Communist Core

OK, Class. Please see the following math problem and use the graph to find the answer (cheating by using your multiplication tables will culminate in an automatic F).


Yes, this is how the new math instructs these kids in how to solve the problem.

This is a very small example of many we have seen with our own eyes.

f503_1598081393_nI may not be the sharpest pencil in the box, but I ain’t the broke-off little stub stuck in the corner, neither. And I can figure out the reason why… as a kid I read incessantly. I always had a book in my hand (at least when I wasn’t outside playing Army with my little green men, riding my bicycle, or playing kick-the-can with the neighborhood kids). I could escape to those amazing places and experience the setting that a good author can inspire. To this day, I read all the time (interspersed with a video or two). I am constantly learning new things and mostly through the written word.

When it comes to math, I am no slouch, either. As a matter of fact, when I was in the third grade, I was my mother’s tutor when it came to fractions (she never completed school in the aftermath of WWII Germany and got her GED when I was about 9). We were quite poor and she would take my little sister and I with her to the night classes after her work day (beautician). She barely knew English, so I was her only real teacher to help with homework.

But something is very different about this Common Core stuff.6dc4c39abe9bf12f52614596940e4c4f

I have a daughter in elementary school who is an A student. She is brilliant, but I see what some of this curriculum is doing to her… confuse and dumb her down. It is also geared to making her a good little wage slave, tool and worshiper of the Government. It is said to foster critical thinking, when it does the exact opposite.

The following video is somewhat long, but it gets into the nuts and bolts of what is intentionally being done to dumb down and control the young generation.

AWC Family Foundation lecture:
“Story-Killers: How the Common Core Destroys Minds and Souls”

Terrence O. Moore
Professor of History, Hillsdale College

Thursday, January 9, 2014
12:00 p.m. — 1:00 p.m.

The Common Core Standards control the testing and curriculum of public schools and a large number of private schools in over forty states in the nation. Sold to the public as a needed reform, the Common Core nationalizes absurdity, superficiality, and political bias in the American classroom. As a result, the great stories of a great nation are at risk, along with the minds and souls of our children.

Terrence O Moore is an assistant professor of history at Hillsdale College. A former Marine with a Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh, he served as the founding principal of a top K-12 classical school in Colorado and advises Hillsdale’s Charter School Initiative, providing assistance with the formation of classical charter schools across the country. Dr. Moore is the author of The Perfect Game and The Story-Killers: A Common Sense Case Against the Common Core.

As a bonus, here are a few more of these brain developing problems various people have seen in the US:



And remember that doing math is “reasonable”:


Maybe its just me, but I believe it is “reasonable” to think that these people are doing something to harm my child.

EDIT 3/22 (too good to not add):


h/t Truth In American Education

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18 thoughts on “Communist Core

  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s a math problem.

    This country has gone insane.

    I’m posting this at PW too.

    Thought you were going to email me?



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    • Yeah, I saw that in my Reader when it came out. Weird that they write about it, but they say in “coming decades”. Somehow, I doubt we have that long.


      • Here’s how I sum it…
        Global population is many billions beyond sustainable. The book, OVERSHOOT (1980?), figured the United States population was too large for sustainibility by 1860. We get by due to the Green Revolution, i.e., we are nearly literally eating petroleum. Global peak-oil was in the vicinity of 2005. We have flatened out the top of the peak because of increasingly exotic and expensive forms of extraction… Canadian tar sands, deep sea drilling, fracking. All low hanging petroleum fruit is long gone. As soon as the cost of one barrel equals the cost to extract one barrel, GAME OVER and may God help us.

        During a long car drive, it occurred to me that 2014 plus 15 makes 2029, the 100th anniversary of the Great Depression. And we all know how the 539’s love anniversaries. But I do agree. I don’t see how we can possibly make it to 2029. I don’t know how we made it to 2014.


        • Global peak oil keeps pushing out the dates… constantly. Also, I must note that wikipedia seems to agree with your statements, which causes me to question the age old storyline. Some people claim that oil is abiogenically created and replenishes itself constantly.

          I don’t really know one way or the other, but when your hypothesis matches the likes of those who want to cull the population (Gates, Turner, Dr. Eric R. Pianka, Prince Charles and many of the same scoundrels that have run this world into the ground), then, again, I find the hypothesis questionable.

          I must also mention that the media touts the same stuff. And I don’t trust anything the media tells us of this importance.

          It seems to me that controlling humanity, artificially raising the price of oil, and keeping the alternative energies from us are all indicators that this is more about profit/control than it is about oil depleting to a point that it is unrecoverable.

          As for sustaining the population, if these same bastards would allow those energies (free and whatever else) that they have kept from us… and the fact that the world throws away so much food, I am not sure I agree with you in that regard either.

          But nature has a way of culling us every now and again. So, long term, I doubt it is as much of a problem as these folks like Catton intimate.


          • “Some people claim that oil is abiogenically created and replenishes itself constantly”.
            University educated persons believing abiotic oil is outside the realm of Santa, Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy, should demand their tuitions refunded. First day of class, basic bone-head Organic Chemistry 101… organic compounds are the stuff of life. They arise from living things or once living things. Synthetic organic compounds are made with natural organic compounds as starting material. Are you suggesting some sort of sub-surface anaerobic organism may be responsible? Let’s call him “Oil Bunny”.

            If the Oil Bunny is real, why isn’t Spindle-Top re-filling with brent sweet? Why isn’t there a global rush to reclain every depleted well on earth? Sadly, the Oil Bunny hides her petroleum goodies much better than does the Easter Bunny; therefore, debate over her existance is moot. Believe what you want. If you cannot access the Oil Bunny’s treasures, the self delusion has no legs.

            Maybe it’s human nature that we cradle the most ridiculous-to-the-extreme yarns, if it lends to a story with a happy ending. But I don’t come here to feed the deluded. Time to grow a set of balls. Ever made wine? What happens to your rapidly multiplying wine yeast? Ever made beer? What eventually becomes of the beer yeast? What happens to rapidly multiplying mule deer on an island with no predators? Those are the easy, soft-ball, questions that everyone seems capable of answering correctly. Why does logic de-rail when applying it to ourselves? Misanthopy aside, we are the rats of the earth. We are physically rather large animals and we ravagely destroy and exaust our environmment. There is not one example in biology of an out-of-control population correcting itself… not one. And when populations do collapse, they do so catastrphically… not sometimes they collapse catastrophically, EVERYTIME they collapse catastrophically. You can make a “when” argument but there is no “if” to argue.

            Capitalist don’t spend extra money on producing the product they sell to support a conspiracy theory. We all know it’s just about money. They may, indeed, be charging too much for their product but they are also spending more to extract it. We extract from tar-sands, the deep sea and fracking only because that’s what is left. Take away the extreme measures and you still have a peak around 2005. It alarms me that people, like you, view increased production as cause for confidence. You need to look at HOW that increased production was possible. We’re heating the house by burning the furniture.


            • When a person uses such minimizing terms such as, Santa, Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy… Oil Bunny… ridiculous-to-the-extreme yarns… But I don’t come here to feed the deluded, to make their argument causes me to suspect their motives and knowledge. You can regurgitate the official storyline all you care to, but I do not appreciate the derogatory attitude.

              And when did I ever ask you to “feed me… the deluded”? I expect respect and common decency when people comment here. How’s this: if you intend to continue to belittle me or anyone else that has a difference of opinion, then dance your happy ass somewhere else. I won’t give a rat’s ass one way or the other.

              Or maybe, instead of being such a raving, smarmy asshole, you should spend less time puking up Big Oil’s rhetoric and learn something new. Maybe you can find an answer to the question that obviously arises: how is oil an organically created substance, when deep drilling reaches far lower than any organic substances are found? Hell fire, brainiac, maybe you should consult the Russians (P.N. Kroptkin), who have drilled deeper than anyone else and they suggest that the earth’s magma produces this substance. Or perhaps you can explain how the TRILLIONS of gallons of KNOWN oil reserves came from organic matter when there hasn’t been enough organic matter to have created the shit in the first place.

              There are some decent links down in MachtNichts comment that might help you overcome your “University education”. But somehow, I can imagine that you already know it all and won’t bother.

              Either way, lighten up or get the fuck out.


                • Don’t be desperate, Allison. It is truly even more unbecoming than your normal comments. There is not a single thing that I have written that came from wiki, yet if I search wiki I find bullshit almost identical to what you shared.

                  You mimic the Jew perfectly, Dear. You must be proud.

                  I expect that you will not be back, but just in case, that is why I now relegate your comments to the spam filter, so I can approve them. I doubt that I let any more through.

                  And as I suspected, you didn’t check a single reference to the links shared. That figures.

                  Good day. And good riddance.


        • Yeah Allison, with all due respect, I have to agree with the B-Man here 100%. The whole apocalyptic theme is a Jew meme pushed to make people lose hope and feel an overwhelming desperation. People like that are easy to control. Like the B-Man says, regarding over-population and the food supply, the problem is with waste. Just look at the 1000s of packed full grocery stores in this country and think of how many restaurants and theme parks there are with people throwing away millions of tones of food every day. And the same thing is happening in Dubai, Japan, Europe, etc. I have read that in fact there is enough resources to actually sustain perhaps another 10 billion people on the planet easily and I believe it just by using coming sense and looking around. Ever drive through Texas and see the vast expanses of empty land? How about British Columbia? You do realize that Siberia dwarfs both of these areas and is virtually empty by comparison? And I could go on…….

          Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not promoting reckless consumerism. I am not a materialist. I practice what I preach and live a very simple, frugal lifestyle. What needs to happen is that this needs to become a common way of life for all, for if the waste and greed continues unabated, then yes, an apocalyptic scenario could become reality. But it won’t be from over-population or because the earth can’t sustain us. It will be because of Jewish consumerism, pure and simple. It will be death by poison.


  3. And of course, the 800 lb gorilla in the room is Jewish feminism.

    I too, have a daughter in public school. Middle school, sixth grade, to be exact, in the bible belt. At her school there are only 5 males on the faculty of 32, which I understand is an accurate reflection of the national male to female ratio within public education. Now, I am very well aware that teaching, especially pre-adolescents, has traditionally been more inclined to females than to males, which is natural and normal. What is very different today is that these women exclusively come from the Jewish feminist dominated university system that pushes the communist agenda, such as Common Core. Anyone remotely familiar with the JQ knows very well that Feminism/Communism/Cultural Marxism are all tentacles of the same Jewish beast. Although the female teachers that I have met are pleasant enough to speak with, without exception they exude the militant, arrogant, Jewish feminist attitude as they express themselves. It is also very obvious in policy and procedures. This includes the female principle. And the three males that I have met are all supplicating, passive, push-overs that just go along to get along.

    Examples: My daughter tells me about a school assembly on bullying. All the girls had their pinky nail painted in a promise to stand up to bullying. What did the boys get? Jack shit, that’s what. It seems only females can make a stand on something worthwhile. Boys, just sit back and watch girrrlllll power kick some ass. I mean, we all know that it is only the boys that are acting up, and it is only girls that can put them in their places. The fact that probably 90% percent of the crappy behavior that my daughter tells me about is coming from the girls can’t have any bearing on reality of course. Furthermore, I asked my daughter what the message was. “Well, always get along with everyone, and if there is ever a problem, immediately run to an authority figure.” So, someone is constantly disrespecting you, maybe even shoving you, hitting you, but just ignore it and pretend it is ok….until it blows up, and then go tattle. When I was in school it was always a male principle and trouble makers were sent to him immediately to get their asses whooped; end of story, problem solved. No wasted time on assemblies, pinky promises, or taking abuse for only God knows how long at the hands of some asshole in the name of “always getting along”. This is right out of the “communist worker’s paradise meme” where we all pretend that just because we are working in the same hellhole, we are all brothers in arms, no matter how bad you are being treated by your contemporaries. Fuck reality, who needs that, it just gets in the way. It’s work after all, confronting reality. Best not go there………

    Around Christmas time there was a school dance. My girl comes home with a newsletter instructing about the dress code. It was formal; boys must be in jackets and/or ties. That is it. Not a word about the girls. That one I really couldn’t believe. “Girls, do whatever the hell you want…. Shit, come naked if you wish……boys, not so much…….”

    And remember, this is in the south. Rural. Bible belt. Supposedly traditional. I just shudder to imagine what type of progressive nightmare is happening in metropolitan “lefty” areas, like Portland, OR, for example. No wonder this whole generation of males is turning out gay or metrosexual. The ruling Jews won’t have much to fear from them………coincidence? Me thinks not…Oh wait, I forgot, women are now permitted in combat. Wow, that was close, looks like the day will be saved after all……

    Some time ago my daughter tells me how much she hates silent lunches. I asked her what in the hell is a silent lunch. She tells me that whenever “they” feel that the students are acting up (it doesn’t even seem that it is determined if it is just a few, many, or why, etc), the whole school is punished with a “silent lunch” where no one is permitted to speak during the whole lunch hour. This is a textbook feminist, passive-aggressive, herd mentality, communist, attempt-at-problem-solving, straight out of the Soviet gulag system. Too much work and really uncomfortable finding, confronting, and punishing the guilty parties? Not a problem! Just punish them all……….Do you think it would ever occur to these totalitarians as to why it is that the kids respect them so little that they won’t quiet down when asked? And furthermore, lunch is recess, it is supposed to be free time for the kids to socialize and blow off steam… why in the hell do they need to be all-so-quiet and orderly at this time? Just to intimidate perhaps?

    And in each one of these cases it is always a woman administering the policy/procedure or punishment according to my girl. The only accounts of reprimand by a male that I have heard of are the language arts teacher, who is the epitome of a limp-wristed, but militant, male feminist of the harpy type. “BE QUIET!!! NO TALKING!!!! YOU WILL GET A TICKET!!!”

    In the name of brevity I will keep the examples at these few, but I could write on almost indefinitely.

    What does this have to do with the Common Core lessons outlined in the article? Take a good look at them while remembering that the National Education Foundation that designs this crap is completely dominated by militant feminists, Jews, queers and the like. All of these “steps” for solving simple problems in the form of graphs and flowery language are reflections of the sentimental feminine mind projected into the analytic realm. You see, it “feels good” to “talk it out”… “share”… “be heard”…which of course, for the much more emotional female, if permitted, takes precedent over efficiency and proper results when executing a task. And before us we see the results of this mindset; mass confusion and chaos.

    Thankfully, my daughter is quite immune to the vast majority of all of this for the simple fact that she is being raised Jew-wise.


    • It is almost exactly the same way at my daughter’s school. Hardly any men around (even though both Principal and Asst Principal are men… albeit sorta pansy-like). Much different than the Principals we had, who would put a paddle on your ass in a heart beat.
      I had several paddlings growing up and deserved each and every one I got. To this day I appreciate those men.
      As a matter of fact, when the women teachers had a problem, they would send the boys to one of the coaches (who taught history). I remember the middle school coach, Coach Jackson (a great big black dude who was normally a great guy). In the 8th grade, he could sit at his desk and a boy would bend over beside him and without getting out of his chair would hit you with that paddle and you would NOT forget it. Same with the HS coaches.
      I hardly remember a girl getting a paddling, but the very few times it happened, it was always a woman doing the paddling.
      I have an old paddle that my father-in-law used when he taught/coached. It has names all over it. Those who got a paddling from him loved him dearly and wanted to sign it. A badge of honor, in a way.
      I don’t have to paddle my daughter, but if she does get out of line, I just reach up on the mantle and grab it. It works without even having to swing it.
      My daughter is now learning about the founding of this country. I take extra time explaining the things (and people) they leave out. Almost in a cursory way they explain that the founders were people like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin (which is good). When discussing the writing of the Declaration of Independence, they won’t even mention Thomas Jefferson for God’s sake.
      When talking about the Bill of Rights, the only one they mention is freedom of speech and NOTHING else. I have explained the others, especially the 2nd.


  4. I just had a good laugh , BMan, reading the comments, no offense. Common core, peak oil and overpopulation, never mind those pesky jewish feminists. Of course, CC is a really bad joke on our kids. We were taught to add, subtract, multiply and divide in hour heads, had a drill at the beginning of math class and the last man standing was rewarded with a candy. And that happened in the fifties and sixties. Juggling numbers mentally really comes in handy today at the grocery store when you have to figure out the ever diminishing weight and compare it to the price without a calculator.

    Overpopulation in my eyes is a myth, perpetrated by the usual suspects ; Mother Nature is very capable of sustaining us all if it wasn’t for the mismanagement by the few. Or how can you make sense of using prime agricultural land for growing corn for fuel instead of food? That peak oil theory which, as you said, has been pushed further and further out is another scam to fleece the average guy. I remember in 1973 we had the ‘oil crisis’ in Germany and were forbidden to drive our cars on Sundays for a few weeks. So, my sister and I went out for a (pedal) bike ride and gawked at the empty autobahn. Something out of a Stephen King novel.

    More evidence for sustainable oil: and and and one more:


    • My daughter came home a couple of nights ago and had two math worksheets (I should scan them and share, I suppose). In one, they were shown how to use this very strange matrix chart to do a similar math problem as shown above. Because we had been teaching her how to do the math in her head (as you say and as I learned), she simply could not grasp the notion.
      The second sheet was showing how to do multiplication of two 2 digit numbers the old standard way, but by then she was confused and cried her heart out because she couldn’t understand.

      It took 4 hours to finally get her to make sense of it and now she is fine.

      My point?

      They are intentionally doing these things to fuck with their heads… to make them confused… to dumb them down.

      The entire time she could give us the answer in her head, but on paper she struggled, especially because of the stupid matrix.

      I explained to her that knowing the standard way is important because she may need to multiply 4 or five digit numbers together.

      She was taught her multiplication tables before she was instructed at school. And, I must brag, she is truly brilliant (smarter than I ever was). It is a shame that she is being done this way.


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