And The Academy Award Goes To…

Maybe you think the header rough, but gosh dang it, this seems so damned fake to me.

h/t John Friend and here

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7 thoughts on “And The Academy Award Goes To…

  1. I could only handle watching about 4 minutes of this speech??

    No breaking voice, no red eyes from having cried your heart out over losing two loved ones?

    My mother died from ovarian cancer, a process that took about 18 months before she finally succumbed, so her death wasn’t a surprise. But still, in the first few days after she died, I found myself teary-eyed or my voice would break up anytime I thought or talked about her.

    But these clowns now days, their first thought is to get on the air and be on cable news?

    The KC paper the STAR, is filled with all sorts of shit about the poor Jews thru history, blah, blah, blah. Except it was three Christians that got shot, not any Jews.

    Someone asked a law dog at a local news conference why a hate crimes violation had not been added to the murder charges, was it because no Jews were killed and the cop was at a loss for words.


  2. Good comment Greg.

    I’m going to be running out of puke bags soon if these videos keep coming out.

    But these days I’m at a stage where I don’t focus my annoyance with these deceivers and criminals. I blame the billions of gullible goy who choose to allow themselves to be deceived. Tis our fault, always has been and always will be. They are laughing their salty nuts off at our gullibility. What will these stupid goy not believe.

    Good post B’Man


  3. a bloodthirsty SATANIC cult holocausted a “Christian” cult COMPOUND
    on Talmudvision at High NOON…19APR93….and all the “JEW” worshipping

    BRAINDEADGOY actually cheered for the “MASS MURDERERS”…
    Bill O’Reilly is certainly not alone in promoting the Romans-are-to-blame for the death of God imposture. It’s the latest politically correct trend among those who claim to be defiantly politically incorrect — except when it comes to one subject. Yesterday, Holy Thursday April 17, Andrew P. Napolitano, better known as “Judge Napolitano,” (a widely admired figure among “Conservatives”), at the website of the usury advocate Lew Rockwell (, wrote a column in which he stated:
    “On the first Good Friday, the Romans executed Jesus because they were persuaded that by claiming to be the Son of God, He might foment a revolution against them…they feared a revolution that would disrupt their worldly power, and so they condemned Him to death by crucifixion.”
    *{actually the so-called “Judge” knows better, but it was simple matter of butter on
    the bread, or more concisely “Filthy Lucre”.}
    Jews are nowhere mentioned in Mr. Napolitano’s column.

    This is the state of “Conservatism” today. In their abject cowardice these Right-wing “heroes” have dismantled the core of the Christian truth about the true identitity and nature of the hatred that killed Our Lord Jesus Christ, and is still killing Palestinians and Lebanese today literally, while emasculating Christianity spiritually and ideologically.
    And the pity of it is, that among “our own people” – {the “we” & “our” crowd}
    almost no one truly cares enough to expose this process.
    (I Timothy 4:1-2).

    then “THEY” flashed a POLL on the TALMUDVISION screen that said 80% of the American people agreed with the BLOOD THIRSTY SATANIC CULT…
    CONGRESS ! ! !
    which is curiously, . . . the exact opposite of PROGRESS !!

    cue Les Visible….and Mr. A


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