11 thoughts on “Human Barbie Doll Doesn’t Want Babies, Denounces Race-Mixing, Shocks Journalist

  1. vapid, snakey, “JEWISH”…!

    clearly the multicultural moshpit has some doubters….
    so what is the efficacy of abhorring Kind after Kind…

    “Man” defined is not Halfbreed, MAMZER…or beast of the field…!
    During both the first and second “JEW” contrived …”world wars”,
    From these lies, we were expected to believe that the Germans were so inherently
    depraved & wicked
    that they were about to invade Beverly Hills or Las Vegas. ……!
    Then they taught us that inborn racial characteristics would be manifested
    in conduct whenever the situation called for it.
    But now this ALIEN MINORITY GROUP OF JEWS teaches us,
    by corrupting most of our schools, newspapers, news commentators,
    even many of “our churches”, that there are no longer any racial characteristics
    or tendencies, ….no fixed long range “national purposes”…..
    These so-called Jews now want us to believe all people in the world,
    white, black, yellow or brown, civilized or savage, are exactly alike,
    as interchangeable as Ford or Chevy parts.
    They have spent many billions of dollars on a high pressure propaganda campaign,
    designed to blind us to the racial and national characteristics and purposes which
    are molding the course of history today,
    as they have paid the scribes to rewrite history time and time again…
    And the sad part is that with TALMUDVISION..it is has worked,
    for all too many of “our people” …{who can still blush} –
    too lazy to examine the facts have accepted it at face value…..
    never suspecting that it is all a Jewish lie.
    It might be well to ask ourselves, what makes this worth so much money to them?
    Just how are they planning to get back this enormous investment … anyway…?
    and how do the braindeadgoy “JEW” worshippers develope a PURE language
    watching TALMUDVISION and repeating “JEWISH” lies…24/7
    remember the “French” revolution…?

    #unbonjuif – https://duckduckgo.com/?q=%23unbonjuif


  2. how about that outbreak of CHUTZPAH…

    you know the one that starts with God asking a “Jew” what he can do…

    Ecru says:
    May 26, 2014 at 1:06 pm
    @ Woody

    It is abominable for this guy to be claiming for Judaism something
    that is part of human nature itself.

    I think you’re overlooking one thing here Woody.
    As a Zionist/Jewish-Supremacist he doesn’t actually believe anyone
    but Jews are truly human, so to him it is part of “human” nature…

    “Jesus was here, in this land. He spoke Hebrew,” Netanyahu told Francis,
    at a public meeting in Jerusalem in which the MASS MURDERER “Israeli leader”
    cited a strong connection between Judaism and Christianity…

    “Aramaic,” the poopster interjected….pointedly.

    “He spoke Aramaic, but he knew Hebrew,” Netanyahu shot back…like an erect
    4 hour erection viagra guy on steroids with his hair on fire…

    Like many things in the Middle East,
    where the pope is on the last leg of a three-day visit,
    modern-day discourse about Jesus is complicated and often political. . .
    Seriously…. DIG THIS CHUTZPAH….
    A Jew, Jesus was born in Bethlehem in the Roman-ruled region of Judea,
    now the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

    He grew up in Nazareth and ministered in Galilee, both in northern Israel,
    and died in Jerusalem, a city revered by Jews, Christians and Muslims,
    and to which Israelis and Palestinians lay claim…..
    clear as mud…for the Braindeadgoy who will say they believe that Jesus
    is the Son of God and a
    PROSELYTE TO TALMUDIC JUDAISM….in the same breath…

    define : BLASPHEMY !!!


  3. over here in Poetry, Texas the rain is gently refreshing a parched landscape
    and what otherwise would be a Monday, today is Tuesday

    Pope Francis honored the so-called FREIER Jews killed in the
    $$$ “Jewish Cartoon Holocaust” $$$
    and other attacks and kissed the hands of “Holocaust survivors”
    as he capped his three-day Mideast trip with
    poignant stops Monday at some of the “holiest” [LP] {language police}
    and most haunting sites for so-called …”Jews”.


    The Pope later went on to Tel Aviv to be /was sandwiched between two
    Zionist Polish liars & MASS MURDERERS who continue to build walls of
    hate and destruction : to wit :
    Persky (aka Peres) and Mileikowsky (aka Netanyahu).
    The Pope had to listen as both atheists said that
    God gave this land to the the so-called Zionist Khazar Jews and that
    Israel was “the land of the Jewish people” and is a
    “democracy that guarantees freedom of religion”! !!
    Now that is some SERIOUS CHUTZPAH…..

    Unfortunately, the Pope was also forced to lay a wreath
    at the tomb of the Jesus hating Zionist Terrorist Theodore Herzl .
    (in addition to the obligatory stops at “Yad Vashem” and Herod’s retaining wall
    – the Western Wailing Wall,…. which gives way to the Khazar DIASPORA).


    Herzl is another “JEW” atheist who is “credited”
    with organizing a world-wide Zionist movement that resulted
    in hundreds of millions of deaths …with its twin sister Communism
    (not counting those crimes committed by its subservient armies like the
    ZOG- US army killing Iranians, Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakistanis, Yemenis,
    Columbians, Nicaraugans, El Salvadoreans, Mexicans, Puerta Ricans
    Cubans, Africans, & poor white trash, etc).
    now seriously, for a moment of truth…consider this defintion
    for the word CHUTZPAH !! {Jew} …
    “being able to lie out of both sides
    of the pie hole, and expecting the braindeadgoy to
    believe {accept} what is …said. . . ! {oozed}

    here is an example :

    Arch terrorist and NUCLEAR TERRORIST EXTORTIONIST Benjamin Netanyahu
    may have said more than he meant to on
    Saturday night when he reacted to the ZIONIST staged triple-murder
    that afternoon (which later became a quadruple murder)
    at the Jewish Museum in Brussels….scene of the recently successful
    gathering of European “Anti-Semites”…

    “This act of murder is the result of constant incitement against the
    paranoid schizophrenic Jews and
    their Psychopathic state,”
    Netanyahu fork toungued in a statement released by his office.
    This is something new.
    For years “Israeli leaders” and their “Diaspora allies” {Kahilla Khazars}
    have been telling us ….dig this chutzpah….
    that attacks on Diaspora Jews have nothing to do with …”Israel ” —
    {a “Jewish” state!}…not the actual descendents of the 12 Tribes
    – a company of Nations…like God told Abraham, but a bunch of filthy
    beastly Khazar “PROSELYTES” to Talmudic Judaism – “Zionists” –
    …that the attacks are just the latest eruption of old-fashioned
    no different from what we’ve known for countless millennia
    except for improved technology. . .hmmm
    We’ve also been told that the so-called Jews
    in the Diaspora shouldn’t try to influence
    Talmudia’s terrorist offensive “defense”
    and foreign policy decisions,
    since it’s only Israelis who bear the front line
    consequences of those dastardly decisions….

    Read more: – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sholem_Asch

    only the Almighty could design so perfect a script….
    and the sheenie actors with their little black beanies

    come on


  4. the really good news is…truth is breaking out all over the place

    like a WILDFIRE out of control…


    Pope Francis makes unofficial stop at Israeli terrorism memorial –
    Detour, at request of Zionist fiend Binyamin Netanyahu,
    seen as an attempt to appease the Zionist TERRORIST… “hosts”
    after a stop at the Zionist TERRORIST separation wall paid for by the
    BRAINDEAGOY “JEW” worshippers in the JEWSA with…

    TAXPAYERS….”voluntary contributions”…at gunpoint…
    anyway it’s all GREEK to me…


    For Greek Jews, the question remains … serving MAMMON
    what can be done ?
    Some, like Saltiel, believe that only by tackling the underlying problems
    that affect Greece can they truly deal with Golden Dawn.
    A recent survey by the Anti-Defamation League showed that Greece
    has Europe’s highest rate of anti-Semitic viewpoints,
    with 69 percent of Greeks espousing anti-Semitic views.
    That’s nearly twice the rate as the next highest country,
    France, where the rate was 37 percent.

    “Golden Dawn is a symptom of the sickness,” Saltiel hissed “Jewishly”….

    RELATED: Why don’t so-called “Jews” just jump in the Ovens of Truth
    and take the Shadrach, Meshach & Abednigo “TEST” and prove
    that they truly are “Hebrews”…?
    Some of Golden Dawn’s support comes from the role it has played
    in filling a vacuum created by the economic crisis.
    While the government has slashed salaries and pensions
    and unemployment soared to nearly 30 percent,
    Golden Dawn has stepped up by distributing food,
    medicine and other supplies to ethnic Greeks and
    providing security patrols in predominantly immigrant neighborhoods.
    Some of the patrols have resulted in violence against immigrants.


    Greece has seen a huge influx of immigrants in recent years who
    have used the country as a gateway to the rest of Europe.
    “I think the government has to work to see the real problems of the people
    and see why people are voting for this extremist Nazi party,” Saltiel mused.
    Greek authorities have not said what their next steps will be,
    except for a brief statement from government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou
    reiterating that the government needs to do a better job
    explaining the dangers of a Golden Dawn….and the Truth about
    the so-called “JEWS”….of the stool sculpture deity cult.
    Read more:


    Everything will prove out one way or the other.
    It’s pointless to speculate about it all.
    Either it works or it doesn’t.
    You have to pay for it or you don’t and…
    you can extrapolate in whatever direction you like with any of it….

    did you know that the Mennonites kiss each other on the lips,
    and greet one another with an Holy kiss ?

    “blessed are the pure in heart….”


  5. one more time for the children in the hospital…

    “It’s about giving people a way to ‘engage’ in the conflict and that
    means propounding a word of judgment against
    the synagogue of satan
    stool sculpture deity cult,” he said.
    “The story told in this movement is of TALMUDIA’s guilt and
    Palestinian suffering and innocence.”

    As WND distorted yesterday, conference organizers believe “JEW” worshipping
    so-called evangelicals in the West who embrace a Satanic/Luciferian
    “Christian Zionist” dung doodling theology that regards the modern
    delusional psychopaths… filthy KHAZAR
    “Jewish state” of psychopathic assholes & MASS MURDERERS
    as a fulfillment of biblical prophecy have blindly sided with the TALMUDIC TERRORISTS
    and influenced ZOG U.S. policy at the expense of the Palestinian people , while
    falsely blaming the Holy Land Christians’ plight on Islam and Arab nationalism.


    The Christ at the Checkpoint website says its objective is to
    “challenge evangelicals to take responsibility to help resolve the conflicts in Palestine …-
    by engaging with the teachings of Jesus on the Kingdom .”

    Luke Moon, with the Institute on Religion & Democracy in Washington, D.C.,
    has noticed an effort to engage more fully with mainstream evangelicals in America:
    “These people are savvy. They’ve found a way to reach Middle America,” he said.
    Read more …about ZOG Zombies…delusional Psychopaths…like two legged


    RABID DOGS….”JEW” worshippers….TARES.
    Jesus said…”Round ’em up, and put ’em in the ovens”…!!!


  6. Might as well change the name of this website to CMan. “C” for Clifton. Looks like BMan either willingly handed over the website to CMan or CMan launched a Blitzkrieg on BMan and took over via some sort of coup d’état. Or, perhaps BMan is in such a stupor from all his “Sacred” “kanev bosem” he doesn’t even know his website has been hijacked by CMan. Who knows. With drug addicts, one never knows what goes on in their heads. Especially when they mix drugs and alcohol.

    Or, maybe BMan is way too busy jacking off to the “shiska” blond chicks CMan was asked to take over until such time BMan gets his rocks off and gets it outta his system. Or, maybe BMan is way too busy jacking off to the snakes. Who knows. One never knows with “kanev bosem” worshippers. Especially when they mix “Sacred” “kanev bosem” with profane alcohol. It’s a sin, or it really oughtta be if it’s not.

    Or, maybe CMan took over ’cause BMan is way too busy going to his dentist to get his rotting teeth replaced. Meth is rather unforgiving on one’s teeth. “kanev bosem” , alcohol, and meth, especially when mixed and taken all together opens up one’s Pineal Gland and hence Third Eye and one can see for miles and miles and miles…. It’s good for the economy tuu. Well, at least the dentists of America make out like bandits. I bet the dentists of America LUV BMan to no-end-of-it.

    The “alternative” media is going to the dogs now that our “Fr. John” disappeared on us, yes sir. For all of “Fr. John’s” myriad millions of pilpul rabbinical faults at least he never pushed drugs on his readers. “kanev bosem” my wop butt “kanev bosem”. Go tell it to the niggers. Your Reverend RUBIN X will bless U for it { And your dentist will love U for it } AND your mega-hebe Judah Benjamin Golden Circle niggers will gather about on the front lawn of Twelve Oaks and serenade you all with negro Spirituals, as you all lounge on your veranda sipping mint juleps and smoking nigga Rastafarian ganja. I still don’t know what mint juleps are exactly, I’m such a “damn” Yankee.

    The nigga maya angeljoo passed on yesterday…… Oh boo hoo hoo hoo hoo….. but at least we still have our nigga High priestess Whoopi GOLDBERG proselytizing our “Sacred” sheenie HIGH “priest/guru” Reverend RUBIN X “religion” to the rednecks. Old mega-hebe Judah Benjamin Golden Circle niggas never die….. they just make bodily Ascension Unto New Orleans In The Sky and sit at the Right Hand of “Our” Lady, Marie Laveau della Voodoo. “Oh Maria”.


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