than others. This is why every Jew smells as bad as the next. If you have the balls to call yourself “Jew”, you’ve earned the contempt.


  3. but wait….

    there’s more….seeing as how “THEY” got all the chutzpah…

    “As a psychopathic “JEWISH” state we are responsible for your safety, freedom and holy sites
    and for your feeling as free and equal citizens that carry with them the hope that unites us for
    …….{Jew Contrived}…..”peace and a better world”……?
    The Lord is doing what he can but we must do what we need to do,
    to follow his wish and our destiny, to live in peace.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”.


    Netanyahu’s video also came out Tuesday.
    Standing against a backdrop of a snowy Jerusalem,
    the stool sculpture deity cult compound “LEADER”… addressed the “common heritage” of Jews and Christians,
    wishing all “security, prosperity and peace.”


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    one more time for the children in the Hospital…



    h/t…Noor, Kenny, Les, & Jesus.


  4. Max Kieser is the only Gatekeeper I listen to. Every show, he points out the hypocracy of the unprosecution of big bankers, contrasted with the harsh prosecution peasants. However, what’s obvious is that those Jews running the banks are paupers too. Jew-boy, Jamie Dimon, is a son of a NYC postman. Jew or no Jew, if Dimon was only stealing for himself, he’d already be in the Federal Pen. Dimon might get $200M per year for himself. But the Rothschild Jew who owns the bank shares will reap $200B, i.e., he’s not so much stealing for himself. That’s why he’s ALLOWED to steal. This is where Kieser draws the line. Kieser will NEVER connect all the dots. He’s the Alex Jones of finance shows.


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