Flight 93 Ordered Shot Down

Flight 93 Ordered Shot Down

by DC Dave


Here is a report  from The Aquin, the student newspaper of the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, that contains the report that United Airlines Flight 93 was actually ordered to be shot down.  The author is Dave Forster, St. Thomas class of 2002.  This is an excerpt of an excerpt that appeared in the 2002 summer edition of St. Thomas’ alumni magazine.

Unlike most Americans on the morning of September 11, St. Thomas graduate Anthony Kuczynski ’98 wasn’t watching the news.  He was flying toward Pittsburgh alongside two F-16 fighter jets.

“I was given direct orders to shoot down the airliner,” said Kuczynski, a first lieutenant in the Air Force.  “It was one of those things where it was an absolutely surreal experience.

Kuczynski’s E-3 Sentry was one of the few military planes in the sky during the opening moments of the terrorist attacks.

Less than four years after leaving St. Thomas’ Air Force ROTC chapter, Kuczynski found himself in a six-month military deployment that began in defense of U.S. airspace, including hundreds of hours of combat missions, and ended with Operation Anaconda, the deadliest mission for U.S. troops thus far in the war in Afghanistan.

Just as Kuczynski and his crew were about to intercept United Airlines Flight 93 on Sept. 11, passengers on the hijacked plane apparently rushed the terrorists, and the airliner crashed southeast of Pittsburgh.  From there, Kuczynski orbited an area near Washington, D.C., for the next 15 hours.


Paul Cellucci

The story that passengers took over the plane and caused it to crash is part of the official version of what happened on 9-11, but this report that orders had actually been given to shoot the plane down is not.  The former Canadian ambassador to the United States, Paul Cellucci, has told a Canadian audience that Flight 93 was ordered shot down, and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, in what he later claimed was an inadvertent misstatement, has said that the passenger plane was shot down (see http://www.freedomfiles.org/war/flight93.htm), but this is the only known instance in which an Air Force officer has stated that he was given orders to shoot the plane down.


Donald Rumsfeld

Whatever caused the plane eventually to crash or to explode, one has to wonder about these orders.  What was called for at this point, with the off-course airplane still hundreds of miles from Washington, was for it to be intercepted.  That is to stay, a number of steps should have been taken to redirect the plane or force it to land before orders were given to use lethal force.  First, radio contact should have been attempted to determine the pilot’s intentions.  If no contact was possible, or if the results otherwise proved unacceptable, cockpit-to-cockpit visual communication should have been attempted, with hand motions indicating that the plane should land.  The next step for the interceptors should have been to fire shots across the bow.  Only if all these other attempts to interdict the airliner’s flight had failed would the actual destruction of the plane with the attendant loss of innocent life been called for.  There is no indication in this article that any of those steps were taken.

One has to wonder why that airplane had to be destroyed and who ultimately gave the order.

David Martin

July 4, 2006


An alert reader has pointed out that Lt. Kuczynski’s plane, an E-3 Sentry, is an AWACS electronic monitoring plane that directs the fire of other airplanes.  Its mission is not to shoot down other aircraft, although it might be armed to defend itself.  So what do we make of this story, which I simply transcribed from the St. Thomas alumni magazine?

This was just a student reporter after all, so maybe he didn’t quite understand what Lt. Kuczynski was telling him. Maybe the lieutenant was talking about the orders that his wing or his squadron received, as opposed to his own airplane’s orders. Maybe the lieutenant was puffing himself up a bit by making it sound like he would have personally been shooting the lethal missile. What’s newly interesting is the information that at least one AWACS was involved in monitoring what went on on 9-11. That makes it sound like the Air Force was a good deal more on top of things on that fateful day than we have previously been led to believe.


David Martin

July 4, 2006

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8 thoughts on “Flight 93 Ordered Shot Down

  1. what landed in the smoking hole…

    http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/slideshow/20th-anniversary-of-the-siege-at-Waco-57516/photo-4256657.php <——- Pat Green from upstate NY

    http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/slideshow/20th-anniversary-of-the-siege-at-Waco-57516/photo-4256658.php <—– Jesse Amen, from the Lord Lightning Amen, …cult


    Dental Exam Done Despite Missing Head. Look at Page 4 of Melissa's autopsy report.
    A dental examination was performed on the corpse, despite the fact the corpse's head was missing. Please ask Drs. Ubelaker and Owsley if, in their professional opinion, they recommend performing a dental exam on a corpse without a head.
    Remember, they are the FBI's top forensic experts: They will be able to speak with great authority.
    Fingerprint Analysis Done Despite Absence of Fingers. Look at Page 3 of Melissa's autopsy report. Her fingers were not found with her corpse. Yet the FBI's fingerprint lab, under the supervision of Danny W. Greathouse, did a fingerprint analysis anyway.
    See Page 4.
    Please call Mr. Greathouse to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee.
    Ask him why the FBI wanted a fingerprint analysis on an 8 year-old girl who lived in rural Texas with her mom, and also ask how he performed his fingerprint analysis on a corpse with no fingers.


  2. a plane hit the pentagon..?
    how did it disappear so fast into those little holes…
    Americans have a limit to the blatant unyielding “chesediness” they can tolerate:
    ” Jewish 9/11 Museum Removes Commemorative Chesed Plate From Gift Shop”
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    eventually, the sacred and the profane must be distinguished

    chances are it won’t be far off…dig this chutzpah..

    ““What if I don’t know what my Jewish identity is?” I pushed him to say more.
    “Well, my parents had the Holocaust, but — I don’t know.
    I just don’t know what my “Jewish identity”… is.”
    Forced to think on my feet, I told him that this is part of the journey.
    Uncertainly is a prerequisite for growth;
    through this struggle a clear, focused “Jewish identity” will emerge.
    He thanked me and we parted ways.
    In the hours since, his question has been replaying in my head.

    I heard its echo as I listened to the words of Rabbi Yaakov Perlow,
    the rabbinical head of Agudath Israel. Rabbi Perlow bemoaned a Judaism void of meaning;
    divorced from its core values. He lamented a disintegrating Yiddishkeit.
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    We need, Rabbi Perlow claimed, ……“a Judaism that has a future.”
    These words ring true….that is …so sad to see.. sadducee ..sad you see.

    We must present a Judaism that sings in the hearts of our Jewish brethren.
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    want to understand the deeper meaning of Torah, they study or contemplate Zohar.
    has anyone actually seen that Al Quida Pancake Recipe…?

    shabbat shalom


  3. Woman Claims She Saw Missing Malaysian Air Flight While Sailing In Indian Ocean

    British woman Katherine Tee is saying she spotted what she believes is the missing Malaysian Air flight MH370 while she was sailing.

    She saw in early March, but is only now coming forward because she did not believe her eyes at the time.

    Tee said that while she and her husband Marc Horn were sailing across the Indian Ocean from India to Thailand, she spotted what looked like a plane on fire during the night of March 7. She thought she was hallucinating, but after the media coverage, she looked up the flight plan of the aircraft and discovered their journeys intersected, Business Insider reports.

    “It caught my attention because I had never seen a plane with orange lights before so I wondered what they were,” Tee said. “It looked longer than planes usually do. There was what appeared to be black smoke behind it. Since that’s not something you see every day, I questioned my mind. I was looking at what appeared to be an elongated plane glowing bright orange, with a trail of black smoke behind it. It did occur to me that it might be a meteorite. But I thought it was more likely that I was going insane.”

    The more interesting observation Tee made was that the plane was not alone.

    “There were two other planes well above it — moving the other way — at the time,” she said. “They had normal navigation lights. I remember thinking that if it was a plane on fire that I was seeing, the other aircraft would report it.”


    Two other planes moving away from the falling Flight 370? Two fighter jets getting the hell out of Dodge when they realized what they had done?


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