The Sanjay Shekel Shuffle


I pointed out what a shill for Big Money/Big Meds Sanjay Gupta was 5 years ago.

The man is owned by Big Money. Obama is owned by Big Money. Virtually every person in appointment is owned by Big Money. The entire establishment is owned by Big Money (with so few exceptions that it is meaningless).

I pointed out in that post that he was against medical marijuana (and that he has some sort of weird animal penis fetish, making him unworthy of the appointment to Surgeon General). So, when he came out in a debate on CNN defending medical marijuana last year, I couldn’t help but wonder what his motive was (although I did give him props for doing what I have been doing for years):

OK. So, I don’t know “when” it was that Dr Gupta toked, but he (and Piers) admit to it. But something has changed his mind about it since he wrote in 2007 that it was dangerous and no medical benefits. Even as close as 2009, I was writing about Gupta and his carrying of the official drug war meme. My oh my, how much has changed in a few years.

It is heartening to see him tell you what I have been saying for many years. But does it make you scratch your head wondering why in the world the producers would pick the debate opponent they picked?

photo credit: Jeff Hutchens/Reportage for CNN with this headshot.

I don’t know what sort of character this guy is, but I do know that every interaction on TV is staged to bullshit us into some predetermined thought they want us to believe. I also think that these scumbags are being paid by Big Money whenever the propaganda is ready for consumption. You have to be diligent when determining the real poop, but it is obvious that these shills are on the take and it isn’t out of the goodness of their hearts.

It took a little while, but I think he has now shown his cards: Big Meds has entered into the cannabis growing arena (who’da thunk it???) and the push is on.

Notice how he is visiting one of the few places that marijuana is legal in the UK: the very secret labs of Big Pharma’s, GW Pharmaceuticals, where they are planning to make “prescription marijuana” (again, who’da thunk it???).

Obviously, they are doing what I have said would be done: turning the miracle plant into oils and sprays, calling it “medicine”, when the very natural plant is all one ever needs (without the premium price that will surely come from Big Meds). If it were legal, one could easily make their own oils, if they so wanted.

I laughed when Gupta asked the guy if he “ever got used to the smell”.

I’m not particularly partial to the smell.

Dude, I would take your job and relish in the odor of well-being and health. Being “overpowered” by the “smellivision” would not be a bad thing.

Gupta further illuminates the real deal when he interviews the main man:

In our pre-clinical research, we are able to see what each individual cannabanoid does. So, each one represents a potential new medicine for us.

~ Geoffrey Guy, Chairman

Yeah. Right.

It looks to me that this is the beginning of an attempt to patent a plant and/or its constituents, essentially making a GMO marijuana at some point. I can see where Big Meds will be allowed to offer a “safe medicine” and at the same time attacking the efficacy of the natural plant (in the same way they do all natural substances).

And if you still doubt my contention, in the last year, GW’s stock has risen almost 1000%.

gwp stock

There you go.

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9 thoughts on “The Sanjay Shekel Shuffle

  1. I agree marijuana should have never been illegal, but I’m not particularly looking forward to it becoming industrialized and advertised in fashion magazines. If there’s a concerted shift in marijuana politics going on right now, I suspect its in large part due to the technical ability of corporations to seize the plant’s profitability to the exclusion the garden variety bootlegger.

    Biochemistry is powerful. Not only will it provide big agriculture with the highest yielding, best possible hybrid seeds and strains of marijuana to grow in standardized factory conditions, but if marijuana becomes big business, it follows logically that it will be the catalyst to implement this: The problem won’t be that corporate weed is too expensive. There will be some insanely expensive, high quality buds, sure. But the masses will be buying the cheapest, best advertised product that corporate bio-engineering and marketing can provide.

    In addition, the naturally occurring psychoactive chemicals will be toyed with by corporate scientists, allowing for a Pandora’s Box of genetic and artificial manipulation of mostly benign, but already powerful chemicals. Increased dependence and behavioral apathy would be ideal areas of interest… One can almost envision a dystopian future where corporate/government researched cannabinoids are used to completely pacify dissent.


    • Well said and I agree.

      The fact that we are beginning to see the Big Money connections seems to agree with our premise.

      Back in the 70’s, I knew people that grew their own and in time (trial and error) learned a great deal about how to produce buds with whatever desired effects they wanted. Big Money isn’t needed to accomplish whatever the goal of the grower. Just a green thumb and the right seed/clones. That’s why I started the post with a “Let My People Grow” pic.

      (On a side note, this whacky BS about bud being much more potent now, is not altogether true. There was excellent bud way back in the day, if you knew what you were doing)

      The problem for me is that breaking the plant down into chemical constituents will not give the entire plant’s normal working mechanisms. AND, it simply allows these companies to make a “medicine” from specific chemicals (which will surely be synthesized at some point, disallowing even the need to grow the plants) while at the same time still demonizing the plant. Ask anyone that has been able to take Marinol and they will tell you that the real bud is much better in helping them with their medical issue (at least the few I know have told me that).

      Thanks for sharing.


  2. The very low THC, high CBD strain Charlotte’s Web used for seizures in children is getting a lot of publicity. It’s been all over the MSM news. It’s an example of how the selective breeding for specific aliments could possibly go. The possibilities over time are endless and this may exactly the area big pharma would want to get into and root out or buy out the small breeders. I also don’t think we should be splicing genes of pigs or something into good strains.

    Having not been and probably never will go to CO and test their wares, from what I’ve read most of the strains are the multi-generational offshoots of cross breeding of seeds available in the late 70’s-early 80’s from Amsterdam. The fruity flavors of that time have become some the most popular hybrids today. I can only imagine what they may be like.

    I don’t know but it seems there could be a thriving black market in seeds out of CO over the next few years to the still illegal states. Good things tend to travel fast.


  3. If Big Pharma gets their hands on this plant, my guess is they will destroy it like so many other natural remedies before. Synthetic Vitamin C, D, or what have you, does not have the same effect as the natural varieties. I don’t think our bodies are meant to deal with synthetics.

    But hey, I guess you guys have never heard of our BC bud being the best? I know, it’s presumptuous of me, maybe you did.

    Just a little anecdote. People on Vancouver Island used to grow the good stuff in the open. Plots in the forest, things like that. Of course, there were fly-overs by the drug patrol. So, they attached red Christmas spheres to make it look like tomato plants. Can’t beat people’s inventiveness. 🙂


  4. am patiently wating for open season on malicious stupidity…

    and studiously avoiding the abundance of braindeadgoyism

    remember Ron Engleman

    not to forget that the 4th amendment took a small holiday on 28 Feb 93 . . .

    thanks in no small part to the war on common sense and TALMUDVISION

    so who built the Rock Wall in Rockwall, anyway ?

    “in the spring there is new growth”…Chance Gardner

    you ROCK BMan


      • thanks,

        oops….was in a bit of a hurry and left out a few links to close the “loop”…

        The halakha stipulates:

        “It is better that a person be more liberal in giving gifts to the poor than in preparing his Purim feast or in sending mishloach manot to his friends, for there is no greater and more splendid joy than bringing joy to the hearts of the poor, orphans, widows, and strangers. One who brings joy to these unfortunates resembles the Divine Presence…” (Maimonides, Laws of Megilla, 2, 17).

        This halakha was written for us, too. If we carry it out genuinely, our youngsters will join us and, God willing, we will all experience the fulfillment of the verse, “For the Jews there was light and gladness and rejoicing and honor.”

        Tribe Media is barreling down the Hell Highway of Lies at Turbo Speed (forget Turbo Speed, this is Warp Speed) concerning Syria now. It’s overkill. There’s at least half a dozen individual articles and maybe closer to a dozen at this Israeli propaganda site.

        *** Why are they jacking this up? ***

        Of course they’re all about OVERKILL to begin with; Purim is coming up soon and the blood hunger gets very strong around any one of these satanic holidays. They start getting erections every time they think about the blasted limbs of dead children or some kind of mass kill and all their little Tribe helpers (who really work for the men in the shadows, who we never see and whose names we never get- and who are probably Tribe too (grin)).
        Hey! Two of those look like a double chin grin, if I were to put a colon before them.

        The reason they are hothousing the Syrian thing with all kinds of sick, faux humanitarian sops, is because they think they got Putin preoccupied with The Ukraine…..this buds for you.


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