The Super Bowl





Many of my coworkers are gearing up for the big game tonight. When they asked me to come eat with them and watch the game, they freaked out when I told them that I would not be watching the game (and that I have not watched a football game all year).

There are at least 10 Reasons why the Super Bowl should be hated.

But I couldn’t pass up sharing what I thought to be two of the best pictures referencing the big game, simply because miraculously, the two teams are also two of the places in America where weed is legal.

I do not believe this is a coincidence. But if it is, it is amazing, huh?

h/t HailMaryJane

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4 thoughts on “The Super Bowl

  1. I have to agree with ALL 10 reasons. Its pathetic. I used to watch football, baseball, basketball….NASCAR………I stopped due to these very reasons. This country has lost it freaking mind !!!

    I had my co worker pissed at me because I wouldn’t work their over time so they could watch this tripe. They acted as though I OWED THEM because I dont watch it. These co workers can be pissed and these fanatical fans need to pull their heads out of their asses !


  2. Yup…H in a Handbasket.
    I have a neighbor named Lot.
    He’s been talking up at the sky lately.
    If he heads outa town soon…I’m gone.


  3. what were the odds….anyway ?

    surely the MVP Manning {55 TD’s} had the good sense to play along and have some
    moolah on the seahawks, seeings as how the script was so politically correct
    and all…

    “It is well settled that public schools, and by extension public school officials, may not advance or promote religion.”

    Elliott emailed the Observer a picture from the Blue Devils’ team Twitter, reportedly showing Capps at a team baptism. But Superintendent Edwards said the photo is from a baptism performed at the Charles Mack Citizen Center, a church that many team members attend and Capps was simply invited to attend..
    Elliott noted that students subjected to prayer or religious activities from the coach have the right to sue the coach and the district on the basis of a civil rights violation.

    can’t wait for the suit against the talmudvision proselytizers….now that really
    would be a good BM {behaviour modification}

    …good thing we didn’t step in it..


  4. Not a big sports fan… usually. I have to have a some vested interest in a game to make me want to watch. I watched the play-offs and Super Sunday. I broke even on the play-offs. I got my panties spanked on Super Sunday. Donkies and under on a two teamer. I didn’t come close. I think the Donkies were playing really good, both defensively and offensively, until the center snapped the ball over the head and into the in-zone. After that was when the Donkies started to suck.


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