B’Man’s sweJ Shnozzle Hall of Shame: Nietzsche


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8 thoughts on “B’Man’s sweJ Shnozzle Hall of Shame: Nietzsche

  1. LOL I really like the sweJ. I hope you don’t mind if I borrow that from time to time. I see that working beautifully in social settings. “I believe our waiter is a sweJ” (said directly in front of server).


  2. Interestingly, Nietzsche’s younger sister was extremely anti-Semitic, going so far as to cofound “Nueva Germania” as a purely German colony in Paraguay of all places. As her husband began drinking himself to death and the dream began to crumble, she basically abandoned it, but there are still a few isolated German speaking Paraguayans stuck there. Nietzsche was completely insane and nonfunctional the last decade of his life, but she lived another 30 or so years after him and Hitler attended her funeral. Nietzsche being a self proclaimed “anti-Christ,” wasn’t particularly anti Jew anymore than he was anti everything, but to the extent that anti-Semitism is present in his work, its in large part due to the “editing” that his sister Elisabeth contributed to it in the decades after his death.


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