Does Your Support For Israel Outweigh Your Support For America? Seems Your Taxes Do

Tax Dollars, Detroit and Israel


As Detroit, Michigan grapples with bankruptcy, requiring at least $1 billion in aid, it is probably not alone. “More U.S. cities could be heading towards bankruptcy”, said Richard Ravitch, a former Lieutenant-Governor of New York, who was instrumental in helping New York City navigate through its financial woes in the 1970s.

So with Detroit, once the world leader in automobile manufacturing, now on its deathbed, and other major U.S. cities selling off their buildings to pay current expenses, it may be informative to look at how the Federal government is spending U.S tax dollars.

Half a planet away is the glittering city of Tel Aviv. One wonders why that city can be so successful, while U.S. cities are dying. Could it be the $9 million dollars the U.S. gives to Israel, every single day of the year, more in foreign aid than the United States give to all other countries combined?

One might reasonably ask what Detroit could do with $9 million dollars a day. That city is trying to cobble together $1 billion to stay afloat this year; Israel is getting more three times that much from U.S. taxpayers, every year.

‘But’, the august, so-called representatives of the U.S. citizenry will proclaim, ‘Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, a major ally of the U.S., and therefore must be supported’. Really? One wonders why this ally not only refuses to cooperate with the U.S.’s hapless and insincere efforts to broker a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine, but actually spits in the face of the U.S., as it accepts $9 million a day. When the joke of peace talks is announced, with the U.S. saying neither side should do anything to jeopardize them, Israel announces more illegal settlements. When the United Nations proposes condemning increased settlement-building, which the U.S. has stated it believes to be in violation of international law, Israel knows it can rely on the U.S. to veto any such resolution. When the U.S. hypocritically decries the human rights abuses so prevalent around the world, Israel knows that it is exempt from any such condemnation, if it only brutally abuses Palestinians…


(Read the entire story at Counterpunch)


It’s not just our “representatives” who are falling to pieces, it’s the whole country.

~DC Dave

h/t Counterpunch and DC Dave

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5 thoughts on “Does Your Support For Israel Outweigh Your Support For America? Seems Your Taxes Do

  1. Reblogged this on Revolt of the Barbarians and commented:
    I am not American, but I do feel empathy for these neighbours who are having their life force drained from them, day by day. $9 million dollars given to Israel by the U.S. every single day of the year. Excuse me, but WTF!! From Wikipedia: As of 2012, Israel ranks 26th in Global Competitiveness Report by World Economic Forum, and 16th among 187 world nations on the UN’s Human Development Index, which places it in the category of “Very Highly Developed”. Israel’s economy also ranks 17th among the world’s most economically developed nations, according to IMD’s World Competitiveness Yearbook rankings. The Israeli economy was ranked as the world’s most durable economy in the face of crises, and was also ranked first in the rate research and development center investments.

    Does it really sound like they are in need of any kind of financial aid?


    • speaking of loop de loops and greedy ungrateful Mr. Gottrocks Bigbottom
      who goes to the Baptist Church and “Jew” worships without even blinking
      and then voluntarily shears himself after castrating his mind for the
      Jewish narrative and contributes sometimes more than 40% of his

      dig this chutzpah… “INCOME”….to the stool sculpture deity cult compound
      called DIG THIS CHUTZPAH….Israel.

      “Netanyahu speaks [but] the world doesn’t listen,” said Herzog Wednesday, adding that the prime minister’s failure to lead a diplomatic process “let Hamas into the West Bank through the front door.”

      Herzog warned that if Netanyahu did not act on the diplomatic front, “Israel will lose the support of the international community and the ability to preserve [Israel] as a Jewish and democratic state.”

      The opposition leader called on the prime minister to come up with a clear plan to avoid Israel becoming a binational state with a Jewish minority.

      “The man who describes himself as strong against Hamas is revealed as being strong at nothing but talking, Herzog wrote in a Facebook post.

      Israel has castigated the US over its position, arguing that by maintaining ties with a government supported by a terror group, the US was indicating to PA President Mahmoud Abbas that it was okay to “form a government with a terrorist group.”

      “I’m deeply troubled by the announcement that the United States will work with the Palestinian government backed by Hamas,” Netanyahu said Wednesday, noting that the Islamist group has murdered “countless innocent civilians.”

      Read more : : : : : :

      Netanyahu ‘loathes’ Obama, {made him his bitch,eh?}
      Talmudia’s opposition leader charges
      Follow us to the bottom of the pit…we’re Americans who worship the “Jews”….
      Hate speech is not protected by the first amendment.
      That this is being recognized and treated as hate speech is a good thing.

      As an aside, it is entirely possible to speak out against terrorism carried out by Islamic fundamentalists without resorting to hate speech that libels all Muslims….what about
      THE . . . “JEWS”…?
      Read more:

      now seriously, do the “female” rabbi’s…er um you know, like do they er um
      put on attachments to hump the wall, so they er um you know “Pray” to their
      “god” correctly, or do they just you know, like just Fake it ?

      …and when they have those so-called “gay” Rabbi’s and so-called
      same sex couples with children they adopt or otherwise are allowed by
      the so-called local “government” to be the parent or guardian of do the female rabbi’s
      you know er um get to suck the little babies penis…
      after signing a herpes test waiver form,
      or do they get inspected for herpes once a year….
      and do the braindeadgoy taxpayers pay for that, too…?


  2. “Jew” worshipping braindeadgoy fed a constant diet of LIES
    manufactured at the LIE FACTORY by the Hate Jesus religion

    can’t actually THINK anymore…
    sad, but true.

    Americans are very susceptible to “JEW” poo…propaganda.
    They seem to have a special taste for it. {MR. YUCK}
    Consider the hate whipped up against Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl,
    a ZOGUS soldier just released by the Taliban in a prisoner exchange
    with the ZOG US.
    The hatred and bloodlust that the “JEWISH” media have whipped up against
    Bergdahl has caused his hometown to cancel the celebration of his release.
    The “JEWISH” press engineered hatred of Bergdahl has spilled over into
    threats against Hailey, Idaho….seriously.

    What is the basis for the attacks on Bergdahl?
    Apparently, the answer is that Bergdahl,
    like pro-football star Pat Tillman who turned down a $3.6 million contract
    to join the Army Rangers and go “defend freedom” in Afghanistan,
    came down with a case of doubts about the war. …a conscience…?
    Originally Pat Tillman’s death was attributed to his heroic action and enemy fire.
    Then it emerged that Tillman was a victim of “friendly fire.”
    Many concluded that he was murdered,
    because the TALMUDIC TERRORIST “ZIONIST” so-called ….”government”


    did not want a sports hero speaking out about the Zionist/NEOCON ” war”…..
    As Bergdahl is off the battlefield,
    he has to be murdered in the “JEWISH” anti-TRUTH “press”….
    – like Russia, China, Iran, Putin, Assad, Crimeans,
    and the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine.

    In America hate the TRUTH and the cultivation of hate the TRUTH is alive and well.
    But not a single moral virtue is.
    Just imagine if Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Sean Hannity,
    Bill O’Reilly, Pat Buchanan….et al,
    had been telling the American people why
    so-called “Jews” cannot be Israel…
    for the last 20 years


  3. As the $8-9 million a day is publicly admitted, I’m quite sure it must be more the $30 million a day figure that includes forgiven loans, gifts of “used” military equipment, stolen military equipment, and stolen technology. Not sure if that figure includes the trade preferences.


    • And the sordid part is that even the “loans” are never required to be repaid, but are forgiven. I doubt these numbers are traced.

      All in all, there is no telling how much more support this shithole gets compared to our own suffering spots in America.


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