Another Youtube Channel Shutdown

Youtube shutdown

This particular video was a re-upload of a video done by two jews as they denigrated us gentiles for our funeral practices. At least someone else saw it as hate speech, but it was the jewish scumbags doin’ the hating. So, a channel with about 50 videos, hundreds of followers, and hundreds of thousands of views (which were far less than the actual number, because I could track views here where a video was imbedded and the YT channel, and I found that about 25-50% of the views were never tallied).

UPDATE: I understand that there is a very talented and gracious person who is hosting some of my videos here.

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2 thoughts on “Another Youtube Channel Shutdown

  1. There’s a reason they call it JewTube. I think the best defense is a good offence. You can usually get a pretty good idea about which himey is snitching you off. As I’ve mentioned before, they’ve snitched me off too. My guess is that the JewTube staff doesn’t go into a deep analysis of your video. They just take the word of the kike. The same may be true of a kike that YOU turn in. I turned in one nasty kike for claiming he was God’s chosen (which is absolutely racist, I might add).

    It might also help if you create two accounts to draw less heat. Use one account to comment on JewTube (as a viewer). Use your other account solely to post your videos (as a producer). I can tell you from very recent experience, it doesn’t take much to make you one of these repulsive fuckers focus of ire. That kike from last week must have spent hours searching through everything I ever wrote on the internet. I shit you not, this is what I wrote that set him off:
    “LOL You’re a Jew.”

    Other than that, just laugh it off. I see those fuckers running around with their sock-rolled side curls and black trench coats. I have to smile everytime I see one. They all really believe that “Chosen One” bullshit… even the plain Ashkenasi believe it, who never dress up in full Jew fashion. Fuck ’em. They’re bugs. They really are a bunch of idiots. They’re going to kill us off with Fukushima but they’re also going to kill themselves off too. Jews do have inteligence but, really, they’re pretty fucking stupid for being so smart.


  2. Pretty much why I comment and post vids and not have a site such as yours. They can stop my vid or comments at one place, but i have done the same at others. Jackasses lol. Keep up the good fight Bman


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