Anne Bic Frank


What an amazing story! This little girl hid from the dangerously evil Nazis and was able to write a diary chronicling her adventure. She was very brave and her father wanted everyone to hear her story. So, he contracted a man to pose as his daughter and write a fake diary using a pen that was not even invented at the time that “she” wrote it.

Mr Otto Frank, the little hero’s father, however, was sued later on for $50,000 by the little girl in a man suit (otherwise known as Meyer Levin) and was forced to pay the real author the money that Frank promised him. Now this should be no surprise to anyone that understands the criminal thought processes that the tribe is famous for, but most people are kept in the dark about these lies. Most people have heard about how horrible this little hero’s story is and have found themselves angry at the Nazis for putting her through such a thing (which IS the lie that the tribe will spout no matter how many times they are shown to be untrustworthy).

Now, BuelahMan, how can you question such a nice little girl and her famous story that has been made into movies and caused many a tear to be jerked?

That is exactly what this manipulating clan wants you to think. Never question anything they tell you. Always believe.

h/t Scott Andrews and Lies Your Teacher Taught You

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3 thoughts on “Anne Bic Frank

  1. Yeah, Bman, but she did fixate on her genitals and stool if I’m not mistaken, so it’s a great literary effort whoever wrote it and our kids need to read it, weep, and never forget how badly we’ve treated those who say they are jews and are not.


  2. I was with an American cruise ship, to spend one day in Amsterdam. I laughed my head when I found out how many yobs spent their day at said little girls house. I ,on the other hand found free, a few grams of a rather special nature at a special nature cafe’ if you catch the drift. It is true, I spent the afternoon pleasantly deluded also.


  3. As long as criticism is not directed against the “chosen ones” everything is permissible.

    Who cares that in 1909, the twenty year old Otto went to New York where he stayed with his relatives, the Oppenheimers?
    Who cares that he was a business man before and during the war trying to rip off the German Army?
    Who cares that he was running his business in the same “annex” Annelies supposedly was hiding from the Nazis?

    A little add on to your above link:
    The BKA (Bundeskriminalamt) , one word as the German compound spelling goes, the BKA information , at the urgent request of the Jewish community, was redacted at the time but later inadvertently released to researchers in the United States.

    And as a side note, when I was going to grade school in the fifties, we were not even allowed to use a ball point pen. Strictly pencils and fountain pens. Apparently, the ball points were wreaking havoc with your handwriting.


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