B’Man’s Sabbath Watch: Holy Shit!


Rev. Edwin Sanders

The Rev. Edwin Sanders says churches should help heal the sick, feed the hungry and set prisoners free. Even if they smoke pot.

Dr. Forrest Harris

Dr Forrest Harris

“The war on drugs is a moral injustice.”


Rev John Jackson

“God does not care if you smoke weed. God is not that petty.”


I wanna know: Where da white folk at?

h/t USA Today

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4 thoughts on “B’Man’s Sabbath Watch: Holy Shit!

  1. they be “JEW” worshipping…{Freemasonry} !
    remember those two boys dead on the RR tracks in Mena ?
    …ever seen the Albert Pike Obelisk outside Mena…
    The largest ethnic group to serve the “JEW” contrived Confederacy, however,
    was made up of first-, second- and third-generation Jewish boys.
    Old – SEPHARVAIM – Jewish families, {Rabbi Lee J. Levinger}
    had settled in the South generations before the war. {Sugar,Rum,Tabacco,Slaves}
    Jews had lived in Charleston, S.C., since 1695.

    By 1800, the largest Jewish community in America lived in Charleston,
    where the oldest MASONIC LODGE & synagogue in America,
    http://mtcarmellibrary.com/ {Grand Lodge of Texas…in Waco & Baylor}
    K.K. Beth Elohim, was founded. …as a TERRORIST HQ !
    By 1861, a third of all the Jews in America lived in Louisiana.
    More than 10,000 {so-called SEPHARVAIM} Jews fought for the Confederacy.
    As Rabbi Korn of Charleston related, “Nowhere else in America – certainly not in the Antebellum North – had Jews been accorded such an opportunity to be complete equals as in the old South.” Gen. Robert E. Lee allowed his Jewish soldiers to observe all so-called “TALMUDIC” …holy days….even though there were never any so-called
    “JEWS” in the Old Testament….
    while Gens. Ulysses S. Grant and William T. Sherman issued anti-Jewish orders.
    …ever been to the Masonic Lodge in Little Rock…?
    Memphis ?

    how many SKELETONS….are in the Pyramid ?
    …it was alleged that B.J. Thomas used to have POT PARTIES in the
    Apts…just behind Oakshire…unfortunately my Dad was the PIO
    for the Memphis Metro Narcotics squad….and I never got invited.


  2. Where are all the white folk? The ones supporting the drug war are doing their best to get the ones fighting it on Harry Reids list of domestic terrorists.


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