The Holocaust: For Rednecks


Most folks that read here are already informed about the lies from the tribe regarding the “Holocaust”, so this post is not necessarily for you (although if you have not seen this particular video on the subject, it is one of the best made).

No, this post is for my fellow rednecks who have been shovel-fed the Big Lie so that you would not say anything… just go along with the officialanti-semitism-facebook.jpg story (because we all know how wonderful and magnanimous the Jew is… only capable of truth and never an ulterior motive). I mean, think of all the preachers that tell you how wonderful they are: “Chosen” by God, Himself, so surely they are the most truthful, non-manipulating souls to have ever lived on this 9,000 year old Earth (snark).

For many decades we have been shown movie after movie, story after story, lie after lie regarding the one thing that made it possible for the Jews/Zionists to obtain your undying sympathies while solidifying their grasp upon the Palestinian People’s land. Each of these lies are supported by Big Media, especially the Jew owned Hollywood studios which have made countless Holocaust movies (and/or thousands of movies denigrating Germany of the day). I dare you to click on the Hollywood link and measure the shnozzes, if you don’t believe me.

It makes me sick that we have been so gullible; so easily led to believe lies by these very people whom Jesus, Himself, addressed as LIARS. But it is never too late to learn the truth.

Before you simply knee-jerk your self into a tizzy, thinking that I am nothing more than a hater, don’t just skip over the damned movie I just linked to. Watch it, and then comment below and say whatever you like. We can discuss it. But the first rude-ass Jew that says some BS without a real discussion will be made unwelcome immediately.

YahoodPromisedLandAnd if the linked movie is removed (which I would almost guarantee will happen before long) you can always watch (and download it to share with others) at CODOH (in a variety of sizes and resolutions). I have saved it to my PC for the future.

Now its possible that you may just ask, “Why does it matter?”

It matters because this Big Lie is one of the most important controlling aspects of modern history. It has been used in so many ways: to steal your MONEY, to make you subservient to their rule (and seemingly enjoying it), and to make it possible for them to wantonly murder the ones they stole that land from in that little shithole in the desert. They have used this lordship over you redneck gentiles to make YOU serve them in their wars of expanding that shithole, killing far too many of your friends and relatives, all in the name of “freedom” (when freedom is the last damned thing they want for you).


Its time to understand what they have done. And to STOP them in their tracks.


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10 thoughts on “The Holocaust: For Rednecks

  1. I never expected to be a Holocaust revisionist or denier, or what have you, but thats generally where I’m at now. Ever since the Jews ran over Rachel Corrie with an armored bulldozer and then called the theatrical depiction of her life anti-Semitic, in many cases shutting it down, not to mention denying the story any significant news coverage, there’s been a gradual shift in my perspective and a steady re-education that I’ve been undergoing.

    Growing up in East Texas, I can honestly say I’ve gone most of my life without ever even meeting a Jew in person. I can’t say for sure that I ever even met a Jew in college other than one professor. So when I saw this ( ) at my alma mater, in my old Philosophy Department no less, I kind of vomited a little bit metaphorically speaking, and began studying the Jewish Question in earnest:

    The Holocaust videos that had the most effect on me were by Dean Irebodd. I remember watching a couple of his videos one night as being a major turning point for me. Some of his stuff is a little dry, or boring, but its meticulous and logical. And he shows how the Holocaust worldview contributes to the current and future wars by its propaganda value, etc, etc. No big conspiracy theory, but just an honest investigation and sober explanations of how and why.

    I’m not sure I’ve seen all of the ones you listed, but I’m gonna check later. The one with the grannies giving their survivor eye witness false testimony to Spielberg was too much for me, the audacious surety with which they told such blatant, incompetent lies was just too infuriating.


    • Our paths are similar. Being from the deep south, there just aren’t many Jews, so my interactions with them came later. My work made it possible for me to travel all over the country (and many places in the world). It wasn’t until then that I began to see their self-Superiority and blatant racism. But even then, I just ignored it, thinking that they are just assholes and left it alone.

      It wasn’t until I started getting one on one feedback from Jews I became “friendly” with online, thinking that I had an ally in the battle against Big Government (which is now evident that they control, which went unrecognized by me for years). Soon, tho, as I began to question their motives and started seeing their true nature in some interactions, culminating in a run-in with a guy that I actually allowed to post here years ago (and his Jewish cronies on Facebook), that the true nature reared its ugly head.

      Lies. Using me. And then the blatant “anti-Semite” charge when I questioned too deeply, after being held as the opposite by the very same people for a long time, I knew something was afoot.

      Dean’s work opened my eyes. I had uploaded his Auschwitz video to YT and it had hundreds of thousands of hits and hundreds (if not a thousand) comments.

      After that, it was understanding the Jewish infiltration of the Soviet Union and our government that I truly began to see the mendacity of the entire tribe. My search became trying to find the decent ones (which, to this day I can count on one hand) in order to reach some sort of alliance to stop the onslaught. But sadly, it is evident that the tribal mentality is so strong that most will not speak up against the culprits, which makes them complicit in my book.

      Yeah, for thousands of years they have been this way, but now, it is affecting this country just as it has every other country they have done the same to… which is a list of hundreds. So, when I began to read the real history of the NSDAP and Germany of the WWI/WWII era (or which I am a descendant), things truly began to make sense.

      They cannot be trusted and they have made the world despise them for their bogus, lying ways.

      I have no sympathy for the devil.


  2. “There’s no business like shoa business
    Like no business I know
    Everything about it is appealing
    Everything that traffic will allow
    Nowhere could you get that happy feeling
    When you are stealing that extra bow.”

    This old Hollywood tune by Irvin Berlin, very catching by the way, surely is widely known. By replacing show with shoa, I think the tribal mindset is very well captured. Substitute stealing ‘that extra bow’ with everything in your pocket and we are talking tacheles (Hebrew for truth?). Kind of an oxymoron, but what the heck.

    Anyways, BMan, outstanding post. Thank you, can’t believe there are still so many un-joo-wise out there. But it’s the same here in my (red)neck of the woods in Northern British Columbia.


  3. Having had many experiences with jews in my 60 odd years, I can confirm my opinion is in total support of your site.
    I know for a fact that they have total disrespect of all GOY.
    They claim to be one of us, but only pretend to integrate.
    We are all mugs. We believe all the lies they feed us.
    The pressure put upon us over the holohoax (which has actually been revised to below 1 million) and the theoretical gassing (which can not be proved) has manifested into the monster we now call Political Correctness, which has undermined all our moral standards.
    There can never be world peace whilst israel (sic) exists.
    My father was stationed in Palestine as the country was being claimed as ‘just reward’ by the zionists and the tales of abuse by begin’s (sic) gang were harrowing to say the least.
    Parasitic Pariahs in need of extermination.


    • JESUS was not a “JEW”. The only “JEW among the TWELVE was JUDAS!

      JewishChristianSympathizer6 calls the BMan a “dumbass” and shows us all that it is YOU that is the DUMBASS!
      I understand that you are are Ignorant of your own ignorance. Ignorant of just how often you fight Jew fables with Jew™ fables. Then you fight the truth with more JEW™ FABLES!

      You are not able to articulate your position with facts, only FABLES! And you did not even present any thing to argue your point! In other words, you are defending LIARS and their lies! I have provided the FACTS concerning the word JEW™ and I prove that it is a creation of the Illuminati through their control of the Publishing House’s and INFILTRATION of the Seminaries!

      I good start towards your much needed education would be here >>>
      The SYNAGOGUE Of SATAN: EDOMS Playground


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