Happy Mother’s Day


“When your mother has grown older,
When her dear, faithful eyes
no longer see life as they once did,
When her feet, grown tired,
No longer want to carry her as she walks –

Then lend her your arm in support,
Escort her with happy pleasure.
The hour will come when, weeping, you
Must accompany her on her final walk.

And if she asks you something,
Then give her an answer.
And if she asks again, then speak!
And if she asks yet again, respond to her,
Not impatiently, but with gentle calm.

And if she cannot understand you properly
Explain all to her happily.
The hour will come, the bitter hour,
When her mouth asks for nothing more.”

-Adolf Hitler, 1923

h/t TomatoBubble

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6 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

    • obviously “THEY” are Liars…

      and MASS MURDERERS….otherwise “THEY” couldn’t be “JEWISH”….!

      “Americans refuse to realize that Jews are far more likely to be school teachers, accountants, salesmen, lawyers, doctors, and computer professionals than they are some mysterious cabal controlling their lives. I have experienced anti-semitism since growing up in the 1950’s and it is just as pronounced in 2014.
      Christians will never stop passing their hatred of the Jews down
      from generation to generation….”

      Read more: about the GOOD NEWS….No One on Earth HAS to stay in the


      speaking of stool sculpture compounds…
      Whatever differences he may have with pro-TALMUDIA activists,
      Rand Paul has made a sustained effort to build bridges to the synagogue of satan stool sculpture deity cult ” Jewish community”,
      enlisting the services of several Jewish intermediaries and
      finding common ground where he can…..a sewerage ditch !
      Richard Roberts, a pharmaceuticals executive and GOP donor, helped pay for
      Rand Paul and a group of “JEW” worshipping Christian Zionists to tour
      TALMUDIA in January 2013. That summer, Roberts hosted Paul for a luncheon at his home in the Orthodox stronghold of Lakewood, N.J., and led the senator on a tour of the town’s stool sculpture deity cult compound…Beth Medrash Govoha, one of the world’s largest poopyeshivas.
      Read more: …..seriously.

      no one HAS to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound….


  1. 1923…
    already six million “Jews” had been imperiled in Russia

    It’s a perpetuating riddle to be confronted with an ongoing slipstream of metaphysical and philosophical constructs, to live a life where your greatest attraction and the target of your greatest affections is something mysterious and unknowable and which is, at the same time, your greatest protection and your most relentless persecutor; after all… if everything that happens to you is either initiated or permitted by the same force well… what else can it mean?
    If we look closely at our lives and that means with real objectivity, we will see that it’s all a series of stages.
    One stage leads to another and they can vary considerably from one person to the next,
    depending on their general direction.
    There’s a predictability to it all, most of the time but, most of the time,
    most people are too close up on it to be able to see it as it is.
    We color everything according to how we define the world around us.

    This isn’t to say that some of those definitions aren’t real, just that all of them aren’t.

    JEW and Israel are antonyms…

    When it comes to off-the-cuff remarks, we all know that stuff happens.
    Jokes are made that blur the boundaries of decency, people get offended,
    and apologies are (sometimes) made.
    And when it comes to broadcast media dependent on audience share,
    the situation is even starker:

    shock talk can be seen as a ratings booster.

    But looking at the broader context around last week’s Israeli Army Radio gaffe,
    there’s something’s rotten in the state of Israeli discourse….seriously !

    Not far off from Yom Haatzmaut, an Israeli comedian riffed on controlling Israeli population through cannibalism. There was a catch, though, he said. The population he’d like to cull first is the ultra-Orthodox, but he didn’t think Haredim would taste good (“too bland”). Knee-slap banter about flavor and matzo balls ensued, and the station eventually issued an apology.

    As a rip-off of Jonathan Swift, the joke was already suspect in quality. But the reason that Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” is funny whereas the Army Radio bit was decidedly not, is, of course, irony.
    Swift was mocking shameful societal attitudes —
    in that case, as reflected in policies towards the poor.

    Read more: about the poor little hapless “Jews” that escaped to Israel in a Mass Exodus
    after the Holocaust…oy vey, already.
    Irony….back on the menu





    It is 1958, 13 years after the end of the pretend “JEWISH” Holocaust
    that devastated much of a continent and buried six million itty bitty poor little Jews
    in a pile of ashes, along with million of others.
    Imagine now trying to build a museum to memorialize what happened, educate visitors about the atrocities, and confront the legacy of European genocide in a global context.

    Now imagine doing this at, say, that most recognizable of concentration camps: Auschwitz. No, not in the way that the Polish government decreed in 1947 when it established what has become known as the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, which is not a museum so much as a collection of artifacts —
    one whose mission is not to tell the whole story of Auschwitz,
    never mind the “whole story” of the pretend “JEWISH” narrative that is the Holocaust.

    Imagine something grander, more ambitious. What did we know of the consequences of the Holocaust a little more than a decade afterwards? What was its legacy?
    We knew then of the Nuremberg trials, Germany’s return to democracy,
    the way survivors began to rebuild their lives and,
    of course, the establishment of the stool sculpture deity cult compound
    called by the Ashkenazim “PROSELYTES” as the …..”State of Israel”
    where no Hebrews or Israelites…
    or even descendents from the Tribe of Judah actually live.

    But the heart-wrenching personal stories of terror, death and survival were only just surfacing in 1958. “Night,” Elie Wiesel’s iconic fictional account of his time as a prisoner in Auschwitz, would not be published in English for another two years.
    Adolf Eichmann, one of the most infamous Nazi organizers of the Holocaust,
    would not be hanged for another four years.

    We did not yet know that the BOLSHEVIK [JEWISH] Soviet Union,
    which aggressively re-divided Europe after World War II,
    would itself collapse a few decades later.
    And we did not know that “TALMUDIA” would become a
    “vibrant and extraordinarily successful”
    stool sculpture deity cult compound with poor itty bitty “JEWS” clamoring to leave…
    that would also be afflicted by continued wars with its so-called neighbors and the moral stain of, of…. TALMUDIC PERFIDY…& occupation….!

    Even today, nearly seven decades after the “liberation” of Auschwitz,
    it is impossible to tally up all the consequences of the HoloHOAX,
    to codify the profound human losses and understand its deep geopolitical ramifications, to overcome the scent of death from the scene. . .
    {now that is some high brow literature}
    So imagine now the challenge facing the BRAINDEADGOY National “JEW” worshipping
    September 11 Memorial Museum, a scant 13 years after PRETEND commercial airplanes crashed into buildings and turned ordinary “JEWISH” leased ground
    into a graveyard for Truth.
    It is no exaggeration to say that the new museum built beneath the World Trade Center plaza in lower Manhattan, opening to the public May 21,
    is deeply connected to efforts and institutions that memorialize
    the Holocaust dogma of Talmudic Judaism.

    Read more: in the early morning…try Psalms & Proverbs…GRIN !!!


    My biggest starstruck thing of the moment is… drum roll… Mr. Apocalypse and it’s for things like this. It’s not just that Mr. Apocalypse is exposing so many things, it’s who he is getting to expose themselves. It’s amusing to me to watch these bot fly larvae work their perpetual long range scams on the public,
    as they march toward the final resting place of monstrous crimes.


    Lines have been drawn in the blood soaked sands of time.
    The lines are invisible, just as the cries upon the hot desert wind
    are inaudible to the “pedestrian” – {brainwashed} – mind.
    You can hear the voices in the wind. They are there.
    I’ve heard them but… you have to have that state of mind,

    that attitude of listening. . .
    where they suddenly burst into coherent patterns.


  3. As the 19th century gave way to the 20th, Americans were no longer content to affix a biblical name to a place. They went further still by fabricating large-scale models of the Holy Land, replete with tour guides who, dressed in what was taken to be authentic biblical garb, would point out the sites. As an added bonus, some visitors, like those headed for Palestine Park in upstate New York, were given the opportunity to disport themselves in ancient dress.
    Lest you think that the impulse to situate the Holy Land, let alone elements of the Bible, within an American context has diminished over time, consider the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, and the Biblical Tabernacle Reproduction in Lancaster, Pa. Deploying the most current and sophisticated technologies of display and simulation to enhance the biblical narrative, these two institutions draw contemporary visitors in droves.
    According to its promotional materials, the Holy Land Experience
    “combines the sights and sounds of the biblical world in a unique and interactive way unlike anything else.”
    A full throttled re-enactment of the Last Supper as well as a replica of the caves in Qumran where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found are just two of its many attractions — so numerous, in fact, that they require a map of their own. Meanwhile, tourists considering a trip to the biblical tabernacle reproduction are told that “Biblical history comes alive at [its] full-sized reproduction of Moses’ Tabernacle,” where you get to see firsthand what went on within its hallowed and priestly precincts. “Even if you know little about Biblical history, this presentation is fascinating.
    But for those who know, this makes the story come to life.”
    Read more:


    only 23 percent of black students attended white-majority schools in 2011.

    That’s the lowest number since 1968.

    Advocates point to rulings by federal courts that have freed many of the schools from Brown-related desegregation orders since the 1990s.
    That, they say, is leading the country back toward more segregated schools.
    At the same time, there’s been a demographic change in public schools.
    Between 1968 and 2011, the number of Hispanic students in the public school system
    rose 495 percent, while the number of black students increased by 19 percent and
    the number of white students dropped 28 percent,
    according to the “JEWISH” run dum’emdown misEdumacation Department.

    ’cause DE FACTO ain’t De Jure….
    round room, penny in corner…
    air is free
    somebody has to pay retail…

    speaking of Irony….California…”holocaust”…


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