Martin and Irvine on Vince Foster

Listeners to the 1994 telephone conversation between David Martin and the late Reed Irvine of Accuracy in Media, need to know that the “Nussbaum” referred to was Vince Foster’s boss, White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum.  As they listen, they might also bear in mind the relevance of this poem by Martin:


Don’t you think that the family has suffered enough?
Why must you stir up this mess?
He wasn’t constructed of very strong stuff:
He couldn’t put up with the press.
He must not have been what he seemed to be.
He could not have have been very stable.
That he might have been killed for his honesty
Is just a romantic fable.
We’ll fight for his right to be off in the head.
What do you mean we offend you?
If you should turn up mysteriously dead,
This is how we would defend you.

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8 thoughts on “Martin and Irvine on Vince Foster

  1. sometimes there’s just a cascade, … a veritable avalanche
    maybe a tsunami…

    michaelrivero • Acutally, it was VERY appropriate for any parent that
    wants their child growing up in the matrix of lies they are forced to believe
    in order to control them, …”loot them”, ….and worse,
    send them to die in wars of conquest.

    Shame on Rialto Unified School District for knuckling under to the propagandists!
    You are an insult to what education once was and is supposed to be, teaching our children to think forthemselves.
    parenthetically : to wit —->
    singlemother48 {in reply to} Mysterio! BOOGAH BOOGAH •
    Hitler was not a Jew!!!!!!!!
    Stop spreading lies!!!!!!!!!
    This world is scary place.
    Jesus was a Jew and he would be sickened to see so much hate in this world.
    …does that mean Jesus was a self hating “Jew” and the Son of God…?
    SERIOUSLY single mother48….REALLY ?

    JOE BOB sez….connect the dots….——->

    tunkashila • History does not fear honest inquiry-what are people so afraid of?
    That students may realize that there are two sides to an argument or that their cherished myths might be tarnished by fact?
    HillaryofArabia • There is no business like Shoah business.
    Let me suggest Douglas Reed’s THE CONTROVERSY OF ZION as an excellent way
    to de-brainwash yourself from the international crime syndicate
    using Zionism’s propaganda. Google it,
    it is free online.
    A challenging read, but well worth it and factually accurate as well.
    There isn’t a single other historical event which is beyond debate.
    The Truth won’t set you free, not in Europe, and soon the USA will no longer even have even the tiniest free speech zone.

    Zionist fanatics threaten Iran with nuclear Holocaust because one of them denied THE Holocaust, so what do you think they would do to any objective person if they got the chance? Nuland and Kagan (Jews) start a revolution in the Ukraine to finish the job Kaganovitch (Jew) started on the Ukranian Christians, and now Ukranians Jews are going to get a free ticket out until the trouble is over.
    They’ll be back, though, to buy up the Ukraine in a fire sale after the Jew inspired fake revolution devastates the place.
    see more ….and look interested – {il est obligatoire}

    Share –
    Sidney Vicious – anyone who takes about an hour on the internet to research the holocaust will be shocked at what they find-
    it will become obvious to even the most ardent defenders of the great lie that the holocaust was a myth created by the victors. don’t think so?
    start by reading this then watch “more than taboo” on vimeo….



    • oops, I forgot to mention Maggie Williams & Chertoff…
      The report goes on to detail how Hillary and Foster were apparently able to blackmail various members of the ZOG U.S. Congress and federal agencies.
      The report lists 240 top ZOG U.S. Officials who took bribes or were black-mailed as if they did take the bribes, by way of bribery funds parked in Swiss and other banks. A small group of former intelligence operatives, very adept with super-computers, traced and determined these coded accounts and through computer trickery, caused the accounts to be entirely withdrawn and wiped out, and the deposits transferred.
      Over 3-1/2 million dollars of coded accounts supposedly belonging
      to ZOG U.S. officials,
      were transferred to the ZOG U.S. Treasury Holding Account—
      a device for seizing illicit foreign funds of ZOG U.S. CITIZENS….

      AKA …BRAINDEADGOY…”JEW” worshippers who watch TALMUDVISION

      The report contends, however, that under disguise of being seized
      for the ZOG U.S. Treasury Holding Account, that the funds were actually stolen by the computer wizards. Left unanswered, the report asserts, is whether these accounts, including that supposedly of Foster with Hillary’s beneficial interest,
      ever went to the ZOG U.S. Treasury Holding Account or actually to private accounts, including those of George Herbert Walker Bush and his family, and certain renegade operations of the
      American CIA, French CIA, the Mossad,
      British Counter-Intelligence, and others….Al Quida…Boko Harum

      Shortly before his death, the report states, Foster was upset when informed by the First Lady that Foster’s purported coded accounts, supposedly from TALMUDIA, were found out and seized; that Foster was about to be charged with treason against the U.S. based on those purported accounts. Those about to charge Foster, the report states that Hillary informed Foster, claimed he should have been sent to life in prison along with his confederate Jonathan Pollard. Hillary is quoted in the report as informing Foster that she thinks if he were to finger his accomplices in the Pollard treason, namely George Herbert Walker Bush and Caspar Weinberger; that it would not constitute a practical criminal defense in view of the influence of those two with the Courts.

      Oliver North, Sandy Berger, Admiral Boorda
      why the Davidians, and the ANTI-GUN agenda
      curiously, during the early days of the Clintoon Administration
      while the Sodomites in the Military agenda item was raging
      I called Jay Leno to tell him a one liner…
      “Clinton, he’s the President that gives new meaning to going down
      in History”….

      Jay laughed, and said he couldn’t say that on TV.


      • Interesting take on Foster at the Heneghan link. I wonder what DC Dave has to say about that connection.

        The Pollard connection has always bothered me, although very few seem to care.


        • All the key stuff on Foster at the link cited comes from this reference by the late Sherman Skolnick:

          “The Clinton’s close crony, Vincent W. Foster, Jr., was being tracked as a possible traitorous spy assisting Jonathan Pollard, long before Foster’s short term position as Deputy Counsel in the Clinton White House, a secret government report states.

          “The details are in a report put together by retired former intelligence agents and submitted to their former superiors. When the higher ups wanted the matter covered up, the team showed it to members of our group who took notes but were not permitted to keep a copy.”

          Maybe so, but, then again, maybe not. I don;’t doubt that there is some Israeli connection to Foster’s murder. Isn’t that the case with almost all our high level rottenness? The connection we are being fed here, though, may not be the right one. I’m not real big on anonymous sources. I do know that the Wall Street Journal reported in 1993 that Foster handled the Jackson Stephens, Sr. account for the Rose Law Firm and that Stephens had strong connections to BCCI, an octopus-like criminal enterprise with CIA connections. I know as well that Ambrose Evans-Pritchard reported that the widow of the slain Jerry Parks reported that Foster and her husband once returned from the CIA drug entrepôt at Mena Airport with an automobile trunk full of $100 bills.


          • It is the zeal to prolong the pretense of the Regime’s legitimacy that led the Southern Poverty Law Center to identify Monseuir terTelgte as a public enemy, an exponent of what that self-appointed Stasi calls “sovereign citizen ideology.”


            During the reign of FDR, an executive branch Advisory Committee on the Rules of Criminal Procedure – an unaccountable body with no legislative mandate – imposed regulations intended to destroy the independence of grand juries.
            As a result, “the grand jury is the total captive of the prosecutor, who, if he is candid, will concede that he can indict anybody, at any time, for almost anything, before any grand jury,” wrote federal District Judge William J. Campbell, who urged the formal abolition of the institution in the interests of efficiency.

            Judge Campbell offered those observations in 1973. Since that time, the ZOG US criminal “justice” system has reached almost Soviet levels of prosecutorial efficiency. Under the reign of Josef Stalin, Soviet procurators were ordered to achieve a 100% conviction rate.

            In the current federal system, notes Lew Rockwell, the defendant “wins once every 212 times.”

            FAIR & BALANCED

            What started as an eighth-grade critical-thinking writing assignment has become a source of relentless controversy for Rialto school officials, who apologized profusely and publicly this week for asking that students consider whether the Holocaust was created for political gain or didn’t happen at all.
            The assignment, developed by a group of teachers and the district’s educational services division, prompted widespread outcry and criticism from such groups as the Anti-Defamation League and the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which called it “grotesque.”
            The district said the assignment was meant to satisfy Common Core standards for critical thinking, but quickly pulled it and promised revisions. A spokeswoman called it a “bad mark” on the district’s record.


            At an emergency school board meeting Wednesday, officials again apologized for what they called a misguided attempt at being thought-provoking and pushing roughly 2,000 students to think critically. There was a heavy police presence at the meeting because board members and school staff reported receiving actual nonpretend death threats…

            Foster & JFK Jr…..& The Boston Bombing “Suspect”


  2. and Webb Hubbell….rbbbt rbbbt.

    saw Andre the Giant wrassle in Abilene, Texas…one afternoon.

    Clark County sheriff’s officials say they’ve been interviewed by the ADL/FBI
    as part of an investigation into armed supporters of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.

    Assistant Sheriff Joe Lombardo tells KLAS-TV that federal agents are looking into the conduct of people who reportedly pointed guns at officers during a standoff at Bundy’s ranch April 12.

    Ant-Semitism is anti-Semitism is anti-Semitism.
    It is similar in its motives and pathology in every language.
    The natural expectation from every person is to feel internal,
    literally physical, rebellion when he encounters it –
    all the more so if he is Jewish….for sure…dude.

    Apparently they just found a million more holocaust survivors living
    in the Brazilian jungle and Steven Spielberg is flying in to frame up
    a movie construct. They came to the attention of the media when
    they sued the Brazilian government for selling fruit to the Nazi regime
    during the Second World War… oh… about 70 years ago that ended.

    They are demanding the city of Brazilia for residence and ten billion dollars in repatriation monies….and the bagels, too. .

    It seems that the jungle mosquitoes were looking out for them until now
    as a matter of professional courtesy….cue Carl at the nervous hospital

    It’s always nice to see harmonies develop between different species with similar appetites and practices.

    cool, Mabel in Poetry, Texas reported getting 5 inches last night
    of rain.


    • mariposa, schmetterling . . .
      IRS Is Coming for American Tax Evaders in Israel
      Investors Shift $5B as Deal Clears Way to New Scrutiny
      Read more: . . about Maggie Williams in Fosters office

      TALMUDIA will hand over financial information not only of U.S. citizens living in TALMUDIA, but also of Green Card holders, residents, and other legal entities in which Americans are significantly invested. Conversely, the IRS agreed to notify TALMUDIA
      of income in accounts of Israelis living in the U.S. FATCA is not limited to TALMUDIA. Every financial institution outside of the U.S. must report to the IRS once a year with information about Americans’ accounts. If the financial institution does not comply, it will face sanctions and a 30-percent tax payment on any source of income in the US.
      Twenty-eight countries have already signed a FATCA agreement with the U.S., including the U.K., Canada, Denmark, Mexico, Ireland, Norway, Spain, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, and Hungary, reported Globes.

      headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman — are aware of the treasure that lies in them:

      unsupervised budgets, <——- Thanks to the braindeadgoy !
      jobs for cronies and a direct link to the golden goose …
      that is the Jewish Diaspora…a global crime syndicate….of "JEWS".

      Israel’s media long ago forgot these un-sexy bodies.
      There are no dedicated Diaspora reporters anymore,
      and last month’s investigation into the affairs of
      the Jewish National Organ Harvesting underground facility
      only proves that more organs are about to be harvested.
      But the JNF is just the richest and strongest link in a chain of organizations set up in the days of pre-independence to create the state-to-be.
      TALMUDIA is now 66 years in the beingness of global Jewish perfidy,
      and there seems less justification than ever to keep alive the bureaucracy,….remember Gordon Kahl,
      Gordon, please call Home….
      which should have been disbanded at independence…..
      is that some brutal chutzpah or what ?
      The secret of the survival of the World Zionist Organization, the JNF,
      the Jewish Agency and Keren Hayesod —
      United Israel Appeal , is the "Jewish" people running them —
      politicians of the kind that other politicians,
      no matter of what party, can do business with.
      People who can quickly and quietly transfer funding,
      solve a problem for a mayor or deputy minister,
      connect a Jewish donor with a good cause and
      find a job for a loyal Knesset member who lost his seat.


  3. reviewing the COMMANDMENT #1….

    is politically INCORRECT @ “HARVARD” where Judah Monis
    once taught Ministers of the GOOD NEWS….in Hebrew.
    Harvard Group will host Satanic Black Mass
    Harvard University, the same educational institution that fomented the “Jesus had a wife” blasphemy, will host a reenactment of the Satanic Black Mass on May 12

    No, this is not a joke. This is what apathy breeds.
    There will be more and greater demonic travesties
    as long as apathy and misdirection are the order of the day
    among our people — “JEW” worshippers…
    and that, quite frankly,
    is totally unacceptable

    As ye sow, so shall ye reap.


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