Crossing The Line

Like the graphic below says, most rapes are not interracial. But when it does “cross racial lines”, here are the stats (look them up for yourself):


And please, don’t be like a previous commenter who tried to imply that I am only a racist. Does one have to be a racist to point out uncomfortable truths? Race cards will not be accepted here.

I covered this taboo subject before on several occasions, specifically regarding murder (and also just general crime statistics). Here are but two examples:

It’s All Whitey’s Fault

Do You Want Me To Kill Your Baby?


It seems to me that many black folks carry a hatred towards white folks (which is fostered and driven by the media… hence by Jews). It has become common to see gangs of blacks attacking innocent white folk in “knock-out games” and crimes like robbery or worse. It has caused an h5A3A76AAattitude I call “immunity to death”.

For instance, about two years ago I was driving down the street near my home (35 MPH) when I came upon three black dudes walking along the side of the road. As I approached I slowed down to about 10 MPH and swerved wide, just to make sure they were safe. One dude with a hat on sideways jumped towards the center of the road and I had to stop. He started yelling at me and making gestures, then yelled:

“What you gonna do?”

I smiled knowing that I was protected by my little friend in the car, and he decided to drop it and moved to the side (the other two, notably, were standing on the side of the road the entire time and never said a word).

Now, why would he do that? What kind of idiot would jeopardize his life like that, except one who thinks he is immune to death. Or believes he is the ultimate bad ass. It is that mindset of immunity to death that also seems to perpetuate the Bad Ass psychology.

Sometimes it take a rude awakening to reset that mindset.

When you have a gang of folks attacking a white person, the outcome is generally quite different. In this case, the sole “immune to death” black dude who thought that being from New York made him some sort of bad ass, had his bad ass handed to him. How did it start? I dunno, but it is quite clear how it ended.

And notice, it didn’t take a gang of white dudes to end the harassment/attack. The white dudes didn’t gang up kicking and blackVictimhoodGig-300x269beating the dude after he was down and out. It also didn’t take a sneak attack to punch the loudmouth out. As a matter of fact, the white dude tried to ignore the obnoxious scumbag and move along.

Being immune to death and harboring a bad ass complex didn’t work out to well for Homie, did it?

Good for whitey.

h/t tom

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