Dreams I’ll Never See


‘Cause I got dreams, I got my dreams,
To remember
They’ll often break
I got dreams, I got my dreams,
To Remember
I love and hate

Hung up, on Dreams
I’m never gonna see yeah…

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12 thoughts on “Dreams I’ll Never See

  1. I actually have that album BMan. I haven’t listened to it in like 30 years.

    Yeah, all that was a dream, but at least it’s been put out into the cosmos – it’s been voiced in otherwords.

    Thanks for sharing this great song.


    • I agree with you, but it seems like an impossibility. I hope I am wrong.

      Gregg Allman wrote that song (I am a big fan of The Allman Brothers, although Molly Hatchet played this version, which is great).


      • The Allman Bros. Band was the first concert I ever went to in Memphis, TN. my home town way back in 1975.
        It was the most fantastic event I’d ever attended and was a concert addict for the next 20 years.
        I saw everyone that was anyone in the rock/heavy metal world – all the greats.

        Oh, I’m deleting the article. I found out from Bruce Campbell that Yukon Jack has nothing to do with the American Defense Party. Needless to say, Bruce is not too happy. This is what happens when I post something from Vet Today. It really pisses me off. I have learned my lesson now for all time. Never again.


        • I removed the link, but will keep the graphic.

          I have probably seen over 50 concerts in Memphis. For years, I would never miss Memphis in May concerts, especially the weekends at Tom Lee Park. I have likely seen well over 150 Rock and Roll concerts over the years (including Molly Hatchet and Allman Brothers Band on several occasions). My first was the Stones (in Memphis in 1975). I, too, have seen all the greats. I bet I’ve seen Skynyrd 25 times (and loved every show).

          My favorite of all time was Pink Floyd in Birmingham, AL 1994. The last Big Time Band was Aerosmith in 2002 (Memphis) at the Pyramid.

          We got there and was at the tip of the runway (center stage) and there was crap all in the way (we couldn’t see the stage). We were chapped and almost moved to the nosebleed section. But as the lights went out, they ripped away the tarps and they started the show acoustic, less than 10 feet away from us.

          We shit our pants and jammed out. It was fantastic.


  2. To Salvatore (jscusati@yahoo.com at IP Address

    For someone that dislikes this blog as vehemently as you do, you sure are trying real hard to be a part of it (4 or 5 comments today). Tell you what: Lighten up, apologize, and act like a decent Jew and we might let you be a part of the fun.


    • Remember , BMan, little Italian Joe with at least a dozen aliases who fogged and clogged up quite a few blogs, including Kenny’s not that long ago? I think, after that Kenny started moderating. Even Mick got fed up with him.

      Anyways, he claims to be a devout Catholic born in Italy and not a Jew but lives in Jew York. He was banned from a few sites because of his disruptive behaviour. Seems to me little Joe wants to play again as the playground bully he always was.


      • Sounds like the same guy. He has been posting several comments that end up in the Spam filter. He tries hard on a blog he seems to despise.
        I would say he is a Jew with a Catholic bug up his ass.


        • Say whatever you want, BMan. Crying about satanic jews, while simultaneously promoting satanic music, is total bullshit AND you fuckin’ fully well know it. AND you knew it long before I ever came around. BMan is a kike pretending to be a Southerner. Yet another hebe pretending to be a Southerner.

          The whole drug [ including 420] culture/music you’re pushing and promoting comes to us from Tavistock. Supposedly you’re opposed to the NWO but you promote Tavistock music/drugs/culture/”religion”. Yet, Tavistock is the very epitome of the NWO. I’m not going to leave any links to source references ’cause you already fuckin’ fully well know where the culture you’re pushing originates from.

          Not going to apologize about a goddamned thing. I don’t think this blog is “fun”, by the way. In-bred hillbillies, drunken/stoned white trash, missing teeth — especially from meth — satanic music, is NOT fun. Go fuck yourselves — BMan and everyone in the BMan office. Looks like Dublinsmick is part of the office staff here. No wonder the blog is so full-of-hydra-headed-snake-shit. dubby-boi thinks dirty, crawling, slithering hydra-headed snakes are “sacred” and somehow represent “God”, or more correctly really, “g-d”. the jew kike satanic “g-d”. dubby is most definitely a kike sheenie hebe. Is Gabreal Jones CIA O your pizza delivery boy tuu. Pizza boi and dublinsmick love each other to no-end. Who sucks your dick, BMan? kike satanic kabala daughter of Lilith lasha darkmoon? Or, satanist Franklin Ryckeart? Or, MachtNichts? Doesn’t matter. BMan : Another jew-jerk-off-circle-jerk-of-jerk-off-jews blog in the “honest” “alternative” slithering hydra-headed cluster-fuck online media. Is that “John”, the satanic kike from Sussex England — most definitely from Tavistock — on your office staff tuu?

          ” Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo… the jews are satanic…… Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo….. let’s get stoned and immerse ourselves in drugs and satanic music….. that’s the only way to defeat the satanic NWO…… immerse yourself in satanic music and satanic drugs”. [ and yes, 420 is satanic also. EXACTLY why you promote it, along with the whole satanic culture/”religion” built around it and on it.]

          I shall refrain — for now — from “hassling” you. Usurp Catholic icons for your agenda again, and again I shall be back to annoy you.


          • (I knew you wouldn’t be able to restrain from baiting you.)

            Praise God, huh, Salvatore? You want us to believe that you are such a believer… that the use of a catholic icon really bothers you?

            When did a Jew ever give a damn about Jesus or a Catholic icon?

            You ignorant moron. Machnichts was right about you and it is no wonder that all the sites listed banned your lying ass.

            My “staff” sends their regards. LOL

            BTW: dublin mick is also banned from here, just like your sorry Heeb ass. I don’t trust Catholic Jews.


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