You Deserve What You Pay For

One of Molyneux’s best:

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5 thoughts on “You Deserve What You Pay For

  1. Now, IF ONLY, if only, we could get millions more to understand this, maybe they would stop joining that party called government. So many stupid gullible people , so little time.

    If I had a nickle for every time I was called a nut, a terrorist , a commie, stupid, ignorant, retarded….oh be sure to change your tin foil you fucking un american hippie, get and education you moron, oh you want your roads and services to collapse…….JACKASS…..I would be rich.

    Ya, so they collect these taxes, local ,state, Federal…and anytime your roads, bridges, services need repair..what do they do? TAKE MORE TAXES TO PAY FOR IT !….Isnt that what the taxes were for?



  2. It’s also time for The Rednecks to stop believing the words coming out of your favorite Military Dodging Punk Country Musician.
    People such as Hank Williams Jr.,Toby Keith Ted”Mister I shit in my Pants to avoid serving Vietnam”Nugent,Kid Rock.

    Yeah American you’ll imbrace anyone with”A Twang””Who Loves or Plays Country Music””Who Hunts”.

    A little Secret the Music Company your Musician Works for is owned”Lock,Stock and Barrel” by The Jews.

    Like the words of The Imortal Lynyrd Skynyrd Workin’For MCA

    Mister Yankee Slicker =The Jews

    Have you noticed that Lynyrd Skynyrd or your Country Muscians have never mentioned Jews,Never sanged against the Mossad.

    Why?I thought their big badasses?IMAO

    Well it seems like their Scared to Death of offending their bosses.Remember,Lynyrd Skynyrd said”Workin for MCA” .

    Offending Mister Yankee Slicker(Jew) means No Career or Livelihood.

    Ahhh today we have the New Clampetts(Robertsons) Jed(Phil) and Crew.


    They also work for The Jews because “They work for A&E”

    Which means they work for Jew Bob Iger and Disney

    Yes Americans,When are you going to Stop believing the Bullshit!?
    Even if it’s”Good Ole Boy Bullshit””Bullshit is Bullshit”


    • Everyone works for someone. The difference is that many of these people may not know who really runs the show. They, too, may be duped just like the vast majority of other human beings on planet Earth.

      So, what do you listen to? German march music only produced and performed by the Jew wise?


      • there is some Racial Holy War music out there but most of it
        sounds like death metal…which offends my ear.

        Les Visible and Steven McCutcheon {sp} aka Grugyn Silverbristle…

        since the universe is benevolent and benevolent beyond what we are capable of that this law of physics, whatever it is, is applied on a case by case basis.
        I don’t see the lot of us being binned for the acts of others.

        It’s probably something like the story of Lot with a few pillars of salt along the way as historical markers for posterity; should such a state be on the following horizon; in the aftermath, as it were, after whatever it is that we are getting closer and closer to finally takes place.

        er um, sent an e-mail @gmail. will be @ 635…this pm.


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