Vlad: The Faerie Queene Dragon Slayer


When I was approached by Mike at The Tomato Bubble to collaboratively produce the graphic above (found here on his site), I immediately thought of The Faerie Queene by Edmund Spenser (a poem I forced myself to read when I was young). I am not sure if I would even recommend that you read it, but in a nutshell it is one of the longest poems in English and is a figurative account of various knights of Olde and their virtues.

Spenser wrote about the poem:

the general end of the book is to fashion a gentleman or noble person in virtuous and gentle discipline

Something tells me that Barry Soetoero never read it, while Vladamir Putin likely has (just from the differences I have noticed between the two). Obama has no virtuous or gentle discipline. I don’t think he has any sort of discipline, for that matter. Vlad (whether virtuous or not, I am unclear), but he seems to have discipline.

Vlad doesn’t mind calling out the Jew, whereas Barack licks their boots.

The graphic is a good representation of what is happening in the battle between two figures in world politics.

I cannot recommend The Tomato Bubble enough and feel like you should visit. The Hitler Visits Oprah piece is excellent and the Forbidden History timeline is easy to understand, even for this ole redneck. I should also point out one of my favorites, It’s A Wonderful Race.

It is a great site.

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