Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner


Danielle Zimmerman went to Taco Bell to get the family’s dinner and had a brain aneurysm in the drive thru. As she sat in her car, unconscious, three Good Samaritans, er, down-trodden youths, er, scumbags came to her aid,  er, watched in sympathetic horror, er, took her shit from her purse and the wedding ring from her finger.

I’m sure you think that white methheads couldn’t help themselves.

The three suspects were identified as Daquantrius Shaquill Johnson, Quanique Dontrell Thomas-Hameen, and Keith Byron Heckels Jr., all of whom are 19-years-old.

~ as reported by YourJewishNews

FireShot Screen Capture #141 - 'UPDATE_ Suspects charged in robbery of dying woman at drive-thru' - www_kake_com_home_headlines_UPDATE-2-arrested-in-robbery-of-dying-wo FireShot Screen Capture #142 - 'UPDATE_ Suspects charged in robbery of dying woman at drive-thru' - www_kake_com_home_headlines_UPDATE-2-arrested-in-robbery-of-dying-wo

Oops. Maybe the names, Daquantrius Shaquill & Quanique Dontrell, was a dead giveaway that it wasn’t white methheads.

My bad.

Note: it appears that this crime is getting a lot more play than other similar crimes of blacks on whites. I wonder why that might be?

You can learn more about the story from Witchita’s and many other sources on the net.

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7 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner

  1. What happened to you? You use to be about exposing racists like zionists, now you engage in divide and conquer BS that their media pushes. As if poor white kids never do awful things like this too. You are a certified ADL tool whether you know it or not.


    • If you can show me these types of stories about whites doing the same on the MSM, have at it. Otherwise, your argument is ignorant.

      Did you consider the point I made about this being pushed by a Jewish media because Jews are involved?

      I have long pushed for different races to fight against a common enemy (the anti-Gentile). This post proves that there is certainly a divide, but it is idiotic to blame me for it.

      Case in point (reality check):

      Peruse the mug shots posted by the Chicago Tribune. Then tell me that although white people make up about 49% of the population of the greater Chicago-land area, there are only about 15 whites in the collection. Be keen on reading WHAT the offenses are, as well. Whites get DUI’s and other comparatively mundane crimes (with just a handful of exceptions), but not the minority crowd. Mostly murder, armed assault, etc.


  2. Go back to publicly executing pieces of shit like these people and hang a sign on there dead ass saying, “This is what we do to murderers, rapists, child molesters and thugs like these”. If they will do that, things like that will stop happening among us.


    • I have to agree , as barbaric as it sounds, it might scare the bejesus out of people like this….maybe. Then again , folks who do these kinds of things aren’t thinking right anyway and it may have no effect. I guess either way, it would be one more POS we wouldnt have to pay housing in jail for of any race.


  3. Last summer the local Bellingham TV station ran a story on the fatal beating and robbery of a very elderly gentleman with this opener: “This was not, we repeat, was not, a racially motivated crime” then during the video footage it was very obvious that the three “alleged perpetrators” were black. It was not so much the crime I remembered as that opening.


  4. Archie Bunker’s Perspective: “Well let’s see what we got here. Now, Zimmerman, that’s a kike broad, no doubt about dat. And, obviously, you got three black youths there, taking advantage of the unconscious female yid. I don’t see a problem with that”.

    Of course, Archie would never really say that because the writers, directors and producers of Archie Bunker were all Jews, as we all know.

    It looks like a crime of opportunity… which would have nothing to do with race. Zimmerman could have been as black as the ace of spades… same result. And if Zimmerman WAS the ace of spades, you never would have heard about this on the Jew Stream Media. Word.


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