Everyone Is A Pothead (They Just Don’t Know It)

Exercise, Manual Therapy, and the Endocannabinoid System: Why we’re all inherently potheads

by Dr. Andreo A. Spina


What if I were to tell you that this biological system permeates the entire human body with receptors located in skeletal muscle, the digestive tract, adipose (fat) tissue, and throughout the peripheral and central nervous systems (including the brain)? Again, you would question why this system is not studied, discussed, or even mentioned in most in physiology/health classes.

What if I were to tell you that the Endocannabinoid system (or ECS):

–   Helps regulate the central control of energy balance

–   Helps regulate metabolic processes (including storage)

–   Plays a key role in the maintenance of bone mass

–   Regulates intestinal motility

–   Promotes/regulates sleep

–   Is involved in neuromodulation and immunomodulation in the immune system

–   Is involved in modulating insulin sensitivity

–   Is involved in the regulation of pain signaling

–   And much more

You can read the entire, educational blog post here.


I have been preaching for quite some time that somehow or another (meaning that our bodies were either designed or we evolved to receive the cannabinoids found only in the cannabis plant),  this “endocannabinoid system” is found in our bodies (yes, each and every human being, including the naysayers, the prohibitionists and the ignorant).

What (you ask)?

“God wouldn’t create us to receive something that is evil, would He?”

I guess I am just supposed to believe that it is all a coincidence or not important or useful (or maybe God didn’t know what He was doing), right?God_made_weed,_man_made_beer

Doesn’t that strike you as strange? That our body is made to use this substance, yet you have a government and complicit media/health/law enforcement that continually use erroneous data and conjecture to keep you from using it?

Can you not see that the misdirection has purpose to stop good health and healing? Do you understand they spend $TRILLIONS of your tax dollars on deception and perversions used to arrest people so certain entities can make huge amounts of money?

They don’t want you to know about alternative means of administration (like eating raw cannabis that will, in no way, get you “high”)? But because the THC can not be administered without heating the stuff except via a trans-dermal patch (and, yes, the THC is beneficial in many ways), one can eat “consumables” (foods with it in it),  oils produced from it, smoke it, or better yet, vaporize it . Most of these means heat the THC and one can use its palliative agents for their ailments. The point is that one doesn’t have to risk any lung irritation to use THC.

Heavy smoking can, indeed, cause a range of lung issues, but moderate smoking does not (no matter what the “official line” boot-lickers tell you). These prohibitionists continually minimize its advantages and call it all sorts of names meant to brainwash you against it. What is sad is that many people (like a former commenter who believes that they are informed on a variety of subjects I discuss here), fall for the lies of the very ones they generally G-GodCreatedMarijvehemently disagree with, regurgitate those very lies, and discount its usefulness which is becoming more and more evident (except to those, like her, who are willingly ignorant).

It is bizarre how ignorant and strong-headed some self-described thinkers can be, when, in fact, they are simply regurgitating the tired old indoctrination.

On a side note, this desperate person continued to harass me via email after our last discussion on the blog (which culminated in me banning their IP address from commenting).

Her parting shot was,

“You’re certainly not an intellectual.  More like a pot-head with a fragile ego.”

She’s only half correct: I am no intellectual. But let me assure you that I have absolutely no cannabis in my system (altho I believe that it god_grows_marijuana1would help with my slightly elevated BP and arthritic aches and pains). As a matter of fact, there are NO drugs of any type in my system, except for my BP meds (hellfire, I don’t even drink alcohol, which is deadly, but legal). But from the last interaction with that bedlamite, it would seem that she is very well-versed in alcohol consumption.

My continual push for medical marijuana legalization is for people near and dear to me. I know people who suffer daily and would benefit from this medicine, but it is still illegal where I live (and many of the citizens still believe the dogma). Nevertheless, it is ludicrous to keep this innocuous wonder plant illegal for any reason, despite the nincompoops that still accept and trust the very people who profit from its illegality or want you sick and dying or are too brainwashed to know the difference.

What if God smoked cannabis?

What if God smoked cannabis?

It is high time (no pun intended) to understand that they LIE to us about this (and virtually everything else).

Now, enjoy some a collection of history’s best weed songs (I assembled in a playlist only available to readers here):

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h/t Cannabis Journal (originally featured at Functional Anatomy Blog)

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17 thoughts on “Everyone Is A Pothead (They Just Don’t Know It)

  1. The Bupkes I highlighted above has used the tired old “Smoking weed is as bad as smoking tobacco” meme over and over in her disagreement with me on this subject. Contrarily, studies show this to be false:

    More people are using the cannabis plant as modern basic and clinical science reaffirms and extends its medicinal uses. Concomitantly, concern and opposition to smoked medicine has occurred, in part due to the known carcinogenic consequences of smoking tobacco. Are these reactions justified? While chemically very similar, there are fundamental differences in the pharmacological properties between cannabis and tobacco smoke. Cannabis smoke contains cannabinoids whereas tobacco smoke contains nicotine. Available scientific data, that examines the carcinogenic properties of inhaling smoke and its biological consequences, suggests reasons why tobacco smoke, but not cannabis smoke, may result in lung cancer.


    • Hey, are you on Skype?

      E-mail me your handle if you want to get on and chat one of these days. Whenever you see me “active” there, just hit your dial-phone icon. John Friend, Kyle Hunt, Delcroix, Jason Erb, Wanda, Foon & Chris Kendall are my other contacts. I’m going to make an effort to do more audios with these people in the next few months which basically means I turn my Skype on far more than I did in the past to overlap with other people’s schedules.


    • Lets jump from dogs to people. How many have died in jail after being arrested for a little weed? How many have been raped and / or beaten in jail after being arrested for a little weed….ect ect ect. DEA, we are coming for your jobs !


  2. If, as the prohibitionist say, marijuana is addicting , I have this to say : You can recover from an addiction , but not from a “drug” incarceration.


    • 10 years ago you wouldn’t have heard this, in fact if you would have, there would have been a panel of “experts” (prohibitionist or paid pharma reps) to demonize anyone using cannabis for medical (or any other ) Purposes.

      Big Pharma, drug warriors, we are coming for your jobs ! Its time you are demonized !


  3. I think it’s very disgusting of you to equate The Scared Heart of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with 420. It’s real overboard, and it’s greatly insulting. It’s very nice I guess 420 is your religion, but don’t use your 420 religion to distort and twist and usurp the/my Catholic Faith and The Sacred Heart for your 420 agenda. Surely, there must be a better way to make your point than to use an Icon of the Catholic Faith to push your 420 religion. Read the spiritual writings of the Catholic mystics. Catholicism has nothing to do with your 420 religion. Two separate religions. Keep ’em separate. Honesty calls for you to keep the two religions Separate. Thank you.


    • Salvatore,

      Have you ever heard of kaneh bosem? Many Christians, believe that the very anointing oil Jesus spoke of was a mixture of cannabis and other herbs. Even in the miracle of Cana (the wedding where Jesus discusses the new and old wines) many see that was a sign of the Eucharist (do you see the significance of “Cana” and cannabis [cana being a derivative of cannabis]?). Many even consider the “new wine” to be cannabis, where the “old wine” is alcohol. Others believe that the anointing of the Holy Spirit is by cannabis, which can give one spiritual insights.

      (That may be a tad too much for you)

      So, I wonder if this oil used for healing the sick might have been cannabis?

      “Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise. Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up. If they have sinned, they will be forgiven.” James 5:13,14(NIV)


      “They cast out many devils, and anointed with oil many that were sick and healed them.” Mark 6:13

      I’m sorry you got all riled up about this post, but would you spend a few minutes addressing the point of this post? Do you understand that God put the receptors in human beings (and I assume that Catholics are, too, human beings)? Is that significant or are you just here to bitch about a picture?


      • I came by today ” to bitch” about how you used the Catholic Icon for your own ends — for your 420 religion. That’s all. I shall continue to read the Catholic mystics, So far, I’ve read the great majority of them, haven’t come across any mention of cannabis yet, not one word. Nor even any implication of 420 as being part of Catholicism.

        “If thou willingly bear the Cross, it will bear thee, and will bring thee to the end which thou seekest ….. If thou cast away one cross, without doubt thou shalt find another and perchance a heavier.” [ Thomas a-Kempis ]

        We’re called to hold vigil in His Garden of Sorrows, and to look to The Cross for our Salvation. Our hope is The Cross, not cannabis, not anything else, not really. One can’t truly hold vigil while stoned. The Cross is our Redemption and our Salvation, not cannabis, not anything else, not really.


        So far, all the Catholic mystics I’ve read would greatly disagree with you, BMan. The link above is to a section of Kempis’ work, “Imitation of Christ”. All the other Catholic mystics would agree with Kempis, not you, BMan.

        Sufis are called to cannabis, Catholics are called to His Garden of Sorrows, then The Cross, and then called to carry our own personal crosses with grace, by His Grace, through His Grace, and His Grace alone. Not the false “grace”– “feel good” — of cannabis or any other type drug.

        “Thomas a-Kempis + Imitation of Christ PDF”

        The “beat” and “rhythm” of real and true Catholicism, and it’s NOT the beat and rhythm of kabala-sufi-hindoo-existentialist druggie music of the 60s and current New Wave, nor the rhythm and beat of heavy metal, etcetera, etcetera. The druggie music of the 60s so conducive to pot-smoking, Nay, based on pot smoking, comes to us from kabala-sufi donmeh Turkey/North Africa, with some Hindu elements thrown in here and there. The music is basically “religious” odes to “Pan”, the dead god “pan”.

        Some call “pan” ,”boujeloud”. The whole culture/”religion” built on 420 is Kabala-Sufi-Hindu-god-is-dead-Existentialist, and the culture/”religion” built on 420 is an ode to the dead god “pan/boujeloud”. The 420 “religion” worships the dead god “pan/boujeloud”. Dead gods have NO spiritual power whatsoever. Can’t defeat the NWO with a dead god. The 420 music/culture/”religion” comes to us from a very large part from Tavistock/CIA, the Satanist Aleister Crowley, Nietzsche’s “god is dead” Germany and the Kabala-Sufi-Hindu Existentialists. Has Nothing to do with Real and True Catholicism. The “rhythm” and the “beat” of Real and True Catholicism :

        The religion of 420 and the Catholic Faith are two separate religions. Deal with it. The 420’ers have no right usurping Catholic icons for their 420 religion. Get your own icons.


        • So, Salvatore, you ignored my request regarding your views on the purpose of this post to continue spouting about your Catholic belief?

          Telling in and of itself.

          For your information, I don’t give a rat’s ass about Catholicism. Next to Judaism, it is the most corrupted religion available. I tend to lean towards a more spiritual viewpoint (not religious), whereas you apparently are into dogma.

          Since you are a bit too obtuse to understand, the post was about cannabanoid receptors and how God must have created us to receive the only thing they are for… cannabis. If you don’t care to voice your opinion on that, you are welcomed to simply go away.

          Thank you.


          • That you ” don’t give a rat’s ass ” about Catholicism is yet another good reason , actually THE perfect reason, to NOT use Catholic icons for your 420 religion. If you don’t like Catholicism, you think Catholicism is something negative, why would you want to use an icon from a religion you think is negative to make a positive point you want to make about cannabis? Doesn’t make sense.

            If you like cannabis so much, and “don’t give a rat’s ass” about Catholicism, it doesn’t make sense to use an icon from a “negative” faith/religion you “don’t give a rat’s ass” about to promote your positive point of view about 420.

            My opinion about cannabis receptors :

            By the way, we have receptors for all kinds of chemicals in our bodies. Including receptors for the chemicals in heroin and in meth and in cocaine. That we have receptors in our bodies for THC/cannabis doesn’t necessarily follow Catholicism and cannabis go hand-in-hand. The two most certainly do NOT. We also have receptors for the chemicals in chocolate, doesn’t necessarily follow chocolate is holy and sacred and spiritual. We have receptors for the chemicals in Dr. Pepper soda. Doesn’t necessarily follow Dr. Pepper soda is sacred and holy and spiritual. Do you have any source references, preferably solid, bona-fide source references about your assertions concerning the anointing of the Holy Spirit refers to cannabis and your other assertions about Christianity vis-à-vis 420?

            I’m not a theologian, but I am very well read on Catholicism. I went to Catholic school from kindergarten through college. I never heard of any of your assertions before, from any source, Catholic, Protestant, non-Christian. I’m talking about the anointing oils, etc. , not the receptor thing.


            • Salvatore (I will not post your other comment), The only reason I let this one through is that you FINALLY addressed the post subject (erroneously and with about as much intelligence as a “rat’s ass”).

              Name the system that God put in us to receive Dr Pepper. Name its benefits (as I do here).


              As for the Jesus picture, I chose that because it was Jesus and nothing to do with Catholicism. You can dislike my usage of it and you can share that here (as you have done over and over again). But to go on and on about it and then to continually berate the fact that I used the Hebrew wording for cannabis simply shows the disconnect you have. If you can’t make that connection, I recommend using some cannabis to clear that clogged head.

              Now that I have let you rant a bit more with utterly ignorant abandon, you may be on your way, good Rabbi. Or Father. Or whatever.


  4. Excuse the typo in my above post, first sentence. It’s meant to read “Sacred”, of course. I have a tendency to make typos when I see someone is being very disrespectful to my faith, and using icons of my faith for their own agenda/religion– religion/agenda(s) that have nothing to do with true and real Catholicism. It’s a bit irksome, to say the very least. Thank you again.


    • I have to agree with Bman on his points. Folks like your self seem to always forget just how corrupt those within your religion(s) are or have been…..not to mention if you do some research, just how MAN has twisted FAITH for his own purposed of deceit and control.I do not see it as a religion, just a day to reflect on how much violence has been brought to man kind due to overly religious ideas of morality. “it immoral to use “drugs” ” idea that our government and it prohibitionist scum see them selves as right in every aspect, then you pull the vail back and see the real reasons. You see the very corruption that is driven by those in religious circles. This is violence is done to everyday people who just want to live their lives, yet they are demonized and destroyed by the very “laws” that were SUPPOSED to protect people from them selves. So please, take your false indignation somewhere else.


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