Who Are The Real Parasites?

Are they the Jason Greenslates of the world?


29-Year-Old Welfare Parasite Would Not Accept An $80,000 A Year Job Driving A Truck

These baby eaters (people like Michael Snyder, who wrote the piece) use someone like Sean Hannity, (an uneducated baby eater who somehow went from traveling the country Hannityeatsbabydoing general contracting work and bar tending to TV fame… seemingly by sucking up to the sweJ)  as some sort of role model for work ethic to attack the people who have no real job potential and are conditioned to be the “welfare parasites” he suggests they are. Now I don’t know much about Snyder, but something tells me that his gig (writing blogs and books) probably pays pretty well because he was an attorney who quit (or was fired?) and started writing. Something tells me he would not sit his ass in a trucker’s seat for any amount of money, even if his idol, Sean Hannity, could get him the job after his blogs were deleted by Homeland Security and books spontaneously combusted.

Yes, Michael, please use a Fox News Millionaire to educate us on what a real work ethic is.

But I digress from my point.

I am not defending this Greenslate guy in as much as I am trying to remonstrate the massive hypocrisy of a well-to-do writer calling attention to the poorparasite man’s parasitism and NOT looking at the elephant in the room who is truly the real blood-sucking scroungers that have taken America’s wealth and left us ignorant, jobless and destitute.

America was built off the white European work ethic. Diversity has produced an entire group of dependent folks with little to no work ethic. The take-over of education by these same culprits dumbs down the young ones and fosters a dependency mindset, not to mention total laziness (just compare Common Core to what I grew up with in the 1960′s school systems). Even from the lowest educated state in the union (Mississippi), I was taught upper level math courses, sciences, and history (albeit tainted from the government’s point of view). If you failed… you FAILED and stayed back to do it all over again. Today, no one is “left behind” and everyone gets to pass (work hard or not).

Maybe you should watch the B’Man original video derived from Greg’s work at The Goon Squad to understand what a real parasite is:

My mother is German (born in 1942 and raised in WWII’s horrifying aftermath). The German work ethic is unbelievable and she taught me to earn for myself and not depend on any entity. She had me working from the time I was 13 years old, until I was 17, then I took two more jobs on top of the one she and Dad furnished me that took me through my first two years of college (flipping hamburgers and as a DJ at a skating rink). By George, I know what it is to work.

But let us face realities that many “old guys” seem to forget,  ignore, or are too ignorant to understand. We must understand that where we find ourselves as a society is purposeful and orchestrated. We are brainwashed to believe thisBankers-and-Tick1 is how it should be. With each and every generation, the work ethic is watered down to near nothingness. The Haves are able to send kids to schools (private) which still teach certain priorities and skill-sets, whereas poor folk don’t get those same training and enlightenment possibilities. Schools like I once attended no longer teach the same methods and curriculum. Sports get all the money and the arts get nothing. A wonderful lady I graduated high school with (who went on to teach young children in the same public school) recently told me she wants out, for in her opinion, they are designedly dumbing the kids down.

Fred On Everything illustrates my “dumbing down” point by discussing “Blended Learning” in Brooklyn, New York (and you wonder why there are so many illiterates with no chance at actually attaining the “decent jobs” that no longer exist in this country):

Despite much wringing of teeth and gnashing of hands about the decline in schooling in the United States, I have seen very little concrete comparison between then and now, whatever one means by “then.” In my small way, as a mere anecdote in a sea of troubles, I hereby offer an actual comparison. Permit me to preview the result: Much of the United States has sunk to the level of the lower ranks of the Third World.

DeliberateDumbingDownAs an example of documented current practice in urban schools—I have seen similar from Detroit, Chicago, and Mississippi—here are a few emails sent to the New York Post by students of Manhattan’s Murry Bergtraum HS for Business Careers. These have been posted by various horrified writers, but I repeat them here in case the reader hasn’t seen them. They concern the students’ support for something called “Blended Learning,” in which one watches a video, answers a few questions, and gets credit. The Post had written a piece critical of same, putting the students into an uproar.

A junior wrote: “What do you get of giving false accusations im one of the students that has blended learning I had a course of English and I passed and and it helped a lot you’re a reported your support to get truth information other than starting rumors . . .”

Right out of Milton, that.

Another wrote: “To deeply criticize a program that has helped many students especially seniors to graduate I should not see no complaints.”

One student said the online system beats the classroom because “you can digest in the information at your own paste.”

Now, I have no information on what things they do not know other than English. Approximately everything, I suspect. I do know that growing up long ago in average white schools from kindergarten onwards, I learned to speak better English by the second grade than these high-school students—“students”—will likely ever speak. I could write much better English. I think it reasonable to suspect that kids who want to digest in information at their own paste probably do not know a lot of algebra or chemistry. We are producing illiterate, unemployable barbarians inassimilable to a First World country.

Let us move along at my slow, redneck “paste”…


We must note that as people like Snyder seem to dislike the slugs who get a few hundred bucks a month (with the cursory attempt to address the people who simply can NOT find work, much less an $80K/year job some TV personality says he can get him), but where is he addressing the real Welfare Queens like the bankers and giant corporations who get $60-80BILLION/month (which dwarfs the slugs’ meager pittance)? And how about the giant corporations who off shore their headquarters and pay ZERO taxes. Or folks like Facebook and GE owners who get all sorts of subsidies and tax breaks where I (a poor Tennessean) pay more in actual taxes than they do.


If someone wants to bitch, then why not harp on these same giant corp asswipes that sent all the decent paying jobs to China (or anywhere else to maximize profit while strangling to death the American worker who made it possible for them to rip us all off), enabling them to enjoy their Mega bonuses and tax free lifestyles?

I would say that focusing on some rock band punk who is the least problematic and not addressing the REAL issues shows stupidity or worse.

I have shared the following video before, but it shows us a little bit about the “baby eater” phenomena I elude to (again, one of my favorite videos of all time) and how we should band together to stop it:

h/t SHTFPlan , The Goon Squad and Fred On Everything

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5 thoughts on “Who Are The Real Parasites?

  1. Great stuff, Bman! I taught high school English for a number of years in a poor school in Hawaii. The worst part was the effect on the bright students who ended up getting much less of an education than they should have. The lower end never got much from the process, and the schools were not mandated to keep them the way they are now. Discipline issues are usually seen as the teacher’s fault, so many resort to lowering expectations and bribery (cellphones and food). I finally had to chuck it and go back to teaching English to foreigners.

    If we get that parasite cleanse done, we can go back to offering children a roughly equal opportunity to become literate we and open door exit policy for those who are unable to adapt to the expectations and responsibilities.


  2. If we put the REAL parasites where they belong, we can then put a stop to the manufactured parasites the REAL parasites cause.

    Government is nothing more than a place for corrupt individuals to gather and plan.


  3. Great post, B-man.
    An old measure of the health of a Society was how well we take care of those who have difficulty taking care of themselves. The old, the mentally ill or handicapped, in short those unable or unwilling to take care of themselves.
    It indicates the depth of our collective compassion.
    That measure of our society was at one time quite high, and was fueled by those who had suffered great stress, who had seen and experienced firsthand the results of man’s inhumanity to one another.
    People like your German mother, or my British mother. (She married a Canadian Airman, in London, before the war ended.)
    Growing watching physically and mentally de-capacitated WW 1 vets shuffling the streets of Nottingham, only to witness firsthand the men returning in various states of disrepair from WW2. Burnt up Airmen most horrified her. How they had the will to carry on is etched into her being.
    Hard work? She moved to Canada carrying a 1.5 year old infant alone and on a ship packed with other war brides, then she traveled across the country to a Ranch in the Middle of Alberta with no running water, or electricity, went on to raise 6 children. My parents parted only when my father passed away in 2000.
    Work? You bet. They left the ranch in 1950; my father re-joined the Air force, and learned electronics, working on DEW line Radar installations till 1968. Not bad for a Redneck who got his grade 12 education in a one room school across 5 miles of empty Prairies from the homestead. The School was just sitting alone on the Prairies, with the teacher living upstairs.
    Now, the next point I bring up is without any attempt to harken the horror of being imprisoned in a German (or any other slave labor) camp, but the words written on the entrance to (most notably) the Auschwitz camp:
    “Arbeit macht frei” (“work makes (you) free”)
    It’s true, isn’t it?
    That meaning has largely gotten lost in today’s world.
    I still see it in the frontier fringes of redneck Alberta, where resource development demands so much from those willing to work that way, where hard work and Hard Play are indistinguishable in intensity.
    Still, people today are not driven by the same “Needs” as the older generations, because the money is terrific, the need to hold more than one job does not exist here, and the “Survival Instinct“ has been replaced by the “self”, but they know how to work.
    So finally, the point: “Survival Instinct”
    You can use cattle as one analogy. Wild cattle have a pretty good survival instinct. Try to get that calf away from its mother. It isn’t going to happen without a fight. She will work hard to protect her young.
    This is a good trait for wild animals, not at all good if you want to manage a “Tame” herd. So what do you do if you have a “tame” cow that defends her young too aggressively? You send her to the butcher.
    Another example is chickens. If you like chickens and gather the eggs the old fashioned way, try taking the eggs from under a semi-wild bird. You will meet some resistance.
    The modern chicken has had its protection instinct bred out of it and with indifference, stand up while you reach under her.
    So if you want compliance from your herd, get rid of those traits that stir up basic instincts of survival.
    How are you going to do that with people? Our maturation and generational roll over is slow in comparison to other species, but we have a very malleable mind.
    That is where the action is for the “Human Herd” mangers. Crappy education, take away peoples love for their children, elders, each other, and you will end up with a herd that makes you money.
    Or go willingly to war. Or accept without a whimper draconian laws. Turn in your fellow citizen for nothing more than a thought.
    We have no longer “Herd Together” to save our souls; it is being bred out of us, fast.


    • Thank you, kind Sir!

      Things are very different and you point out several very good reasons why. One thing that I have looked at is the diet (foods with sugars, chemically laden, poisons, etc). I plan to post a video by the CBC tonight that addresses the sugar part (very enlightening).


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