Richard Noggin’ Watch: Gerald Celente


If you ain’t got the nuts to call out the real culprits, then you are the enemy. Period. Its one thing to be ignorant, we have all been there and are still learning, but the alternative media “power players” have no excuse. What is so glaringly obvious to many of us, should be obvious to minstrels such as Celente. But somehow, the guy that calls all the trends can’t seem to trend the most conspicuous facts that confront us.


The “White Shoe Boys”

Its time to start up the Richard Noggin Watch series again. But I think we should be a bit more focused. Its time to point out the ass-kissing Jew sycophants for their protection of the clan’s worst offenders of humanity. Today, Bro Nat featured Gerald Celente at his blog, showing what a worthless bag of wind he and his “Trends Journal” is.


Rabbis Jonestein and Celenteberg


Now, if you are “in the know” about Jews and what they are doing, you probably know what a shill and liar Gerald is. But if you are a redneck just beginning to catch the wave, you may find some things he talks about interesting, much like many rednecks find the blowhard, Alex Jones’ BS interesting. But what do these two deflectors of truth have in common? They both protect the Jews. For profit and maybe self-protection against their assaults on their money-making schemes (as “Max” in Bro Nat’s comment section put it):

I know Gerald as an acquaintance, we have the same friends.

What he says publically and what he says personally are two different things.

Yes he is being politically correct. But yes, you are right Brother Nathanael.

You and I know that once you say the Jew word, you will become a target. They will burn your house down, they will kill you and your family. He would lose every and any invite in broadcast media.

Alex Jones probably wouldnt even have him on. They would set out to ruin him in every which way.

You see how an acquaintance explains Gerald’s lies and protection of the Jew. Does it cause you to consider a response for Max, like it did me?

@ Max:

So, what you are telling us is that Gerald Celente is a liar by omission, made worse by his money making due to this flim-flam.

Let’s get right down to the nut-cuttin’:

Anyone, at this point, that “knows” the truth and doesn’t say it is the enemy, or [is] doing the enemy’s bidding for profit.

If what you say is true, every person in the know needs to alienate the man, point out what a shill/liar he is for Jew money or protection, and continue to remind the world what the real problem is: the Jew.

It is why I never relate anything from Gerald any more. He is just another Italian Alex Jones. Worthless liar and Jew protector and abettor.

So, I appreciate Bro Nat’s post (which you should read for yourself) and I plan to do what I say needs to be done: point out the kow-towing Richard Noggins for the lies and deception they continue to push on a gullible, but suspecting public.

Stop protecting the Jew, Gerald. Grow some balls. If you truly want to help America, lying only contributes to the demise. The sad fact is that you must know this, but still perpetrate the deed for your masters. You scumbag.

Unfortunately, it is worse than what I’ve already shown. Apparently (according to another Bro Nat commenter’s directive to listen to a Rense interview), Celente admitted that he surrounds himself with Jews and even concedes that he loves the Jewish ladies (go to the 3:42 mark):

Show Notes:
Who is Gerald Celente (Bio)
The Jews are Behind Gerald Celente
75% of Staff Are Jewish
-Top Jews on Staff:

Mitchell Skolnick
Laura Martin
Alex Silverman
Elded Benary (Was/Is in Israeli Defense Forces IDF)

Celente Brags about dating Jewish Chicks (last 3 in a row)
Celente dominates internet alternative media

So, any of you defenders of Celente just STFU. He is a plant; a ringer for the Jew (just like Alex Jones). Get over the mealy mouthed little liar and call him out.

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8 thoughts on “Richard Noggin’ Watch: Gerald Celente

  1. Totally agree about celente and jones-
    Another aspect of their gate keeping seems to be furthering the notion that many of the recent Jewish hoaxes were actually real events. I still listen to his show occasionally, when there is nothing better on, but it is becoming harder these days, with the constant parade of Jews and shills that dominate his shows. It seems there is even more of a push lately to install certain Jews as our “liberty leaders”, and to push the ridiculous notion that we are somehow being conquered by Muslims, and “sharia law”. Infowars resembles WND more everyday- just more brain dead neo-con blather.


  2. Spot on BMan. I gave up on Jerry years ago. AJ? saw him right off as the shill he is. He spent too much effort misdirecting, misinforming, mis…you name it. Brother Nathanial? I read his site and watch his videos. He has a very unique perspective, pulls no punches and tells it like he sees it. That’s refreshing. 100% right? none of us are. But he gives us an insight those of us who aren’t jewish never see. Keep up your great work and glad to see you’re back. Hope Santa brought you everything you asked for.


  3. Please follow me on this one because it is relevant to the discussion… and really interesting, too. In the past 10 years, Phd visual optics people have examined the Zapruder film. Z is not just altered. It’s a complete fabrication, made from “movie-magic” moving mats (exactly the same way Mary Poppins (1964) was made). Z, the rosseta-stone of the assassination, instantly became worthless. This resulted in people going back to the original witness statements. Do you know what the real witnesses to the assassination say?

    Houston Street turns into Elm… but there are two Elms. There is a 100-year-old vestigal Elm Extension, which runs directly in front of the Texas Depositoy, and then there is plain ol’ Elm Street, that runs under the triple overpass. Between the two Elms is a concrete island. Greer almost ran over that concrete island, as the limo was moving really slow. The first shots came before Greer completed the turn. Greer completed the turn, pulled the limo slightly to the left and came to a full stop. BEFORE Greer came to a full stop, brains were landing on the rear deck of that car. It was all done within feet of the Houston/Elm Intersection. Jean Hill stated that she was arrested and brought into a room in the County Courts building (County Courts sits diagonal across the intersection from the Texas Depository). Jean Hill described this room as a theatre for people to watch the assassination, overlooking the Houston/Elm intersection below.

    Does this sound like ANYTHING you’ve ever seen in pictures? The film and photographs aren’t just altered. They are complete fabrications. They are ALL complete fabrications. People often argue about the photo, Altgens6. Most believe it’s an authentic photograph which has been altered. Wrong! By the time the president got to that location, he was long-time dead. Altgens6 is a complete lie, made from artful cutting and pasting.

    The point I’m trying to make (in a ’round about way) is that everything in the MSM, or any show which is really well produced, contains lies and furthers an agenda. Try to find an exception. People who spend hundreds of hours studying the assassination MUST know the testimony of all the witnesses, yet all of these so-called experts (on our side?) talk about an assassintion which they want you to believe occured half way down Elm Street. IT NEVER HAPPENED! The murder was completed right there by the depository main entrance (next to the intersection).

    Am I the only one who sees this? Even the people we trust to give reliable information are really just more limited hangouts… especially if they are REALY well produced. The more professional looking a website, the more the gatekeeping. It’s like nobody can tell the fucking truth. It’s like people are rewarded for spreading bullshit. Wait, did I say that?


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