Wake Up, Slave


(recently re-uploaded to YouTube [please subscribe]… originally written by Digger here…shared here)

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8 thoughts on “Wake Up, Slave


    Trust the MEDIA! They will not lie and distort the FACTS or the truth!

    Just as with the word of GOD, trust what you are told. DO NOT bother yourself with research! Do NOT bother with ‘critical THINKING’.

    And NEVER bother to listen to those “VOICE’S In The Wilderness”. They are but conspiracy wacko’s.

    HELLO BMAN! Just wanted to share this with you and your readers. White Wraith asked me to write this for her, but she is again/STILL not in very good health. She has not posted it at “Pragmatic Witness” yet. She is have many problems finding work and her health. She needs some help.

    But here are some FACTS concerning the procedure known as “FRACKING” From my understanding and research and OBSERVATIONS, Fracking is a “NEW”(?) component to AGENDA 21…..

    A WAKE UP call to all the SHEEPLE! Your “understanding” is what you were told by your masters!



  2. Great news

    The prophets were right on once again for these evil days we are living in.

    We can read in the Scriptures that in the LAST DAYS there would be a House established

    ( Isa. 2:2 ) that would turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the children

    to their fathers before that great and awesome day of judgment comes. Mal..4:.5-.6

    Heaven only knows how much we need this House in these deceitful days.

    The great thing is, that time is now, that House is here.

    Come see what great things are going on in this House in your life time.


    May the Spirit that inspired the prophets and apostles to write to us bless your understanding.


  3. The Biblical Jew — Analyses the meaning of the words “Jew” and “Gentile,” which don’t belong any where in the Bible. They are ***mistranslations*** of Hebrew and Greek words.

    The Word Jew — A linguistical and etymological analysis of the word “Jew,” showing that it did not exist in the English language*** until the 14th century A.D.

    Jewish Law and Religion — The law and religion of the Jews exists because of a curse upon them, and stands as a mark of their identity with cursed individuals in the Bible.

    The question of Jewish Identity is two-fold: 1) Who are the “Jews” in the Bible? and 2) Who are the Jews today and in history. Before the Jew’s involvement in world events, doctrine, or prophecy can be proclaimed, the identity of the “Jews” must first be ascertained.


    • how exactly do so-called “Jews” get into the Bible,
      much less become all 12 tribes..?

      when and how this might have occurred seems to be
      a great mystery, even though the zionist, bolshevik, communist,
      Satanic, Luceferian, “Jewish” agenda is costing so-called
      Americans & Europeans and actual semites a pretty penny
      even unto this very day…

      Several years ago, I heard about human footprints being found alongside dinosaur tracks in a Cretaceous limestone in the vicinity of Glen Rose, Texas.
      There were newspaper accounts in both the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (June 17, 1982) and The Dallas Morning News. Also, Dallas area television stations Channel 5 and Channel 8 reported on the finds. I did not think much about this at the time but later, because of my extensive reading on the subject of evolution, I was reminded of it.
      In January, 1995, I made a trip to Glen Rose specifically to visit the
      Creation Evidences Museum and find out all I could about these footprints.
      I discovered that the excavation work there is done for about two weeks in summer each year as the Paluxy River is too high in the other seasons.
      Also, the landowner allows the digging to proceed for only this limited time.

      I visited the area of the river bank and observed for myself the large and
      clear left-right trails of dinosaur prints .
      Many are 6-10 inches deep, 2-3 feet across, and show a three-toed foot.
      I decided to visit the museum and find out all I could about these footprints.


      Join Josh on a quest to uncover the true ancient history and forgotten past of the Americas, and the world. Josh has been broadcasting his Internet radio show, the Global Reality, for nearly 5 years, and brings a lifetime of independent research to the table.
      Investigations will include;
      the ancient and mysterious Rock Wall of Rockwall, Texas,
      a 20-mile site buried underground that could be one of the oldest civilizations on earth; the mound builders and giants in ancient America; the cultures and technology that existed farther back in antiquity than we are told; and much more.
      Josh is striving to bring history and archeology to the people outside of the typical boxed in dungeon format of the “Jewish Narrative” – necrofasciacademia….

      er um mind control program for the REDNECK{s}…..

      in memory of Paul Strickland, lead Guitarist for Sierra Light


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