We Are Watching You Rand Paul

B’Man’s new series, “We Are Watching You”

In this inaugural presentation, we focus on Rand Paul, the next probable US Republican (aka reTHUGlican) presidential candidate.
He shows us to whom his allegiance is fully given (just as every other President and presidential hopeful of the last 30+ years, or more).
He donned the beanie and humped the wall. Now, he explains that Israel is our Besties and that we will protect them at all costs.

And America will (again) kowtow to foolishness and seal the fate of our demise.

Rand Paul interview video courtesy of SavageNationLiberty

Frantic Moving Eyeball video courtesy of Digital Dudz (very cool t-shirt design… check them out):

Background music “Restless Sleep” by Gurdonark
2007 – Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

Video by BuelahMan

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4 thoughts on “We Are Watching You Rand Paul

  1. Great vid, BMan, especially the pointers accompanying this puke’s talk. You couldn’ t have made a better match. Another Israel firster who doesn’t deserve the time of the day. His ‘aliyah’ to the wailing wall speaks for itself.


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