Why Weed?

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4 thoughts on “Why Weed?

  1. No medical value huh? Ya, government will direct you to the nearest doctor to pump you full of man made drugs that will most likely have some serious side effects…like cancer or death or any number of serious health problems you see advertised daily. Oh but is ok, they have drugs for that too. By the time your done , your taking several different medicines , paying hundreds of dollars….or you could just consume a little weed.

    Fuck the government and their pockets full of lobby money.


  2. She needs to move to a pot-friendlier state.

    Still, there are Rx pot pills she should be able to get. Pot has 10X to 20X the tar of cigarettes. Plus, the way people smoke it (deep breath and hold), make it even more unhealthy. I’m thinking about growing a few bushes in the back yard but I would never smoke that stuff on a regular basis. If I needed it real regular, I think I’d rather swallow. Have you ever swallowed? Fess up.


    • There are no Rx “pot pills”. There are pills with very high concentrations of THC (marinol), but they don’t contain any of the other beneficial cannabinoids, such as the non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD). Most people who have tried the marinol explain it as being very different (but possibly good for pain issues).
      Besides, using a vaporizer totally eliminates the tar issue.
      Many people claim that juicing or eating is better for you, but even smoking it does not cause issues other than slight respiratory problems in extreme heavy users.

      A 2006 study found that there is no link between smoking marijuana and cancer, even in heavy, long-term users. This is the only way it can kill you.

      As a matter of fact, there are at least 34 studies proving it cures cancer.

      But you are right: eating buds is the best way too go


    • Sorry, it just needs to be legalized nation wide so we can grow our own and process it how we feel is best for us. Smoking it may not be the best way , but it has been proven to not be as bad as government(not doctors) would have you think . That ” Pot has 10X to 20X the tar of cigarettes” came from government. Do you trust this government? There is no reason we should swallow Pharms crap when we can have the real thing.


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