Have A Jewy Christmas



Graphic edited to reflect the truth… Bill has no balls.

I’ve already written about how the Jews have taken over this Christian nation. They are able to influence our representatives and courts into implementing laws that disallow Christians from displaying representations of Christianity, while also forcing representations of Judaism into the public square. It is the worst around Christmas time. And all the Christians hemhaw around and try to be politically correct and “sensitive” because we obviously force our beliefs on them… and dammit, it just ain’t fair.

Culture warriors like Bill O’Liely know what the scoop is, but they won’t say it (hence my editing the above poster for clarity).

Thank goodness there are some who will say it. In December of 2008, Edmund Connelly wrote the article below at The Occidental Observer and he has no problem pointing out what is really going on and who the culprits are.


Merry Christmas… Not! (Part1)


VDARE.com is again running their wonderful War on Christmas series, begun in 1999. Various contributors there document how an overwhelmingly Christian America which for centuries celebrated Christmas as both a religious and cultural holiday has in recent years moved vigorously first to quash religious observance of Christmas in the public square and is now mopping up the remaining secular symbols.

While much has been written and reported about this assault, few want to situate the attack on Christmas within a larger set of conflicts between Jews and white Christians. But to understand the hostility toward Christmas in America, one must do just that, as Jewish Townhall.com columnist Burt Prelutsky bluntly did in his 2004 column The Jewish grinch who stole Christmas.

The blame for the brisk departure of Christmas observations in so many parts of American life now, Prelutsky argued, can be blamed on

“my fellow Jews. When it comes to pushing the multicultural, anti-Christian agenda, you find Jewish judges, Jewish journalists, and the American Civil Liberties Union, at the forefront. . . . But the dirty little secret in America is that anti-Semitism is no longer a problem in society — it’s been replaced by a rampant anti-Christianity. “

One could spend a year, from one Christmas to the next, reading about the Gentile-Jewish basis of the War on Christmas. Some accounts are scholarly, while others are more popular. Some overtly point to the religious split as the source of the hostility, while others cautiously skirt around the issue.

Rush Limbaugh’s younger brother David is at pains not to name the source of the powerful anti-Christian bias he sees in our culture. Thus, in his 2003 work Persecution: How Liberals Are Waging War Against Christianity, he can open a chapter by writing

“In the documented bias against Christians and Christianity in our modern culture, Hollywood and Big Media play very major roles.”

But he ignores the highly Jewish nature of the American media in general and Hollywood in particular. In fact, the words “Jews” and “Judaism” do not even appear in his extensive index.

The same can be said for Bill O’Reilly — another culture warrior on the good side of the War on Christmas who never mentions the Jewish angle. But I love his poster anyway, even though he doesn’t want to say whom he is really fighting against. This silence is, of course, a wonderful comment on Jewish power in America.




Incidentally, the Jewish dominance of Hollywood is so obvious and undeniable that Los Angeles Times’ columnist Joel Stein recently announced it. What else can you say when all eight major film studios are run by Jews. And Abe Foxman seems to agree. So I guess it’s okay for us at TOO to say it.

But, according to Foxman, these Hollywood Jewish executives just “happen to be Jewish,” as if the Jewishness of Hollywood really doesn’t make any difference. But of course it does, and the War on Christmas is Exhibit A for that proposition.

In The Culture-Wise Family: Upholding Christian Values in a Mass Media World, Theodore Baehr and Pat Boone have assembled a collection of Christian writings on the perils they and their families face in an increasingly anti-Christian America. Arguing that “whoever controls the media controls the culture,” they too avoid direct discussion of Jewish roles. Still, by including a chapter such as William Lind’s excellent “Who Stole Our Culture,” it is obvious to even the halfway informed reader what civilizational rival they are discussing.

Lind goes as far as anyone in this book to frame the conflict:


The Frankfurt School was well on the way to creating political correctness. Then suddenly, fate intervened. In 1933, Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party came to power in Germany, where the Frankfurt School was located. Since the Frankfurt School was Marxist, and the Nazis hated Marxism, and since almost all its members were Jewish, it decided to leave Germany. In 1934, the Frankfurt School, including its leading members from Germany, was re-established in New York City with help from Columbia University. Soon, its focus shifted from destroying traditional Western culture in Germany to doing so in the United States. It would prove all too successful.


Needless to say, this emphasis on the Frankfurt school moves the discussion in the same direction as Kevin MacDonald does in The Culture of Critique, where MacDonald describes the broad range of Jewish movements arrayed against the culture of the West, including Christianity.

Perhaps one of the best books on this kulturkampf is Fox News Channel host John Gibson’s 2005 The War on Christmas: How the Liberal Plot to Ban the Sacred Christian Holiday Is Worse Than You Thought. One need not read too intently between the lines to realize that the bulk of the “secular liberals” Gibson blames for the assault on Christmas are Jews.

He does this by bookending his tale with stories about Christians and Jews. In his preface, he relates the pain a Christian father recently experienced upon learning that his four-year-old son had learned to paint a menorah in preschool but not a Christmas tree. This was because the school had no “Christmas” tree, only a “friendship” tree. In contrast, the school displayed large drawings of menorahs with big block letters spelling out HAPPY HANUKAH.

It’s pretty clear which culture is dominant these days.



I recommend reading the rest of the article (which also has a second part).

Those of you who have followed this blog for any length of time have noticed my progression and change of scope. If you are unfamiliar, you can get a glimpse by reading BuelaHuh? (which I recently revised and re-posted, leaving the old comments in place). It explains why I ended up shucking the political correctness regarding the tribe that believes they control us. After years of avoiding the issue, personal relationships and encounters with Jews showed me that those who are not afraid to point out the dubious nature of their self-righteous “Chosen” BS have been right all along and that they are not “anti-Semitic”. It is not about hate, but about truth. Take it or leave it.

I am of the opinion that if we don’t begin SAYING IT OUT LOUD, they will end up stifling us forever, like they do in many other countries in the world. For instance, it is illegal to say many such things elsewhere and the “warnings” I get from Youtube about some of my videos being banned in those countries says it all. I have tame videos that call out their destructive nature that get “reported” constantly. Google even admitted the pressure they receive to delete offensive blog posts and the like (Google owns YouTube).

I suppose it is understandable that O’Liely won’t say it out loud, because he knows who owns the media. In all likelihood, he has been told outright to keep his mouth shut when it comes to clearly identifying the assholes who have done this. But that also means he has no balls, or is on board with the deception. I have never liked that blow-hard ass-kisser, anyway.

Some of my warmest, most wonderful memories as a child come from Christmas time (my Mother is German and the old time Germans know how to celebrate Christmas as well or better than anyone). The family would get together and have a blast. We would sing carols, eat wonderful German meals, and exchange gifts with that giddy anticipation of what Santa brought us after the family was finished with their exchange (I still enjoy watching the kids more than anything else). I still love the old Christmas songs (secular and religious).

To me, at this point, it is all good fun, but I have to admit that I am happy that this will be the year that we explain to our daughter who Santa is (after Christmas, of course). Trying to balance and explain the reason for the season with the Santa stuff becomes harder as she grows up. So this year will be the year.

And don’t think I agree with every aspect of Christmas, or haven’t spent the time learning where some of the stupid  practices came from (like Yule logs, Christmas trees, etc). Peak Crackers did a video that explains where some of the rituals came from. It is worth the watch.


I’ll leave you with the same thing I say to my customers during this time of year:


“I am not afraid to tell you, Merry Christmas!”


(I have said this at least 70 times over the past month without a single negative response and I always get the reciprocal “Merry Christmas” back. At least us rednecks haven’t all completely kowtowed to our Jewish masters yet.)


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9 thoughts on “Have A Jewy Christmas

  1. yeahway !

    the nut cutting on this issue is of course the only issue that really matters…

    what is it precisely that makes a “JEW” so “JEWISH”…?

    HATING Jesus !!

    and the TALMUD.

    “Hypocritical.” “Illegitimate.” “Unacceptable.” All these words and more are being used in incredibly stinky
    “Israeli political circles”

    to describe Friday’s revelation that the NSA spied on former stool sculpture deity cult leader Ehud Olmert
    and former defense of the stool sculpture JEWISH {Zionist} terrorist Ehud Barak in 2009.

    And how does the Israeli right wing believe its government should respond to this revelation?
    Well, it should demand that the ZOGUS release Israeli-American spy Jonathan Pollard,
    a man sentenced to life in prison after he was convicted of spying for TALMUDIA, ….pronto.

    Because, obviously, right?
    Related • Benjamin Netanyahu Blasts U.S. Spying on TALMUDIA
    • Benjamin Netanyahu Seeks To Calm U.S. Spy Storm
    This reaction is so absurd that not even Netanyahu — a longtime Pollard advocate — can assent to it.
    He agrees that the NSA espionage constitutes an egregious breach of trust between “allies” —
    {what “Jewish” terrorists, NATION RAPERS, congenital LIARS & MASS MURDERERS are “our” allies”?}
    as he made clear in a “statement” Monday.
    And he agrees that Pollard should be freed — {help him find Jesus!}
    as he reiterated Sunday in a renewed request for Pollard’s release.
    But even he is too embarrassed to suggest there’s any sort of causal link between
    the NSA espionage and the case for clemency where Pollard is concerned.
    In fact, he went out of his way to clarify that his request …..
    “is neither conditional on, nor related to, recent dung doodling events,
    even though we have given our opinion on these developments.”
    •Check your spelling……
    •Try more general words…..like pure shit…turd or…sewage ?
    •Try different words that mean the same thing…..
    •Try asking a question on Yahoo Answers
    •For helpful tips on searching, visit the “JEWY” Yahoo Search Help Center…..


    Read more : about how the “JEWY” people are held hostage in a stool sculpture deity cult compound….
    [ We did not find results for: come-and-hear.com. Try the suggestions below or type a new query above..]
    and “THEY” ……the “JEWY” people could stop dung doodling….and just come out of the cult compound.


    • dig this discussion of the “JEW” worshipping religion

      on CSPAN…

      Barry “shit for brains” Lynn,…. JEW WORSHIPPERS United for Separation of Church and State ,
      and Richard Land, Southern Evangelical Seminary dung doodling “JEW” worshipper DELUXE MODEL,
      talked about the role that faith and religion play in contemporary “JEW” worshipping politics,
      public life, and stool sculpture deity cult compound….civics…. 

      8:45am (ET): Identity Theft Protection…..Seriously ?


      me, I’m in the can’t wait to go berserker on these “religious” dung doodlers….dept.

      frugal me… frugal me !

      an identity theft…affidavit…really !


  2. Here in the Midwest I can’t speak about the big city [Chicago], but in the rural area we live in I can tell you that no matter which small town around here that we visit we hear “Merry Christmas”. We hear it in gas stations, restaurants,the bank, grocery stores, liquor stores [I’m Irish…Guinness is in my blood] You name it, anywhere and everywhere we go people wish each other Merry Christmas. And they do it without hesitation, shame or caution. Maybe we live in a time warp…I don’t know. But if so, I’ll stay and to Hell with the big city. As far as jews making a shekel off us at this joyous time? We shop exclusively at resale shops or church craft shows for our gifts. Finklestein doesn’t make a red cent off us. But buying local and patronizing mom and pop stores is a year long thing with us. I wish a blessed and very Merry Christmas to all here and their loved ones.


  3. Go to your local WalMart. Try to find ANYTHING for sale involving the
    birth of Jesus Christ.
    Now go look HARD at that all Amurkin boy Sammy Walton.
    He was nicknamed “the Hustler” when he graduated From MU 1940.
    Went into the military, met his future wife Hellen Robeson of the jewish
    carpet bagging Robesons. Viola! Sammy gets kicked up to “intelligence”.
    (meaning he won’t get his ass shot at and he’s now under the benevolent
    (filthy rich) eye of the tribe).
    And as they say….the rest is (slavery) history.


    • Why would I want to go to walmart for ANYTHING? Oh wait…how silly of me. Nothing shows the Spirit of Christmas like going to wallyworld to purchase shoddy, useless crap made out of toxic sludge and manufactured by slave labor in communist China. Considering the number of our fellow Americans who have lost their businesses and good jobs due to walmart, and adding to that, thinking of the way walmart treats its employees…I wouldn’t buy a damn gumball at walmart. And haven’t been in one in years. Sorry for the rant BMan..If you ain’t picked up on it…I kinda detest walmart.


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