AP Gives Alien Smugglers “Infomercial”

AP Gives Alien Smugglers “Infomercial”

by DC Dave


The American public can increasingly be broken down into two groups of people, the uniformed and the misinformed. The members of the latter group are the regular consumers of what is put out as “news” by the mainstream “news” media. I offer as Exhibit A a devious little piece widely distributed by the Associated Press this past week that deals with the very important issue of illegal immigration. It bore this title, “NC farmers lead country on legal foreign workers.”

And I do mean that it was widely distributed and with the same title wherever it appeared. From my observations, I get the impression that news organs generally exercise their own discretion when it comes to putting a title on a piece that they get from the AP or whatever outside source they might use. That certainly wasn’t the case this time. Please take a few seconds at this point to copy and paste the name of the article into the “search” box of whatever search engine you might prefer, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Page after page of the same article with the same headline comes up from all over the country. The people at News Central apparently weren’t taking any chances with this one.

We like to think that our newspapers and TV stations are all individual entities making their own choices as to what they report as news and how they report it. This little episode certainly gives the lie to that.   You can see where the story is going from the first two paragraphs:

AWRALs a push to change U.S. immigration laws stalls, North Carolina farmers have proven adept at legally bringing thousands of temporary agricultural laborers into the United States using a specialized visa program.

The North Carolina Growers Association is the largest single user of what’s commonly called the H-2A guest worker program, which allows farmers to hire foreign workers for up to 10 months annually. It secured permission to bring nearly 8,700 workers into the country during the year ending on Sept. 30, 2012, according to statistics compiled by the U.S. Department of Labor.

Touting Alien Smugglers

logo“What a wonderful idea and what a great organization!” those misinformed consumers of the piece are supposed to conclude. What they wouldn’t know because neither the AP nor anyone else in the mainstream press reported it except WRAL-TV in Raleigh, NC, and the Fayetteville (NC) Observer is that this is the same North Carolina Growers Association (NCGA) whose director and daughter were indicted on January 31 of this year on 41 counts of fraud by a federal grand jury for abuse of the H-2B program for non-agricultural foreign guest workers. Had they read my February 14 article, “Has Obama Gone Bulworth on Alien Smuggling” they would also know that this was an indictment that was long overdue and that everything that has been charged with respect to the director, Stan Eury’s, abuse of the H-2B program could be charged of the NCGA many times over with respect to the H-2A program, the guest worker arrangement that happens to be the subject of the AP’s bouquet to the NCGA.

For a quarter of a century the “largest farm labor contractor in the country,” described by an internal state memo in North 5118ff2326cac.preview-300Carolina as the impresario of “the largest alien smuggling ring in our nation’s history” according to Mother Jones magazine, has operated with impunity.

That is how we begin our article, and the alien smuggling ring that they’re talking about is none other than the AP’s wonderful NCGA. What we really can gather from this AP bonbon to the NCGA is that immigration is a very big issue, because it is on the big issues, whether they be the “global war on terror,” Israel, or assassinations, that the mainstream press is most likely to resemble the old Soviet Union’s Pravda and tell us really big lies. Speaking of Pravda, let’s skip down to paragraphs four, five, and six of the AP article:

However, even its supporters describe the model as the best of several expensive options.

“In most parts of the country, farmers are still figuring a way to eke by,” said Lee Wicker, deputy director of the North Carolina Growers Association. “And when they can’t, they look at the H-2A program. I’m famous for telling farmers … if you’ve got any other way to harvest your crops, H-2A should be your last resort. It’s cumbersome, it’s expensive.”

The immigration debate puts farmers in a political and economic predicament. Those who grow labor-intensive crops rely on short-term workers to plant and harvest, often employing migrant laborers from Mexico and Central America who are in the United States illegally. Growers say U.S. workers will not take the jobs at existing wages.

stanoutleeinNotice who’s being quoted here and who has been airbrushed out of the NCGA picture as if it were a Politburo reviewing stand at the May Day parade on Red Square. You’d think they’d want to talk to the director of the NCGA instead of his deputy, but that would be the indicted Stan Eury. Reading this article like a Kremlin watcher, I’d say that the NCGA’s future still looks bright because of the yeoman’s job it has done for the globalist agenda, bringing tomorrow’s illegal aliens in as “guests” through the front door while making a big show of locking up the other doors and the windows. For the deleted Eury, on the other hand, things look less bright. The deletion suggests that he is now damaged goods and is likely to be discarded.

The heir apparent to the ring, from the quote that he apparently got the reporter to take at face value, would seem to have what it takes to step into the Eury shoes. Could anyone possibly believe that he would actually try to talk farmers out of using his very expensive service like that? My contact within North Carolina’s Employment Security Commission (ESC) where this man Lee Wicker, like Stan Eury, got his start tells me that Wicker, as a parting shot before leaving to join the NCGA, did his best to get the contact fired by writing a letter to superiors with trumped-up charges against the contact. The latter’s big offense was that he did not exactly smile with favor upon the NCGA’s abusive practices.

It was this ESC contact who first alerted me to the indictment of Eury. He had seen it announced on the mid-day news on WRAL television from Raleigh. Their article about it, as of this writing, is still on their web site. Interestingly, their site was one of the first that came up when I searched the title of the AP article, but, just like all the others, they made no connection to the standing indictment of the NCGA’s Eury. It was not from WRAL that my contact discovered this new article, though. He is also a regular reader of Eastern North Carolina’s leading newspaper, the Raleigh News and Observer. The day after WRAL announced the Eury indictment, he was expecting to read about it over the breakfast table in the News and Observer. He didn’t then and he hasn’t since. The News and Observer has blacked it out. Now, instead, they publish this NCGA promotion piece.

Not Remotely True


I asked my contact to write up his reaction to it, and here is what he sent me:

After 20 years of fluff pieces on the North Carolina Growers’Association (NCGA) the Raleigh News and Observer has finally lapsed into full-fledged infomercial mode.  Any farmer reading today’s piece of “news” would have come away with the following: (1) Hiring legal farm labor is absolutely impossible.  (2) Hiring illegal farm labor is risky. (3) The ONLY option for hiring legal farm labor is through NCGA using the H-2A visa program. (4) He can get the same workers year after year because NCGA has miraculously been able to identify a subset of Mexicans who have no interest in staying on in this country, even as their fellow Mexicans risk their lives daily to come here.

The only problem is that none of the 4 items listed is even remotely true.  Farmers can choose from any number of associations using the H-2A visa program in North Carolina.  The largest agricultural employer in the state, Zelenka Nursery, uses legal workers exclusively from the local Wilson area as well as seasonal workers from Texas.  No North Carolina agricultural employer has paid a significant penalty for using illegals in recent memory. NCGA has a history of filing orders for REPLACEMENT workers because so many have abandoned their assigned employers.  Of course, the authors of today’s infomercial managed to omit all this just as the entire staff of the News and Observer managed to miss the 41-count human trafficking indictment of NCGA executive director, Stan Eury, and his daughter 2 months ago.

The News and Observer could hardly be doing a better job of promoting NCGA, what with the timing of today’s infomercial as the growing season begins, if they were on paid retainer.  Hey, maybe I just solved the ongoing mystery of how a daily periodical manages to stay in business as both readership and advertising revenue continue to shrink.

Indeed, one has to wonder how the AP could have written anything different if they were paid handsomely to write the strongest advertisement for the NCGA that they could possibly devise, and with the broadest possible distribution. It’s actually quite a bit better for the NCGA than any advertisement could ever be because it is masquerading as news. People will tend to believe that it must be factual.

The AP’s Agenda

peoplechasmA stronger possibility, to my mind, is that the AP, as the bell cow of the mainstream media, simply has an agenda, and that is the globalist agenda to fractionalize and Balkanize the American population to the maximum extent possible through the promotion of ever greater immigration by any means possible. As I said in “H-2A Kingpin Stumbles on H-2B,” Stan Eury “has perhaps done more than any one person to change the ethnic makeup of this country over the past quarter century.” It is through the operation of the NCGA that he has done so, and the AP has rewarded the organization for it by keeping quiet about Eury’s indictment. By doing so, they show that they are, at bottom, not a news agency but a propaganda agency. They remove all doubt that that is what they are by spreading this latest piece around.

Further evidence of the AP’s agenda is to be found in their article of December 1, 2013, entitled “In Florida, Puerto Ricans want equality back home.” Just as much as this week’s article is a promotion for the illegal-immigration-expediting NCGA, that article is an unvarnished promotion for statehood for the Spanish-speaking, Latin-cultured island of Puerto Rico. You can read about it in “Associated Press Pushes for Statehood for Puerto Rico.” And because we can hardly sound the warning too much, I conclude this article with the same two poems with which I concluded that one:

The Grand Design

What are our rulers up to?

What is their ultimate goal,

That they’d freely get rid of our melting pot

And give us a salad bowl?


They don’t want us strong and united,

The land of the brave and the free;

They want us in thrall to our global masters,

A polyglot peasantry.dc062413a


Mexico North

Here is the plan linguistic:

A modern-day Tower of Babel.

It goes with the plan economic:

Elite using downtrodden rabble.


David Martin

April 17, 2014

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3 thoughts on “AP Gives Alien Smugglers “Infomercial”

  1. I just updated my search of the AP article extolling the virtues of the NCGA and noticed that one of the newspapers carrying the story is the Greensboro News & Record. That is the city in which NCGA director Stan Eury was indicted for visa fraud on January 31, but, from all indications, this influential Greensboro newspaper itself never even reported the news of the federal indictment of Eury. Now they give us this. Let’s hear it for our propagandists! http://www.dcdave.com/poet10/010610.html.


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