Mysterious Stone Chambers & Giants Discovered in New England- Jim Vieira

Mysterious Stone Chambers & Giants Discovered in New England- Jim Vieira

I find it incredible that I had never heard of these stories of giants and structures built thousands of years ago in the North American continent (all over the world actually). But when one realizes that Real History has been hidden by lies, deceit and misdirections from the truth, it should no longer come as a surprise.

So, why would the officials hide this information? Why would it be allowed that all these remains and artifacts taken by The Smithsonian are now “missing” (or hidden from view)? I know its an hour, but was worth every minute I invested.

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3 thoughts on “Mysterious Stone Chambers & Giants Discovered in New England- Jim Vieira

  1. B-man it is a shame that those who rule us keep these things from us for their own reasons.
    The saddest thing is that with their false religions they hide the real truth from those who want to know the truth.
    Mankind was made for far better things than even he knows at this time because of these lies.
    The truth about why were born in the first place would set many free from the lies if they would only believe ALL that the Hebrew prophets have spoken, one day they will see and understand the truth about creation and the One Who created us.
    Here is a web site that knows these things and is doing all it can to get the wonderful message out to a dying world.
    Check us out.

    Have yourself a great day.



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  3. If one doesn’t have even a glimmer of interest into why we do not hear of these things, then you truely are brainwashed into thinking life is as we are told. Go back to your ipads , download the latest apps, play angry bird ,candy crush, watch the idiocy on you tube ….go back to sleep, nothing to see here.


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